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Why Backlink Exchanges Never Work as a Long Term Solution

Hey guys; as a new blogger, exchanging backlinks sounds like an easy, simple solution to scoring backlinks on other blog. I wash your back; you wash mine. Easy. So you try to take this easy route but quickly discover why exchanging backlinks never works as a long term solution for increasing traffic and profits.

  1. every blog pointing to your blog is a low quality blog because only struggling bloggers NEED to ask for links; successful bloggers get links organically, without asking, based on their skills, authority and expertise, in addition to the size and scope of their friend network
  2. the only reason why the blogger links to you is because you linked to them (mostly, they could care less about your blog, products and services); nobody links to your blog based on your skills, expertise and clout…and the ONLY REASON why people visit your blog, follow your blog, buy your stuff and hire you is because of your skills expertise and clout

Hold on a second. Let us rewind. Throw it back to the prior bullet point. The single, sole, only reason why you drive traffic to your blog and make money blogging is because of your skills, expertise and clout. Does having a link on a no-name blog with an inexperienced blogger running the blog show off your skills, expertise and clout? Of course not! Nobody reads the blog, LOL! Guys; I love you so I will be honest with you, as always. Blogging may feel so frustrating for you because you are doing dumb, failing stuff like link exchanges. But do you want to feel better? Do you savor sweet blogging success? Do you want to be free of this heavy burden of failure? Stop doing link exchanges today, and start building your blogging skills and friend network the right way. Blogging success will flow to you more easily if you practice writing, create and connect generously because those money-making skills, expertise and clout will expand.

Heck yeah, ya gotta face deep fears along the way. But the freedom on the other side of fears feels delicious, delightful and delectable. Success actually comes to you. How would that feel, never to chase success again, but to allow success in terms of money and traffic, to find you, based on your skills and generosity in helping people? Feels darn good. You feel fulfilled, like, you’re making a difference. Huge shift from fear-dripping, manipulative link exchanges.

Guys; I scored 13,500 backlinks to Blogging From Paradise and only pitched 2 world famous, authority bloggers in the process. 99.99% of my backlinks occurred without me pitching a soul. Bloggers linked to me organically, me not even being aware of many links. Tap into that awesome power of generosity. Help people now, freely, and if you show some patience and persistence, links, traffic and profits flow to you passively. What an awesome deal. Passive success follows active generosity. Sear that idea onto your mind. Makes sense, right? All those bloggers tripping over themselves and fed up with link exchanges look at the free, happy, successful pro bloggers and ponder their secret. What is their secret? Today’s passive success began as thousands of hours of active generosity, as these top pros helped armies of folks for free through multiple channels.

Do that, and you will never be able to keep up with the backlinks pointing to your blog, so many will keep flowing to you.


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