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Walking Sprinklers and Blogging?

LATE night blogging for me right now.

Almost 1 AM NYC time. See how lucky I am to be a pro blogger? I get to work at 1 AM on a Saturday morning after putting in serious hours yesterday, on a Friday.

I walked this evening. As I do every night. I noticed something interesting. Sprinklers go off – hot weather here in this climate right now as we approach summer – but only on lawns by the street. The rest of our development gets no sprinkler action. Makes sense; the grass by the house here looks a bit burned by the sun, dry and somewhat lacking.

Why does the homeowner’s association water only grass beside the street? Of course, to keep up appearances. Window-dressing. Make sure the development looks good for the high volume of street traffic. But grass away from the main road is not as important because locals are the only folks who see it.

This is sweeping dust under the rug. Common occurrence. But do you take this window dressing route with your blog? Do you try to keep up appearances by trying to make your blog look good for casual passers-by, then ignore the fundamentals of creating and connecting, the true hallmarks of blogging success?

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I am no perfect blogger. I adopt a basic, clean, clear blog theme. I publish helpful content. I befriend bloggers by being generous. I promote my eBooks like I breathe. I do what I do. I am not super skilled or talented although I do yield some blogging skills. But I retired to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. How? Why?

I chose to give virtually all of my attention and energy to the core blogging fundamentals of creating content and building connections. I focused on little else. I did not try to make my blog look pretty for a bunch of potential readers while neglecting my content volume and friend network. Nor did I waste my time desperately trying to adopt the perfect blog design. I focused on the meat and potatoes of blogging versus trying to grab a light snack.

Like anyone who ignores the fundamentals, your attempts to impress readers while neglecting the foundation of successful blogging all but guarantees your failure. Our development looks good to people driving by because the folks water the front lawn via sprinkler. But any prospective buyer would see a solid but less spectacular lawn as you move away from the street; no sprinklers back here.

Stop trying to impress people. Help people. Service people. Why try to impress people when simply helping people is the key to all blogging success? I waste zero energy trying to impress readers. I give all of my energy to generously helping readers.

Imagine if you need to build a blog on a budget. I would not brag to people about all the money I saved while offering absolutely nothing of value to back up my claim with sound, proven practical tips. I wrote the eBook – I linked to it via the prior sentence link – based on sharing successful, practical tips for how to build a blog on a budget.

Even if I bragged about saving dough just a little bit I would never be foolish enough to make the eBook all about window dressing and not at all about adding serious value to the eBook in terms of practical tips.


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