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What Drew You to Blogging?

Blogging is fun, freeing and also, no joke.

Doing it right involves years of generous, intelligent, detached work. This period challenges all but the most resolute bloggers. Never dive into blogging just to make a few bucks; poor driver, not powerful enough. Never dive into blogging trying to get rich quickly. That is like a doctor or lawyer entering their respective fields to get rich quickly. Impossible.

Begin blogging to free yourself, to have fun helping people and to fall in love with the process. See money like an extra or bonus. Money ain’t coming for a long time, anyway.

Skills take time to develop. But you need to create and connect for years to even develop those skills. Good luck trying to speed up the process. Here I am writing and publishing a guest post on a Friday evening. I guest posted thousands of times over a decade. Does guest posting on a Friday evening sound sexy, or spectacular, or like some movie-worthy life? I live a cool life of circling the globe but only because I did simple things for a long time.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • why do you blog?
  • what drew you to blogging?
  • who motivates you to blog? generous servants? or money-hungry bloggers?

Allow for a bit of time before letting answers arise in your being. Look at yourself in the mirror. No one enjoys seeing self in the light of truth. But no other way exists if you want to succeed online. Every blogger who quits chose poor or weak drivers. Chasing money guarantees your qutting and failure; money never arrives quickly, you lose your motivator and quit. Choosing weak drivers like literally making a few bucks each month guarantees you put forth a lame, weak effort, consistent with someone who makes a few bucks monthly.

Pick a fun, freeing driver. Blogging for fun and freedom inspires you to make fun, freeing, sometimes uncomfortable decisions necessary to succeed. I am guest posting for the 3rd time today, despite spending hours visiting with family. Guys; you need to get in the work no matter what. Never work hard or long because force negates; burnout follows. Simply do simple, generous things for years to position yourself to go pro.

Think through your blogging driver before going forward. Hey guys; some bloggers succeed more quickly than others. But no blogger succeeds quickly. Impossible. Maybe it’s time to rethink your blogging campaign. Perhaps it’s time to quit, unless you get clearer on your driver. Although I teach you how to become a successful blogger I also intend to help you free yourself from illusions in the process. Blogging is definitely not for you if you blog to get rich quickly. But if you hold enough of a fun, freeing driver, you can see the blogging journey through to go pro.

Physically, blogging is simple. Mentally, blogging becomes highly uncomfortable. At least if you intend to see the journey through, prepare yourself for a fun, freeing, sometimes scary journey over thousands of hours of your life. Put in the time. Spend years doing this bit. Things change slowly but steadily if you blog mainly for fun and freedom. Choosing fun, freeing drivers inspires you to do uncomfortable things when you mind tries to fight you. I could easily – and comfortably – take off the rest of the evening. Spend some time with the family. Relax. Watch streaming. Go to bed. But blogging to be free to circle the globe inspires me to write this guest post and to do yoga.

What drew you to blogging?

Answer honestly.

Blog for fun and freedom to make the best choices which leads to the best results.


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