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What Word Do You Need to Remove from Your Blogging Vocabulary?

I read a question on Quora a few moments ago.

Someone asked about finding mediocre freelancers. Can you imagine that? Someone with the option to choose the best freelancers to experience the most online success chose instead to focus on mediocre freelancers to experience mediocre online results. Or maybe this individual fails horribly because mediocre freelancers tend to position you in the middle or the bottom of the pack.

But it gets worse. I see bloggers often ask for a specific type of theme, hosting, ebook, course, freelance writer or web developer. What is that type? Cheap. Cheap is the dirtiest five letter word in your blogging vocabulary because cheap leads to struggle, failure and quitting 100% of the time. I never saw a successful blogger build their blog on anything cheap. Cheap does not last and cheap is stupid. Cheap is like building your blog on a foundation of sand. Cheap does not work. Cheap feel comfortable because cheap feeds into your terror of losing money. Feeling comfortable leads to struggle, failure and quitting because no success unfolds inside of your comfort zone. All success happens outside of your comfort zone and cheap cannot happen outside of your comfort zone.

Graphic Example

10 years ago I had cheap, low-quality hosting. I think I paid $3 a month. Eventually, I paid $7 a month after a short trial. 3 people a day visited my blog during my first few months online. My host likely loaded 200 or 300 blogs along with mine on to a single server to make the price dirt cheap. Everything seemed good to me because I was comfortable spending $3 to $7 a month for low-quality hosting that could handle three to 10 to 20 visitors a day.

My numbers slowly but steadily increased to the point on some days I nabbed 50 or 70 or even a hundred people to visit my blog. Something strange began to happen. My site crashed 10 to 20 times daily. My blog went offline for up to 30 minutes daily. I also noticed 30 to 40 second load times. What the frick? What happened? Cheap happened. Imagine 300 blogs crammed onto one server. Most of the blogs probably get zero traffic but if one blog begins to generate 50 to 70 visitors daily that blog needs to be pulled off line so everybody with a blog on the server does not suffer. Do you see how far cheap gets you? Not too far.

At this point, fools complain and moan about terrible hosting but the problem is 100% their cheapness and their fear of losing money. I complained for a little bit but woke up. I needed to remove the word cheap from my blogging vocabulary. I paid $15 to $20 a month for new hosting with a reputable company. Said company handled my traffic fine for a few years until this company made the common mistake most hosting companies make on the scaling front.; overloading servers to make hosting cheap. I spotted the red flag, move to a new hosting company and invested money in a VPS. Now my blog can handle a high volume of traffic daily with no problems whatsoever. My blog load time speed and up time is sensational even with a high volume of blog visitors because I invested money in a VPS and because I understand that in order to scale and grow you need to invest money in your blog.

Remove the word cheap from your blogging vocabulary. Invest money in quality hosting. Invest money in quality ebooks. Invest money in a quality premium theme or in a custom theme. Invest money in quality courses. Go premium. Do as blogging big dawgs do. Do as successful bloggers do. Stop trying to get everything for cheap because cheap leads to failure and quitting 100% of the time. Pay up to play up. Invest money in your blog to do blogging right and to position yourself to make much more money through your blog.


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2 thoughts on “What Word Do You Need to Remove from Your Blogging Vocabulary?”

  1. Hello Ryan & Mudassir,

    Well said – must need to remove cheap word from life. Because in many cases it become obstacle in your long goal.

    Blogging required investment in quality hosting and if you want to learn something different than you have to invest in eBook too.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful thought with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

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