10 good reasons to start blogging in 2021

With the rise in freelancing and influencer system, it is evident that blogging can be a potential way to build credibility and achieve financial freedom. Blogging is no longer a hobby, you can make-a-living with it, express yourself, add value around, and there are many good reasons.

The potential is truly infinite. However, your level of blogging success depends on the reasons you’re blogging for.

Let’s discuss some inspiration.

Why should you blog? 10 reasons

1. Starting a blog is easy

Most people who have no idea what blogging is still think that starting a blog requires investment and coding knowledge. That’s not true!!

Anyone can start a blog with a little investment like $50 in under 60 minutes without any technical skills. Thanks to

Check out my How to start a blog tutorial to get started with blogging in an easiest way.

2. Yields money

Blogging eventually will transform you to a better writer, affiliate marketer, designer, and SEO consultant. These are the skills that are in demand and can help you land with gigs that pay you well. As your blog earns authority, you can also accept sponsored content and run adverts to diversify your income source.

While it is possible to live a lavish life with blogging, it is not easy to reach that level. The bloggers who are earning have been honing their skills from time to time to run along the edge. So you must be ready to work long to start making money with blogging.

3. Improve skills

Watching your content on 1st page of Google for competitive keywords require a lot of backend work.

To begin with..

You will need to collect trending content ideas, draft the top-notch content by keeping your audience and SEOs in mind, design cover images, promote blog, build backlinks and optimize.

The major skills you will learn while blogging are SEO writing, graphic designing, search engine optimization, networking, selling, and so on.

When go back now and take a look at some of those blog posts I had written back in 2017, I feel embarrassed – yet I felt they were good at that time. This analysis confirms me that I’ve been getting better over time.

Once you start blogging, there is no room to sit still; you will always be learning.

4. Inspire your audience

Being able to inspire people and make them pick the right choice is one of our life’s goals. No?

As a blogger, you will have plenty of opportunities to add value to others. Let’s say you blog about “parenting”. There are tons of parents in the world who are looking for specific help/ideas to bring up their children.

With Internet, your content can be accessible to everyone; means by publishing helpful content, you are educating, entertaining and inspiring the public.

SERVING others as a blogger – Isn’t this your purpose at a first place?

5. Build authority

Imagine yourself spending thousands of hours creating helpful content? You will learn so much and become an expert in your niche.

You will be that person readers reach to get help. They will learn that you’re the person they could trust upon. Blogging is a great way to show-off your expertise and build online brand.

Blogging could also lead you to write for big publications like Forbes, HuffPost, Entrepreneur, etc or to be on the T.V. and get paid well. I know a list of bloggers who regularly appear on popular Podcasts or media.

6. Improves confidence

As an introvert, I did find it difficult to put myself out there and speak when I had no blog. Blogging has become my weapon to overcome fears and build up my confidence.

As a blogger, you’re the center of attention; Writing your thoughts, collaborating with fellow bloggers, expressing your voice on platforms like Twitter, all helps you gain self-confidence.

By blogging consistently, you go more confident and creative and can improve other aspects of your life.

7. Make friends

One of the best things about blogging is making friends along the journey. We live in the world of Internet and social media, and it is easy to find like-minded people among your audience and blogging community.

Over the time, they can become your life-friends, business partners or you could even get into a fulfilling relationship. And they uplift when you feel down and also lead to better opportunities to grow.

8. Become a better person

I find it hard to put into phrases the kind of personal growth you could have as a blogger. It is not just about creating a blog, helping others and taking it to the next level. But it changes you from the root level.

Blogging teaches you to be active, patient, go-getting, seizing the new opportunities, setting new goals, planning to achieve ’em, managing your time, learning, implementing, analyzing and what not.

Undoubtedly, you would become a better person as a blogger.

9. Freedom

Be a night-owl or a day-doer, you don’t have to report to a boss. Becoming a money-making blogger earns you time freedom and flexibility than someone who is doing 9 to 5 job. It allows you to travel or spend time with family and friends, and chill with Netflix whenever you want.

The best part is you can even create another income source by starting any offline business, because you control the time.

10. It is fun

Even though my blog earns a little money every month, I blog mainly for fun, I love doing it.

Blogging is full of challenges – Coming up with profitable keywords, creating content, link building, and everything that I do to make my content rank on Google’s 1st page.

It is not easy, not impossible though! The hunt for knowledge to become a better blogger will allow you to be limitless and improve your emotional and creative abilities.

The OVERALL process of blogging has always been fun for me.

It’s YOUR turn. Are you ready to start a blog?

12 thoughts on “10 good reasons to start blogging in 2021”

  1. Sensational points all around Mudassir. Thanks for the shout out too. Blogging is flat out a fabulous way to free yourself, to be fulfilled, to help people and to inspire folks too. We can do it at any time, anywhere in the world.

    If you have the proper mindset, all it takes is a laptop and internet connection, along with a small investment in a domain and hosting. From there, put in your 1000’s of hours of work and the possibilities are literally, limitless.

  2. Thanks for the mention Mudassir. Love your tips here, especially number #8.
    I read somewhere that building an (online) business is personal growth in disguise.
    I guess that’s true, like you say it too.

  3. Hello Mudassir,

    Awesome post. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Very true Mudassir and I completely agree blogging has been one of the promising careers as well as it has number of benefits too.

    All the various benefits you shared are just awesome especially I like the tips #2. Blogging improves your creativity skills, #5. Blogging accelerates your confidence #3. Blogging helps you inspire your audience and most importantly #1. Blogging for money.

    Thanks for Your valuable words and Keep writing.

    Thanks & Regards,

  4. Such an awesome post Mudassir! Packed full of fantastic tips guaranteed to benefit those exploring starting a blog. Thanks so much for the mention.

    The possibilities and opportunities for growth and success are truly limitless. I’ve met and established lasting friendships with other bloggers. We all support and help each other. I love helping people. Blogging enables me to make a difference in the lives of others. It’s changed me for the better too!

    1. I’m honored to hear that, cori. Yes, blogging helps to build ever lasting friendships, learning and much fun doing it all.

      Thanks for your kind words and offering me the guest blog opportunity on the side!

  5. Whoever says blogging is dead obviously needs to read this. Many people are of the view blogging is dead whiles those who are optimistic about it are really making money each month through it.

    NB: Please what’s the name of the font you’re using on your blog? It’s really nice.

  6. Hey Mudassir.. Thanks for sharing this awesome Blog post about Benefits of Blogging Bro. Blogging Comes with a lot of Benefits I must agree with you. It opens a world of possibilities for us in the Digital World.

    Thanks again for sharing this amazing post brother.

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