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You Cannot Blog Successfully for Free

I paid for a full year of hosting earlier this year. Why? No blogger blogs successfully for free.

I have never seen a blogger be successful blogging on free platforms like Blogger or WordPress.com because investing money positions you to succeed. Successful blogging requires that you minimum invest money in your domain and hosting. Own your online real estate. Maximize your branding and monetizing potential. Never get kicked off of your blog for breaking unknown rules, as often happens to bloggers blogging on free platforms.

Successful bloggers own their online real estate for credibility issues. People trust bloggers who own their site. Trusted bloggers position themselves to succeed because money and traffic flow to trusted bloggers. But owning your blog is just one investment to make for aspiring pro bloggers.

Invest money in a premium theme. Stand out from the crowd of bloggers blogging on cheap-looking, non-credible, free themes. Successful bloggers position themselves powerfully by emitting a professional brand image. Build that image by buying a premium theme for your WordPress.org blog. Shop around. Find a clean theme. Go with simple. Clear themes look professional. Professional brand images build credibility, amplifying your success.

Invest money in courses and eBooks, too. Successes study the best content from successful bloggers to expand their success. Courses, eBooks and coaching serve as the best premium content from top pros.

See investing in your blogging education like paying your blogging tuition. Every pro learns from pros how to be a pro. Simply invest money to accelerate your success by learning from top pros how to best navigate your blogging journey. Pay money. Cut your learning curve. Succeed by learning from the best.

Investing in your blogging education feels good because you feel accomplished learning from pro bloggers. Bloggers feel professional by doing as pros do before becoming a pro. All professional bloggers invest money in their education. Follow their lead. Pay up to play up.

Freebie Seekers Fail

Compare investors to bloggers who try to get everything for free. 100% of the time, freebie seekers fail because you cannot get something for nothing. Free content pales in comparison to premium content. Free themes look horrible. Free hosting emits an amateur, cheap, failing blog image.

Imagine trying to succeed studying free content, posting to a free blog and using a free theme? Triply whammy here, folks. Free seekers fail terribly because your cheapness pushes you lower on the energy scale, into the realm of fear and poverty. The few readers you may attract have no money to buy your stuff or to hire you. Heck; you cannot even SELL on a few free blogging platforms. Impossible to make money on WordPress.com because the platform prohibits selling. Not a good look.

Exit fear-dripping, lower, freebie-seeking blogging circles. Leave that way of blogging, struggling and failing behind. Let go to gro.

Moving higher in blogging circles is impossible for freebie bloggers. What top bloggers feel impressed by seeing bloggers blog on free platforms? Virtually all pros know all free platform bloggers emit an amateur, unprofessional vibe, let alone bloggers blogging with free themes. Going free mad aligns you with poverty energies. Poverty energies align you with poverty. No successful blogger succeeds by being immersed in abject poverty.

Pay up to play up. Invest money in your blogging campaign. Move into higher circles. Successful bloggers see spending money not as losing money, but as investing money in their success. Adopt a similar frame of mind to become a successful blogger.


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6 thoughts on “You Cannot Blog Successfully for Free”

  1. You are absolutely right. Free things are not going a long way. It’s good for learning, but not for business. Nicely explained.

  2. Freebies are good source to learn and even any pilot project for practical. But if you go professionally then paid tools are really helpful for your evolution.

  3. Hey Ryan,

    Rijhu this side. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Yes completely agree with you free things are good to learn but to become a pro blogger and achieve success you need to invest in various useful and required resources. Many thanks and do keep sharing and helping others.


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