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What Is the Biggest Benefit of Building Your Blogger Friend Network?

Blogging buddies offer you help BEFORE you REALLY need it. Think that one through, guys. Blogging friends you generously helped and bonded with, help you, before you enter dire straits. Even better? These dear blogging buddies help you freely when times are rocking, too. For example; my friend Sue-Ann Bubacz and I decided to launch a blogging course. Sign up here for a fun, entertaining resource designed to help you grow your blogging business:

How to Bling Your Blog and Feed that Hog

The really, really cool thing is, my blogging buddies, keep promoting the course freely, around the clock. I literally asked none of my dear friends to promote the thingee. Friends help friends because….well….friends just help friends. Know what I mean?

My friend Cori Leigh just wrote this awesome post and published it:

Bloggers Don’t Quit! Your Breakthrough Awaits

In addition to writing a super inspired post, Cori devoted a portion of the read to promote the course. How cool! Ya see friends do generous things that expand your business. Sue-Ann and I are doing A-OK business-wise of course but we deeply appreciate any and all help we receive with promoting the course. But imagine if some aspect of our blog and business turned South? Say, one of our blogs crashed? What would we do? Easy; we’d each ask buddies from the huge, loyal friend network we generously built by helping fellow bloggers over the years, for solutions. One, two or 10 buddies would offer solutions or would fix the problem themselves. Crisis ends before it genuinely became a crisis. Before the situation became a flat our emergency, like someone’s blog being offline for 3 weeks, blogging buddies share solutions and the problem gets fixed. Easy peasy.

But imagine lone wolf bloggers who resist networking. Visualize *their* blog crashing. Panic ensues. Who do you turn to for help? Who do you trust? Who do you hire? Who do you ask for assistance? Everybody is a stranger. Where do you turn? You post a frantic question on Facebook, then, on Twitter. Nobody answers. Why? You have no friends. You never generously helped people. You foolishly blogged solo. So…your blog remains offline for 1 week. After kicking around Fiverr, still, no solutions, and nobody you trust, who you feel is hire-worthy.

2 weeks pass. Blog offline. Major crises. You lose more readers. Not a single person helps you or answers your questions?! Jerks! Selfish people. But you, my Young Blogging Padawan, simply see your selfishness reflected back to you. Guess what? If you stopped focusing on self all those years and if you generously helped fellow bloggers persistently, you’d surround yourself with a loyal, supportive, knowledgeable army of blogging buddies who could help solve your blogging problems in minutes or hours. Friends are cool like that. Blogging buddies help you grow quickly, solving issues fast, promoting you, endorsing you, allowing you not to be sidetracked by obstacles. This is the biggest benefit of making blogging buddies by helping people freely and by asking for nothing.

Blogging buddies offer you help before you REALLY need it. 6 months down the road, most lone wolf bloggers sans a friend network still struggle to sell one copy of their course. But Sue-Ann and I already have blogging buddies signing up and promoting us freely. Make friends NOW, guys. Do not wait until it’s too late.


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1 thought on “What Is the Biggest Benefit of Building Your Blogger Friend Network?”

  1. Hey Ryan Biddulph ,

    Excellent post as usual. I totally agree with your every listed benefits.

    Building blogger friend network are truly essential in blogging field. Building blogger friend network provide us several benefits , as they provide us a great helping hand before we need it.

    They always provide us instant help at the correct time. They always share their ideas, knowledge, opinion and helpful skills with their friends and always motivate them for doing better in future.

    Blogging friends always helps for a rapid growth and keen to sort out the issues fastly. Having a blogger friend network will be a great helping hand especially to those who are struggling in their blogging field.

    As this post will help several bloggers, people and readers for building blogger friend network.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.

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