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What Smart Blogging Adjustments Have You Made Recently?

Okay I must fully admit the fact that I am 100% in love with voice-to-text dictation.

I use

I mean I knew it was a thing for the longest time. I even used it a while back when I had to save my fingers back and neck a little bit. But I never fell in love with it until today. A number of months back I just spoke a few posts into Google Docs. Then I copied and pasted into back offices for publishing. I became impatient though.

But this time I really have no choice. Turns out, today I had a massive Turning Point with my blogging campaign. I can type like the Dickens but my neck became so stiff that I became nauseous and dizzy. Some of it was a stomach issue but I never experienced that level of stiffness in my neck and upper back. Red flag. I have to do things differently.

I may not always voice-to-text dictate but I will do it here and there down the road from time to time. I will definitely do it more in the short term. Why? Blogging requires you to make smart adjustments from time to time. We all need to evolve to become more successful bloggers because change is the only constant. Either grow through change by adjusting or struggle with change by rigidly refusing to adjust.

 Being at least somewhat aware of my predicament, I knew that it was time to make a change to my blog and campaign. For the near future I will continue to dictate every single blog post before publishing the suckers. Ditto for guest posts. This is so much easier than typing the words out because you save your fingers wrists neck shoulders and back. You also remove all types of tension.

Adjusting is necessary if you plan to blog for the long haul because resistance arises. Changing with change knifes through resistance. Adjust to glide like a hot knife through butter.

Of course, my voice will get a little more mileage on it but it’s not like I’m publishing 30 posts today LOL. At least for now 😉 But this is what I’m talking about when mentioning making changes to your blogging campaign. For 10 years I wrote my butt off and now it’s time to dictate voice to text.  I can stop on a dime like that. Can you? You better be able to if you want to be a nimble, successful blogger. 

Smart bloggers adjust. Everybody else remains rigid, and fails.

Every blogger worth their weight in salt should be making adjustments frequently to flow with change. My fingers had been cracking by the end of every day. My yoga wasn’t cutting the mustard as far as opening my fingers. But now I get to speak and do a minimal amount of typing everyday. I love it. I see my prolific nature increasing too. Plus I maintained a more conversational style with my blog posts. Win-win for both of us.

But I only made these changes because I was willing to make adjustments today and everyday with my blogging campaign.  Never be fixed in your ways. Avoid being rigid. Bloggers get heavily attached to certain strategies and have a terrible time letting go an old, worn-out tactic. I have little problems with doing this although this wasn’t always the case. I used to cling but saw how clinging created suffering and struggles with my blogging campaign. Now I Let Go quickly to make adjustments and to keep growing my blogging campaign.

How have you RECENTLY adjusted your blogging campaign? Be honest. Maybe you have not adjusted at all recently with your blog. Change is in order because like everything in life, change affected your blog recently. Perhaps you have been too rigid and fixed in your ways to see this truth.

Adjust, change course, evolve and accelerate your blogging success.


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1 thought on “What Smart Blogging Adjustments Have You Made Recently?”

  1. Hey Ryan,

    Simply Awesome.

    Every time I read your post it encourages as well as gives me a new vision. Thanks for writing and inspiring as well.

    Yes I too truly believe adjusting is necessary as change is the part of the life and to go smoothly and to survive and achieve success you must have to adapt these changes.

    Very well said Ryan and I really appreciate these words” Either grow through change by adjusting or struggle through change by rigidly refusing to adjust.” Thanks for your motivational words and Keep writing and inspiring.

    Thanks & Regards,

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