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When Should You Quit a Blogging Strategy and Take a Different Road?

Quit a blogging strategy when it feels like mild torture. Quit a blogging strategy when it feels really bad. This bad feeling signals you outgrew the strategy or the strategy ain’t for you or simply, your attention and energy best uses itself in some other way, shape or form, to have fun and to render the greatest service.

For me, building an email list proved futile. I feel disgusted when I realize how much time and energy I wasted trying to force my way into building a large, targeted, responsive list. Still shudder when the thought-feeling crosses my mind. People told me I needed a list to succeed. I trusted top bloggers who told me I needed a list to succeed. But I hated building an email list because doing so felt like mild torture, really bad. After struggling on and off for years I simply chose to quit this blogging strategy because I finally knew I would become 1000 times more successful doing other stuff. One size does not fit all with blogging strategies. Something vibes with you and works but does not vibe with and work for me. This is why we offer different options for practical blogging tips to follow.

The split second I stopped building my email list, I instantly felt better. Feeling better influenced me to begin genuine blog commenting and prolific guest posting. Immediately, my success accelerated because I let go of an old, worn-out blogging strategy for new, fun, enjoyable approaches to successful blogging. Let go of what you outgrew or what felt really bad to you because doing so helps you do what feels most fun, what renders most service for people and what makes you most successful.

Do you guys genuinely believe – after seeing my guest posts everywhere – that I best use my time and talents mucking around in Mail Chimp, trying to write the perfect email title and email body? Heck no. My time and talents are best used helping you through guest posting and through live broadcasts and by publishing posts on my blog.  I decided to be straight with myself to see the error in my ways. I wasted countless hours in Mail Chimp when I should have effectively used those hours to have fun writing blog posts and guest posts for you. But I had to know it was time to let go of my list and building my list and that terrible feeling in my gut signaled I had to move on. I had to let go in order to grow.

What blogging strategy do you need to let go of? What one thing do you falsely believe you NEED to succeed but deep down, you know you need to release immediately? Success flows to bloggers through different techniques and strategies. Being generous, making friends and trusting in self are the keys to blogging success but practical strategies you follow differ, in embodying these basic blogging principles. Let go of what you need to let go to have fun, to feel good, to render the greatest service for others and to accelerate your greatest blogging success.


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1 thought on “When Should You Quit a Blogging Strategy and Take a Different Road?”

  1. Hey Ryan & Mudassir,

    Guest posts are an extraordinary SEO and marketing strategy, if utilized effectively.

    Guest blogging is a tried and tested method to introduce yourself and your business to an entirely new audience and I’ve seen you have executed very nicely.

    Building brand awareness is one of the core values of all marketing strategies.

    There are several benefits of following guest blogging and commenting best practices such as brand awareness, building links and improving your website’s domain authority.
    Eventually, thanks for exploring yourself in informative way.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

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