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What Are the Most Profitable Types of Blogs?

Any blogger who solves problems generously, persistently and patiently will run a profitable blog.

Everybody else struggles.

The most profitable types of blogs simply solve some specific problems persistently to draw in eager readers. Readers become buyers if these folks know, like and trust you. Trust develops over time and through generous service. As you can see, the blog itself never is profitable, literally, because a blog is an inanimate object and cannot do anything. Only human beings can do stuff.

Mistakenly, a big collection of new bloggers or struggling bloggers ask the post title question for this post. This crowd wants a profitable blogging niche list, foolishly believing how blogging about insurance or mama blogging brings big profits. No way. Niches cannot make money because niches are powered by humans, who do the money-making. Understand? Never chase a profitable niche because your skills and not the niche itself makes money.

List out the top 10 profitable niches and you will quickly understand how highly skilled, focused, driven bloggers who generously help people made the big bucks. The niche itself did not make any money online because the inanimate term “insurance niche” cannot make any money. A fad cannot make money. A trend cannot make money. No thing can make money. Bloggers make money. Even better, skilled, generous bloggers who help people freely make oodles of money over the long haul no matter the niche. Re-read that one for a moment. Skilled, generous bloggers make big bucks over the long haul independent of the niche because it is their skills and generosity leading to greater exposure and credibility that yield the profits.

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Never niche chase. Never niche hop. Never try to chase a fast-moving, lucrative niche because the niche will be gone before you get there. Even more telling is the fact that you believe an inanimate concept like a niche can make money. Nope. You writing blog posts and guest posts and commenting genuinely on blogs and opening multiple streams of income yields the profits. Generosity profits. Generosity prospers. Never forget that as you go about selecting a blogging niche.

The most profitable types of blogs are run by skilled, generous bloggers. Bloggers, not types of blogs, make profits. Check out the blogging tips niche. People who make coin do so because they helped a bunch of people for free and opened multiple streams of income through which to prosper. The money was not in the type of blog but in the level of their skills and generosity. Bloggers develop skills and generosity over many years of their lives because you need to practice some skill patiently and persistently in order to profit handsomely through the skill.

Never get caught up in the blogging niche and its profitability but do get caught up in:

  • learning blogging from pros
  • studying blogging
  • putting proven blogging advice into action
  • being patient
  • being persistent
  • being generous
  • seeing the journey through
  • monetizing your blog through multiple streams of income

Be super clear on promoting yourself if you want to profit freely. Most bloggers feel awkward promoting self due to some deep, self-conscious, non-deserving fear. Not me. I promote the heck out of myself because doing so helps you with valued eBooks and courses – I offer 2 – and also benefits me in the form of receiving blogging profits.

Be super generous, patient and persistent and you will run a profitable blog, no matter the type.


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