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Why Blogging Based on Stats Alone is a Big mistake

I rarely pay attention to metrics on any site.

Point blank; certain sites suppress stats. On purpose. I recall 3 people stating they enjoyed my video on a certain network. But the video registered zero views.

The 3 people noted specific points I made in the video. But the video registered zero views. I waited. 1 day. 2 days. Still, 0 views. Zippo. Zilch. Nada. Naturally, I do not trust views from the site as far as I can throw my laptop. Not too far. Not too much.

I have no issue with sites because I feel grateful to use sites for having fun helping people. But I never blog based on stats because inherently, most networks cling to strong agendas.

Sites benefit from suppressing stats. Makes it easier to charge for paid marketing. Plus it feels better to lower stats for these site owners because doing so makes most users work harder, goading you to spend more time on site, boosting on-site times.

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Hey; I call it how I see it. I also have my experience to call upon.

Never base your blog on metrics because:

  • stats lie
  • people lie
  • stats change
  • stats cannot buy anything
  • stats cannot hire anyone
  • stats cannot endorse anyone

Numbers do nothing. Human beings serve people, befriend people, form bonds and expand your reach. Focus on serving human beings generously. Base your blogging campaign on the concept of service.

Target your campaign too. Pinpoint people highly interested in your blog versus chasing big numbers. I explain in this video:

Why Highly Targeted Traffic Beats a High Volume of Traffic

Listening to your gut, chasing stats is a mistake. Who cares about numbers?

I spend little time scanning metrics because if you help people generously – for a sustained amount of time – the metrics take care of themselves. Pay close attention to icons.

Does someone like Jeff Bezos obsess over metrics? Impossible. Every genuinely fabulous entrepreneur gets lost in the process, not numbers.

Top pros do note stats but never base their entire business on numbers because numbers are numbers, and people are the cornerstone of all epic business ventures.

Trusting stats is like believing in a lie. Numbers are illusions, in and of themselves. Numbers go up and down. Why allow your emotions to track stats? I never get high or low based on numbers. I have fun helping people. I move on to the next blog posts, guest post or video.

Get lost is service. Act like a pro blogger now to lay the foundation for your professional career down the road. Numbers may give you clarity.

Perhaps some metrics nudge you in the right direction or tell you to turn around. But passion, service, trust and persistence form the foundation of all successful blogging campaigns.

Follow the basics. Stats, metrics or numbers take care of themselves when you give your blogging energy to taking care of people.

Pay close attention to top bloggers. Some mention metrics but most get so busy helping people that they spend little time, energy and focus talking about numbers.

I learned from these pros that the process takes care of the outcomes. Focusing on outcomes takes care of nothing because you’re obsessed with YOUR metrics, not with serving OTHER people. Generous servants succeed. Stat checkers get lost in the dust of these pros.


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