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What Ultimately Makes the Biggest Blogging Difference?

I slept OK last night but feel tired after hiking 3 and a half hours deep in the forest yesterday.

Here I am publishing my 5th post today. Why? I am not really driven. But I love what I do. I also am comfortable with being uncomfortable. I am willing to dive into fear. Some of it is me loving blogging. Some of it is serving you. Loving what you do and blogging mainly for the joy of blogging makes a big blogging difference because holding these intents allows you to blog the right way, long enough, to go pro. What allows you to blog mainly for the love of blogging? Your mindset.

I enjoy having fun helping people become successful bloggers. Knowing this, I blogged generously for a long time because my passion for blogging and rendering generous service fueled me to sustain this journey. Far and away, my mindset made the blogging difference. I had to think, feel and act like a successful blogger before becoming a professional blogger. Mindset made the difference.

How you think and feel dictates how you act. How you think and feel depends solely on the strength or weakness of your blogging mindset. You determine how strong or weak your mindset becomes, based on how you manage your energy. Do you see why I spend hours daily meditating, doing Kriya yoga, doing yin yoga and exercising? Each habit strengthens my mind. Each habit allows me to blog – and live – more from my heart.

Perhaps you see most bloggers struggle. Struggle is of the mind. Struggle is fear you refuse to face, feel and release. Imagine having problems driving blog traffic. I suggest guest posting. But you fear getting rejected. You fear bloggers rejecting or criticizing your guest posts. Fear is of your mind. Mindset problem. I suggest publishing frequent posts to your blog. Posting once weekly generally ain’t cutting the blogging mustard. But you fear not having enough blog post ideas to ramp up post frequency. Fear is of your mind. Mindset problem. Not a blogging problem. All blogging problems are really mindset problems.

My blogging course changed by digging into my mind’s fears. All of my blogging struggles seemed to be linked directly to fears I held in my mind. I faced, felt and released fears. Feeling fear felt terrible. But after releasing fears, I slowly but surely began doing what pro bloggers did. I created content and befriended bloggers over a period of time from a relaxed, trusting energy.

Fears arose again and again. But I did not resist fears and panic. I felt fears, released fears and created/connected my way to becoming a professional blogger. Mindset made the difference. Blogging is between the ears. Even if blogging seems like a hard work deal, like all appearances, the seeming is illusion. Any work you do – or avoid doing – is because of the thoughts and feelings you feed into your mind.

I begin each day doing Kriya yoga. Doing Kriya gets my mind right. After tensing sessions, I feel differing emotions. Sometimes I unearth, face, feel and release fears holding me back. Other times, I feel relaxed, and glide through my blogging day like a hot knife through butter. But every day, doing more Kriya, yin yoga and meditating influences me to cultivate a more abundant, relaxed, peaceful, generous mindset.

If ever there is a perfect mindset for becoming a pro blogger, this is it. Being generous, abundant and relaxed about it all gives you energy to blog the right way for thousands of hours. Blogging the right way for thousands of hours precedes a pro blogging career. Again; mindset made the difference.

I suggest you:

  • meditate
  • do yoga
  • ground yourself by breathing deeply for short periods daily
  • cultivate gratitude
  • feel abundant
  • surround yourself with generous, compassionate people

I wrote an eBook to help you be peaceful. Genuinely, developing greater peace of mind allowed me to think, feel and act more clearly to become a pro blogger. I failed blogging-wise by living largely in a state of mental chaos. I freed myself by renewing my mind. But renewing my mind required a full energetic commitment on my part. I do not play around. Hours daily, my mindset training regimen spans.

But I cannot argue with the results, having circled the globe as a pro blogger. Check out that featured image; me in Fiji, from a few years ago. Follow my lead. Get your mind right to get your blogging right.

Think; as within, so without. Developing a strong blogging mindset is the ultimate difference maker. All happy, compassionate, professional bloggers think, feel and act like successful pros well before becoming professional bloggers.


Here I am from Bali via an old skool video. I share the #1 blogging tip ever. Enjoy the video here:

Number 1 Blogging Tip Ever

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