What is WordPress plugin | Beginners tutorial

If you’re just starting over with a WordPress blog, then you must encounter with the term called ‘plugin’. What is it? Why do you need it?

In this post, I will help you understand all about WordPress plugins.

Definition of a WordPress plugin

The plugin is like a mini tool or bits of software written in PHP language and can be integrated with WordPress CMS to add the new functionality or improve existing.

Currently, there are 55,000+ plugins (free and paid) available to download at WordPress store.

Why do I need plugins for?

You think of doing anything on your blog, you will have the plugin in the store to make your job easy. That includes:

  • Elementor and it’s family plugins can let you build beautiful websites and landing pages
  • Social snap adds stunning social media share buttons to your blog
  • Yoast SEO can be your roadmap to SEO success
  • Updraft plus help you take regular backups of your blog
  • Akismet, to get rid of spam comments!!

This is just tip of the iceberg – those thousands of plugins can help you build and grow your blog in no time.

How do I access a WordPress plugin and install

In your dashboard, click ‘plugins’ and ‘add new’ and then you will be able to find the plugins from various categories. You can even download any 3rd party plugin and add it to your blog using ‘upload’ option.

After installing and activating the plugin, you may want to customize the settings or not depending on the functionality you want to achieve.


Although WordPress has such a whopping number of plugins in its store, all of they may not meant for you. You need to be careful before installing one as a wrong plugin could problems like:

  • Disrupting your design
  • Allowing security threats
  • Slowing down your blog load speed
  • Causing other UX errors, etc

So follow some easy tips here:

  • Read reviews of the plugin on Google as well as in the directory
  • Check when the plugin was last updated by its developer
  • Check whether the plugin is compatible with your version of WordPress or not

FAQs on WordPress plugin

#1. I just started over. Which plugins should I install?

Please be sure to go through my guide on 17 important plugins for new WordPress bloggers.

#2. Do I need to update the installed plugins?

Yes, you need to update your plugin as soon as the developer release. Not updating them could put your blog under risks.

#3. Is it true that adding many plugins will cause issues?

Not totally!! Know your blog needs and install the ONLY plugins that add value.

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4 thoughts on “What is WordPress plugin | Beginners tutorial”

  1. Hello Mudassir,

    Truly Awesome. Thanks Mudassir, you really did an excellent job.

    I liked and really appreciate the way you have put everything about WordPress, Plugins and how to install WordPress Plugin- in such a simple, clear and easy to understand. You have explained each and everything very clearly making the concept very clear.

    I have read your post twice and quite sure this post works as a complete guide and definitely going to help many of the newbie blogger. Keep writing and sharing your valuable and informative post with us.

    Many thanks.


    1. Glad you liked it, Rijhu. Since there are thousands of plugins tempting a new blogger, so I thought of drafting these essential plugins that definitely help in a way. Thank you for your kind words!

  2. Excellent guide on WordPress plugins Mudassir.
    I wish I had it at the time I was first logging into WordPress. I remember it took me solid 30m to figure out how to install a plugin within the WP plugin depository. The plugin in question was All in One SEO.
    Take care bro!

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