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What May Be Missing from Your Blog Monetizing Campaign?

Generous work.

Generous work is usually the only thing missing from your blog monetizing campaign.

You may be sharing some value and making some friends. Cool. But the next step involves ramping things up in both generosity and service. Sear this idea onto mind: help a bunch of people for free daily. Be generous. Do not attach to outcomes. Do not try to do stuff just to get money. Stop obsessing over outcomes-based blogging. Be with fears about wasting time, being criticized and failing. Take a deep breath. Relax. Proceed to help people for free to increase both your exposure and skills. Connected, skilled bloggers make money easily. Imagine being in a bunch of spots and knowing your stuff? People buy your products and hire you. Simple process.

The Blog Monetizing Problem

Some of you awesome readers read the title and thought: “Oh good; Ryan will share the 1 missing *how to* element to help me making money blogging.”

Most bloggers struggle to make money because most people believe how you do something nets profits. Totally untrue. Why you do something leads to blogging profits if you blog from a generous, humble, relaxed energy. Why your blog leads to success or failure because the energy dictates the outcome.

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Imagine you make $4.12 a month through your blog after blogging for 2 years. Frustration reigns. Why do you struggle? Until you face, feel and release fears feeding the frustration, you will be 100% blind to all the “how-to” monetizing tips and you will make zero dollars or 4 bucks a month. Energy blinds you to success if you vibe fear and energy promotes your success if you vibe love-abundance-fun.

Working generously positions you to make sweet cash through your blog. Imagine this guest post. I help people for free. I work generously. Mudassir’s readers see my content, some dig it and I gain exposure and skills, positioning myself to receive more blogging profits.

In my blogging profits eBook I dive into the concept via chapter 1: Blog to Free You: NOT to Make Money.

Does this idea confuse you? If yes, you found your blog monetizing problem. Fear of losing money makes money your driver. No new blogger has skills or connections. Unskilled, unknown bloggers make zero dollars. Making zero dollars means you lost your motivation. Fail. Quit. The common process I have seen unfold for many years in thousands of bloggers.

But bloggers who blog mainly to have fun and to free themselves generously work to help people. If you open 10 income streams and write 3 guest posts daily for the next 4 months – working generously – people begin to prosper you via those 10 income streams. The 10 income streams are useless and inanimate of themselves; have you ever seen a living, sentient eBook or sponsored post? No. Income streams are receiving channels. Open a bunch to receive money, but the money-profits-monetizing depends on your abundant energy, your generous work, and your persistence.

Income streams do not make money because income streams cannot do anything. Skilled, generous bloggers who work for free and open multiple streams of income make money because when you are in a million spots with 10 income streams open, people buy your stuff, hire you or pay for ad space on your blog. The process is simple but highly uncomfortable because few bloggers put in the generous work to be seen in a million spots. Few bloggers want to write 2000 guest posts because after writing 100 guest posts and seeing $98 in blogging profits (obsession with outcomes based on fear), most bloggers quit.

Millionaires see the journey through, helping people for free every day for years, to boost their blogging profits.

Stop thinking about how to monetize.

Begin working generously. Start a blog.

Profit by opening multiple sources of income and by generously helping people.

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