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What to Do if You Are Hesitant to Start a Blog

Blogging is a huge energy commitment.

But blogging offers a huge reward.

Keep that idea in mind if you feel hesitant to start a blog.

I get it; I spent 20,000 hours building my blog so far. But the 20,000 hours I put IN to blogging helped me circle the globe as a full time, pro blogger. I am free. Largely. My life is like a movie. My life could be a Netflix series. Did blogging seem to be worth it? I feel so. But most bloggers have no vision of what they genuinely want to experience through blogging. Most bloggers have no goals, no intent. Most bloggers who do have a vision, or, who pick goals, hold a weak vision or iffy goal. How can you expect to commit to blogging if you focus your mind on the fears of beginning a blog and you do not focus your mind on the love-fun-freedom of a blogging intent, or, of a blogging goal? Of course blogging seems like a daunting commitment; you focus on the commitment, not the goal, dream or outcome. Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Bloggers who focus on the work-commitment see only the work-commitment and either give up before starting or blog meekly for a few months or years before quitting all together.

Meanwhile, a select few bloggers pick a big, uncomfortable-feeling but freeing, fun, fulfilling dream life they desire to live through blogging. This crowd knows why they generously help people for 12 hours daily. Does this crowd help people just for their health? Nope. The crowd generously helps people because passion and dreams drive them to help people. Passion for blogging, and their dreams for a fun, freeing life, drive them to keep being generous, patient and persistent.

Do you want to know how I manifested a life of travel? Buy my eBook. But beyond that, be all about your passions and dreams. Blog because you genuinely love blogging about your niche. Otherwise, you quit when you face the prospect of doing a bunch of generous, intelligent, effective work for thousands of hours. Blog because you intend to live your brilliant, fun, freeing dream life through blogging. Otherwise, you quit when faced with owning a full time blogging commitment. Nobody knows better than I what it requires to become a pro blogger. But nobody knows better than I what it FEELS LIKE to be a full time pro blogger. Aspiring bloggers FEAR all the work required to become a pro blogger but NEVER imagine what it FEELS LIKE to have fun, to be free to circle the globe and to help people from all over the world as a professional blogger.

Think about the joys of being a pro blogger. Feel those emotions. Does it feel worth it to work diligently now to be able to work from home down the road, full time? Imagine building up a blogging business to where you can take a week or month off from the gig? How fun, freeing and relaxing would that feel?

If you ask other people why blogging should feel worth it for you, well, you have some digging to do, my friend. Do the mental legwork. Find your most freeing passion and your biggest, most fun, freeing dreams and you instantly see it is always worth it to put in the time, energy and work to have fun and to live a freeing, dream life through blogging.

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