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What Is the Harsh Blogging Wake Up Call You Need to Get?

Most people flip out over money.

Like, people hear there is money in blogging and their money wildness leads to all kinds of delusion, and, absurd expectations. Blogging money? Money in blogging? Exciting. What a cool way to earn a living. Maybe I can be like Ryan, the Blogging From Paradise Guy! WOW. Circle the globe. Prosper. Neat.  So you buy your domain and hosting. You *try blogging*. Then you stop blogging. Blogging did not work. Tried it. Failed.

This is the specific blogging wake up call you need to get, likely, in a harsh fashion, to wake the frick up to what it REALLY takes to make money blogging. Guess what? Wanting to make money blogging and putting in lame, half-baked, weak efforts ain’t enough, folks. Trying is not enough. Being 100% ALL IN COMMITTED to blogging to the point where you build your day around blogging is what it takes to be like the Blogging From Paradise Guy and to live a cool life, similar to mine.

Can you imagine if Lebron James *tried basketball* because he heard you could make millions in the NBA when he was a little kid? He would have failed, quit, and moved in a different direction. He LIVED basketball for many years of his life to reach his current net worth of $450 million USD. He likely practiced for 20,000 hours to become a basketball genius. He lived the game and built his life around the game so now, he is an all-time great and wealthy, too.

Bloggers who believe *trying* blogging is enough to successfully get a bucket of ice-water in the face fast. *Trying* blogging leads to failure and quitting 100% of the time. Living blogging leads to stunning blogging success because anybody who generously learns to blog and creates content and builds bonds and opens multiple income streams, for 4 to 8 to 12 hours daily, for 2-3 years and longer, becomes a pro blogger and rockets to the top of their niche. *Trying* blogging is like spending 10 hours over 2 months shooting baskets, and expecting to make the NBA, which suggests you are insane. Living blogging is spending 8 to 12 hours daily practicing various basketball skills for many years of your life, so making the NBA is guaranteed, and you guarantee a top 5 draft selection for yourself.

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Be all in, guys. Learn to blog from pros then generously help people by creating and connecting for 4 hours daily or more. The more you give to blogging, the more blogging gives to you. Perfect mirror. Once you are ALL-IN, buy my eBook to discover ways to make money blogging. You will need to begin monetizing to actually become a pro blogger, one day.


Why do you blog? Weak bloggers who try and fail have a weak reason why they blog. Successful bloggers who commit 100% to blog possess a strong, fun, freeing driver. Said fun, freeing intent carries these bloggers through ups and downs until everything eventually levels off, and success finds these folks freely and easily, over the long haul.

People who know why and tie the reason to something incredibly fun and freeing, never *try blogging.* Said bloggers buy my eBooks, follow my blog, take notes, study the notes and put my successful blogging tips into action daily for many hours, from a calm, trusting, peaceful, abundant energy.

Success is theirs and success will be yours when you follow a similar, committed blogging path.

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