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What Blogging Tips Get Lost on Most Newbies?

Create. Connect. Without a doubt, both simple, clear blogging tips get lost on most newbies.

Newbie bloggers usually have no interest in creating or connecting. Newbies mainly want traffic and money. Desiring traffic and money guarantees how most newbies struggle terribly because if you ignore the process you do not experience sweet success.

Imagine beginning an offline job. The employer promises to pay you a set salary. Picture showing up on your first day demanding your pay check before you spend one second working. All employers quickly fire you because you did not work to earn the paycheck. Rightfully so. Human beings agree to work jobs in order to get paid for service rendered. No service rendered = no pay.

Why then do bloggers believe something different? Why do beginner bloggers forget about doing the:

  • creating
  • connecting

necessary to earn their income?

Everything needs to be earned. Never forget this basic blogging truth. First, work. In time, money flows to you. But you need to be patient, persistent and generous for blogging to yield a full time, pro income, for you. This is the way it is. Why in the heck do bloggers ignore the basics of creating and connecting? Most foolishly believe since starting a blog seems easy that succeeding should be easy, too.

Anyone can pull out a credit card, buy a domain and hosting, write a blog post and publish a blog post. But becoming a professional blogger involves thousands of blogging work-hours and a multitude of skills to develop over time. Becoming a pro blogger is not terribly unlike becoming a doctor or lawyer in some regards. We have far fewer skills to master and can do so in less time. But becoming a pro requires you to practice blogging for thousands of hours before going pro.

New bloggers want to skip creating and connecting to get right to going pro. Newbies want to take shortcuts. Shortcuts lead to failure 100% of the time. How can you succeed if you skip all successful steps?

Slow down. Calm down. Invest in my eBook for a valued resource:

10 Disastrous Mistakes Newbie Bloggers Make (and How to Fix Them)

Blogging becomes easier for realistic, generous, patient new bloggers because this crowd blogs the right way from day 1 of their blogging career. Everybody else struggles, fails and quits. Deluded, stingy, impatient new bloggers rush toward their imminent failure.

Leave failure behind. Focus heavily on the 2 essential blogging tips of:

  • creating
  • connecting

Create helpful content. Build strong bonds. Create and connect to earn:

  • credibility
  • trust
  • skills
  • exposure

EARNING each positions you to succeed. But you absolutely need to earn these qualities over years of generous service. No one hands you credibility, trust, skills or exposure, like handing candy to a baby. Creating requires real pluck. I do not enjoy writing 4-5 guest posts daily, some days. I see the journey through. Creating content has been good to me and good to you. We both win.

Connecting is another important step lost on most bloggers who go solo. I guest post often to connect with fellow bloggers on their platforms. Not only does guest posting leverage my presence; guest posting also gives my blogging buddies free, passive, targeted blog traffic. Everybody wins because I commit to creating and connecting every single day. I know pro bloggers stick to the fundamentals to succeed.

Follow the basics. Pro blogging is no sexy journey. Pros do simple things generously, for a long time. Follow their lead. Keep things super simple. Put in the time. Put in the effort.

Create helpful content. Connect with fellow bloggers by generously helping them through cross-promotion and by guest posting on their blogs.

Begin your new blogger career by focusing on the basics: create and connect.

2 thoughts on “What Blogging Tips Get Lost on Most Newbies?”

  1. Hello Ryan,

    Great post. You did an awesome job Ryan.

    Thanks for sharing these important tips as yes everything needs to be earned and you must need to be patient, persistent and generous and have to spend thousand of blogging hours and a plenitude of skills to develop over time to become a successful and professional blogger.

    Thanks for throwing light on this as many of us want to become a successful and professional blogger but forget to focus on creating and cnnecting that is very important for credibility, trust, skills and exposure which are the fundamentals to succed.


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