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Why to Never Give Unsolicited Blogging Advice

Someone sent me unsolicited advice on Quora today.

He offered his take. But I never asked for his take. I did not seek out his advice. Why offer me thoughts if I never asked for you to offer your thoughts?

I ignored his advice because I did not ask for it. Nor do I need it. He sees the world through his eyes. Good for him. But I see the world through my eyes. He offered me advice I did not request through his prism so he wasted my time and his time. But he made me re-assess my big past mistake blogging-wise; offering bloggers unsolicited advice.

I also observed recent interactions. Did I offer someone advice in the past few months who did not ask for the advice? Honestly observing myself, nope. I learned my lesson. The old me foolishly wasted much time telling people mistakes made, errors made and how not listening to me would bring massive blogging problems, their way, and none asked me for this feedback or advice.

What an arrogant jerk, right?

I intended to prove myself right and others wrong. But the other people had no interest in my viewpoint because no parties asked me for my take. I butted in. People likely ignored me and my advice; as it should have been, of course.

Never offer unsolicited blogging advice because even if people may benefit from advice, almost no human being listens to someone who barges in and offers advice, unsolicited. Imagine parents telling kids to do something or advising kids without kids asking for advice. Parents need to make decisions for kids during early years but parents gone overboard come off as overbearing, annoying and irritating to children who wish to largely live and learn, through personal decisions.

Kids tune out parents who never listen to kids because every human beings needs a 2-way street type dialog to respect, trust and honor other parties.

Bloggers? No different. Bloggers enjoy receiving answers to questions asked. I appreciate asking for advice, then receiving good blogging advice. But I ignore folks who offer me advice I did not ask for because fools waste time by projecting their own ego-needs onto you, imprinting fear, seeing the world through their own eyes, then offering advice through these flawed, broken eyes, to a person who did not ask for advice in the first place.

Quora in particular triggers deep fears in most human beings who lack control of their mind. I never dream of messaging anyone unsolicited on the network because none ask me for advice on anything, directly. But for odd reason, folks with no control over their minds sometimes email me advice, suggestions or feedback I immediately ignore, because wasting my time and wasting your time demands only my ignorance, and none of my attention.

Never believe you know better because you do not know better if you barge in to offer unsolicited advice. Do not warn people from an unsolicited approach. Allow folks to make their own choices. Let people reach out to you. Give them the choice to do so.

Offering unsolicited advice is a complete waste of time because advising someone who does not care leads to most of these folks ignoring you. But offering solicited advice targets your blogging campaign because knowledge falls on open, begging and willing ears, leading to long term readers, eBook sales, course sales and clients.

Help people who ask for help to hyper target your blogging campaign and to feel better about the process. Imagine connecting with people who ask for and want your knowledge and expertise; makes sense, right? Offer solicited blogging advice to blog efficiently and effectively. Never waste blogging time trying to make someone listen to your advice if that someone never asked for the advice or wanted the advice, in the first place.

Boost your efficiency to even greater levels. Rather than simply emailing, Messaging or DMing a single blogger advice, write and publish a blog post to answer the question. Email, Message or DM the post to the inquiring mind. Now you answered their question and addressed a likely common blogging issue for many bloggers who did not ask you the question personally but certainly want an answer to their pressing issue. Leverage. Be effective. If you answer some blogging question for one person, guaranteed, a handful of bloggers have the same question, in virtually all cases.


Do you want to think and act like a successful blogger, to never waste your time offering unsolicited blogging advice? Buy my eBook:

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