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What Is the Quickest Way to Overcome Blogging Obstacles?

Go through the blogging obstacles.

Seriously; nudge right through resistance. I know it feels uncomfortable. Here I am around midnight NYC time. I feel tired. My eyes feel heavy. See?

I am human LOL. Not a robot. Some believe I am a blogging cyborg but that’s not true. I experience emotions like any normal human being. Wide range of emotions, at that.

My main obstacle now; I really want to go to bed. My eye lids need tooth picks to prop ’em up. But I write. How? I move through the blogging obstacle of fatigue.

I blog through the obstacles. I cannot give any eloquent, complex or brilliant strategy though. I wish I were that smart.

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I simply get comfortable with being uncomfortable to move right through the blogging obstacle.

Do you know what’s on the other side of blogging obstacles? Increased success, more freedom and confidence await you. But prepare to eat a fear sandwich because moving through obstacles triggers fears.

For example; I fear not getting enough sleep now. Of course I will get ample sleep. I never set an alarm. To heck with that. I will publish this post and maybe one more on another blog. After that, I will go to sleep for another 8 or more hours of bed time.

But fear still tries to scream at my awareness. I sit with the uncomfortable feelings to move through the obstacle of blogging exhaustion.

I will proceed to publish the post to:

  • gain confidence
  • gain clarity
  • increase traffic
  • increase profits
  • help you
  • expand brand awareness
  • inspire you

Be with fears fueling blogging obstacles. This is the most direct way through all resistance. Resistance begins and ends in mind. All obstacles pop up as figments of your imagination because only love is real. Fear is not real.

Knowing this, knife through blogging obstacles like a hot knife through butter.

Before publishing this post – or writing it – I scanned images of potential future travel spots. My wife and I are selling the house. We will become full time digital nomads. I revisited my vision of this dream life to energize me for wading through this blogging fatigue obstacle.

Overcoming obstacles requires you to move through obstacles. Clearly seeing your freeing dream on the other side of the obstacle makes it easier to do what it takes to travel through the resistance in graceful fashion.

But be prepared to feel a little uncomfortable sometimes because facing fear triggers all types of emotions in your being.

Imagine being terrified to broadcast live on Facebook because you fear looking like an idiot if you stammer during the broadcast.

Most bloggers report feeling short of breath broadcasting live for the first time. That’s fear. That’s anxiety. That’s an obstacle to overcome if you intend to broadcast live routinely.


I do my best to recall why I blog. Fun, freedom and fulfillment drive me to blog so I can continue to circle the globe. I filmed this short video reminder during a recent trip to Turkey. Watch it here:

Remember Why

My Deal

Fear dissolves obstacles into opportunities after I spend a few moments visualizing my dreams. My dreams remind me to be calm, confident and relaxed as my vision comes into form.

No sense panicking. No sense being handcuffed by obstacles. Any obstacle dissolves into an opportunity for learning the moment I hold my vision because I am being the blogger who moves through the obstacle.

Attempting to go around obstacles wastes your time; too long of a path. Going through obstacles is the direct, simple, clear cut way to overcome these seeming road blocks.


Do you need an inspirational read to overcome obstacles?

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How to Overcome Obstacles Easily

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