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What Did You Do Today to Help a Fellow Blogger?

Have you signed up for this new blogging course?

How to Bling Your Blog and Feed that Hog

My friend Sue-Ann Bubacz of Write Mix for Business and I will help you experience sweet, freeing blogging success through immersive teaching experience. Yep, my Young Blogging Padawans; this one is gonna be fun, entertaining and quite helpful in empowering you to be a successful, pro blogger.

One concept I know we will broach; helping fellow bloggers. What have you done to help a fellow blogger today? Did you retweet their blog post? Did you comment genuinely on their blog? Did you share their post on Facebook? Did you buy their course? Do you want to know how Sue-Ann and I met? We helped each other out. We commented on each other’s blogs, promoted each other through our blogs and social media, and our friendship blossomed. She generously invited me to co-create this course with her and…voila! Here we are. Blogging generosity wins again.

How do you think Mudassir and I met and bonded? He took me up on my guest post invite. He helped me by giving me the keys to his blog. I help him with passive blog traffic. Win-win. Our friendship grows as we help amplify each other’s success.

But…bloggers befriend you based on your detached, relaxed generosity. Helping bloggers without asking for anything in return is the starting point. What did you do for a blogger today with no expectations? Every blogger needs to be generous daily to plant the seeds for fabulous blogging friendships. If you are anything like the old, struggling me, you may be a bit too much stuck on yourself. It feels bad and stressful, too. Why? You focus on YOUR traffic and YOUR profits and think little of other bloggers. Not a good look. Everybody eventually ignores someone who thinks about themselves and who tries to help themselves – solely for personal gain – all day long. But generous bloggers who help fellow bloggers without asking for a stinking thing? Wow, do these folks ever have fun, feel good and yep, they become hyper-successful, too.

Change any inward-thinking, self-serving momentum right now, guys. Retweet this post for Mudassir. Feels good to help people with no expectation for anything in return, right? We are designed to feel good helping people without trying to squeeze anything out of anyone. Comment genuinely on another blog today. Share another blogger’s post on Facebook. Ask for nothing. Expect nothing. Observe how quickly you befriend like-minded, generous bloggers who appreciate your help. Sue-Ann and Mudassir are two blogging buddies who I met by deciding to help a fellow blogger with no expectations. The more blogging buddies you make, the more you experience sweet blogging success because every blogging friend amplifies your success.

Today I will spend a few hours walking around NYC with my wife Kelli. While enjoying the sights and sounds of The City, my blogging buddies will promote me, endorse me, boost my traffic and increase my profits. I could be enjoying a cup of coffee in Central Park, yet my blog traffic slowly and steadily increases every few moments.  My blogging buddies boost my traffic and profits around the clock, whether I am working, sleeping or walking around Gotham. Doesn’t that sound awesomely freeing to you? Of course, it does! How do you make blogging buddies? Help fellow bloggers today. Ask for nothing. Expect nothing. Every kind, generous act plants seedlings for a budding, co-prospering, blogging friendship.


After you buy the course, make sure to grab my eBook for retiring to a life of travel on the way out. Enjoy this fun, freeing read to become a full time, traveling blogger.

Share this post on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn if you want to help other bloggers master this freeing concept of building your blogger buddy network by being generous. Let’s help a ton more bloggers with the post content and with this rocking course, shall we?

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