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What Is the Easiest Way to Stand Out with Your Blog?

Be you.

Write you.

Write your heart.

Forget trying to be yourself because trying implies effort. Just be yourself, then, write from that genuine energy. Does being yourself feel uncomfortable at first? Yes. I had a terrible time being me and writing to me because I deeply feared being criticized for being me. Plus I feared people would tune out genuine me because I believed I was boring, a total lame guy. Who would care about my writing?

Turns out, every human being who blogs stands out from every other human being who blogs by being genuine with their writing. Your voice makes you stand out from humanity because your voice is your special, differentiating, precious gift. Matters not if your writing voice is funny, clever, witty or simple. Billionaires speak and write in simple tones. But billionaires are being themselves and feel comfortable being themselves. Mark Zuckerberg is not dynamic or charismatic or flashy. He writes simply. He speaks simply. He has a plain haircut. He owns a collection of $10 T-shirts that he wears to not waste time on clothing because clothing does not matter to him. I agree.

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But the dude stood out from every human who ever lived by taking his genuine, authentic idea for Facebook to the masses. He had to be comfortable with being himself and with his idea to inspire 2 billion people to sign up for his site. Expect to take a similar path in terms of accepting yourself and writing in your voice to stand out from the crowd.

Branding Gold

In my branding eBook, I offer tips for confused bloggers. Writing in your voice is far and away one simple way to stand out from the crowd and to brand yourself powerfully. If you write like everyone else and sound like everyone else you cannot stand out from everyone else. But if you patiently, persistently and calmly write in your one of a kind voice, you add instant power and credibility to your brand because no one can mimic a genuine blogger who writes from their heart.

Why Do Few Bloggers Write from their Heart?

Fear. Bloggers fear writing in their voice will annoy people. Some fear nobody cares about the genuine blogger. Others believe writing in their voice means they no longer fit in, being an outcast. I discovered that people will see your bravery and find inspiration in you stepping away from the crowd. I feared writing from my heart but doing so carved out my niche and allowed me to attract a loyal following.

Let your emotions flow. Sometimes you may feel fired up; allow the words to flow with your emotions. No human lives in an emotional box, blogging like a robot. We get angry, feel excited and sometimes fall depressed, feeling hopeless. Allow genuine emotions to bleed through your work. Sometimes you feel peaceful and others a bit manic. I feel calm now; earlier today, my mind raced ahead in a frenzied fashion. Life flows like that sometimes; especially with my 90 minutes of deep yin yoga and 25 minutes of Kriya yoga, expanding my awareness so I see my mind as it really is.

Write from your blogging heart. Start a blog and stand out from the crowd. Inspire other bloggers to be themselves as you proceed toward greater fun, freedom, and success.

2 thoughts on “What Is the Easiest Way to Stand Out with Your Blog?”

  1. I Agree Ryan!. Blogging industry is getting too crowded, and the only way to get noticed is great content in your own voice.

    People often get influenced by someone and wants to do the same what they do to grown. Nothing wrong in it. But, if one is trying to be the clone of them, it would be an wrong move according to me.

    One needs to speak and make it louder in their own voice to succeed in the huge blogging area. No one like to see a new Pat Flynn or Darren Rowse or any other. It’s your time 😊

    Have a great weekend Ryan and Mudassir.

    1. So true, Navin. Being original and self is the only way that one can stand out from the crowd.

      I am happy to see your comments here.

      Regards, Mudassir.

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