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What Is the Easiest Way to Drive Traffic to Your Blog?

Practice, to hone and OWN your blogging skills.

Skilled bloggers drive blog traffic easily.

But; don’t get it twisted. Easy blog traffic does not exist. Sure you can take the most direct, easiest path to drive blog traffic but EASIEST does not mean EASY because EASIEST is a comparison to other traffic driving methods while easy is….well…easy.

Driving traffic to your blog feels highly uncomfortable sometimes because challenging yourself and facing fears is part of your journey. Does it feel easy to feel your deep fears? Nope. So do not confuse the easiest way in an easy way. The easiest way is the most simple, direct way to drive blog traffic. But if you make the mistake 99.99% of bloggers make, believing there is 1 easy, effortless, comfortable way to get blog traffic fast, you are lazy, deluded and a complete and utter fool. Why? Well….if 1 easy, effortless, comfortable way to get blog traffic fast existed, don’t you think I would have discovered this easy method 30,000 blogging work hours ago? Don’t you think that over 30,000 hours, somewhere along the way, I would have discovered the secret, easy method to drive blog traffic? DUH! Of course, there is no easy, effortless method because we would all know it, use it, and make millions of dollars fast, through blogging.

Example of Traffic Driving Method that Works Awesome…BUT…

OK; I feel guest posting is perhaps the best method for driving blog traffic because you reach huge, targeted audiences quickly each time you publish a guest post, as I explain in this tidy little eBook, packed with valuable tips:

How to Land Guest Posts on Authority Blogs

OK here’s the question; was it easy for me to:

  • practice writing for years
  • publish content for years
  • build my friend network generously for years

to the point of where guys like Zac Johnson invited me to guest post on authority blogs like Blogging Tips? No. I spent thousands of hours writing to become a skilled enough writer to catch his eye and I spent thousands of hours networking generously to pop up on his radar screen. Guest posting may be the easiest way to drive blog traffic but is spending 7,000 to 10,000 hours creating and connecting easy? No.

I stress this point because many lazy, foolish, deluded bloggers ask the question-title of this post looking for a quick, easy, effortless way to drive traffic, foolishly believing “easiest” means “easy”. Nope. No easy traffic driving method exists because blogging is a skill requiring years of practice, but developing your overall blogging skill, from creating to connecting, is the easiest way to drive traffic, compared to other silly, short cut tactics, like spam commenting, which is difficult and leads to failure 100% of the time.

Practice writing. Hone and own your blogging skill. Publish helpful content to your blog. Build connections with top bloggers in your niche to befriend big dawg bloggers who amplify your success exponentially. This is the easiest way to succeed but this way gets scary, challenging and uncomfortable sometimes because the easiest way is not an easy way.

No one blogging method is easy, from guest posting to genuine blog commenting, because all skills in your blogging arsenal require thousands of hours of practice to drive a significant amount of traffic to your blog. Face that reality. Be grateful for that reality because the skills you develop and the person you become make you feel so much better about yourself and your contribution to humanity.

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