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Top Indian Bloggers in 2020 (exhaustive list)

Exploring top Indian bloggers for some inspiration?

I got you.

List of 18 Famous and successful Indian bloggers

Most of today bloggers were inspired by some famous bloggers at a point in time. Even I was inspired by someone. It is always good to follow a pro to keep yourself paced with the latest trends and to apply proven strategies for your blogging growth.

Here’s the list I’ve made who are already inspiring new talents with their experience.

Note: I haven’t published the list based only on their blogging revenue but with many other factors such as their passion, commitment, and the value they’ve been offering to the community. Also, these are the bloggers who are not just limited to the topic ‘blogging’ but to the diverse subjects.

If you feel like if I have missed anyone, please let me know in the comments section.

Alright then, here is the list:

1. Amit Agarwal – Labnol.Org

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Image credit –

Amit Agarwal is considered as one of the first professional and top Indian bloggers. He graduated with an Engineering stream from IIT in the year 1999, one of the top Institutes in the world.

He started his blog in the year 2004, on which he covers Software reviews, Google Apps, Internet technology trends in the form of articles and video tutorials.

Amit has even developed Google apps scripts. You can check his work on He got featured with Google for his success with Adsense in his early days of blogging.

Amit has also worked as a technology columnist with top publications like The Financial Express and The Hindustan Times. Also, he has been featured with YourStory, LifeHacker, Google, and so on.

Over the years, Amit has not only focused on blogging but also built many software tools and apps on his own. In one word, he is a technology lover and that passion made him what he is today.

2. Anil Agarwal – Bloggers Passion

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Founded by Anil Agarwal back in 2010. Recently, I Interviewed Anil on my blog which came out pretty insightful. His blog is about SEO, blogging & make money online topics. You pick any sub-topic from these, Anil has a detailed article about it on his blog. I must say, Bloggers Passion is a hub for the person who wants to make money online through blogging.

Anil is a full-time blogger based in Delhi and has a community of bloggers, marketers, and entrepreneurs on Facebook which was started in November 2018. Now it has 8,000+ active members who regularly contribute their blogging knowledge. You should consider joining his Facebook group to learn more about blogging.

As per Anil’s report, his blog made a whopping revenue of $128,000 in the year 2019. I’m sure that number gives you some inspiration to start blogging. But do you also know, it took years of consistency, learning, and hard work for Anil Agarwal to reach this level. After all, blogging is not as easy as you think or read on the Internet.

Recently, Anil Agarwal has launched his first premium eBook about mastering the Keyword research for us by combining all his experience and knowledge. Go grab the copy if you want to master the keyword research subject.

He is good friends with me as well πŸ™‚

3. Akshay Hallur – BloggingX

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Image credit –

Akshay Hallur is the founder of BloggingX, a Karnataka based blogging entrepreneur. He has been blogging since 2013 and mostly about content marketing, traffic tips, and other SEO elements.

Akshay did drop out of his graduation in the year 2014 to give his full energy towards growing as an entrepreneur. That’s like, believing in passion and taking the step forward.

Here’s one of the best advice’s of Akshay that I found on the Internet:

“You can read and watch about blogging things all-day long. What do you think if you fail to implement those? One needs to invest all energy and time to work on his faith. Anyone can read articles and get motivation, but at the end of the day, implementing those thoughts is the real deal.”

Akshay’s top income sources are affiliate marketing and training courses. Today he is not just a successful blogger but also a great entrepreneur running his own agency as a digital marketing trainer.

It all started with his belief to blog. Do you have any such belief in a life to grow? All you need to do is follow Akshay Hallur to get some inspiration and encouragement.

Start following Akshay on Twitter.

4. Harsh Agrawal – ShoutMeLoud

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I have never spoken to Harsh Agrawal who is the man behind ShoutMeLoud. But I have always been loving and admiring his content, writing style and his social engagement on Twitter. On his blog, Harsh talks about WordPress, SEO, social media marketing & blogging subjects in depth.

Through his about page, you can understand that Harsh met with an accident and had to rest on a bed for several months. That’s when he has started his blogging career with credit from his friend to buy the domain. That was a solid interesting and inspiring story!

It wasn’t easy for him mentally and physically to go through that accident, it couldn’t be. Today Harsh is changing the lives of thousands of individuals, homemakers to make income through blogging. He shares practical and proven ways to set up your online business and scale it to live bossism-free life.

Harsh has won so many blogging words, organized blogger meets, events like Shoutmeet in his years of blogging. One thing I have learned well from Harsh – Love what you do! And that acts as a fuel to your journey.

Follow Harsh Agrawal to boost your dreams!

5. Shradha Sharma – YourStory

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Image credit –

Which entrepreneur doesn’t know today?

I’m sure everyone knows it. However, YourStory is not a blog anymore, it’s a hub for entrepreneurs and businesses. It is the first website that comes into our mind when we think of startups, technology, and related resources.

YourStory has already featured thousands of stories that inspire you to become a successful entrepreneur. It has become India’s biggest startup community and one of the finest platforms for aspiring and new entrepreneurs to showcase their offerings, networking, attract investments, and other growth opportunities.


It all started by Shradha Sharma from Bihar in the year 2008. She was the one-woman army who started and made it to this day. After a year and a half, with the death of her mother, Shradha went into depression and carried her mourn to ensure bringing others into the limelight in the form of stories. She found her happiness in converting those stories to a digital platform and that consistent love for YourStory has made her what she is today.

She has had lots of loss but still, she managed herself to cope up with the situations and been conquering the world around her. Follow YourStory for real entrepreneurship stuff.

6. Deepak Kanakaraju – Digital Deepak

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Image source –

It was founded by Deepak Kanakaraju, a well-known name in the field of digital marketing.

Most people don’t know the world of the Internet, and that’s okay. Deepak didn’t too, but his passion for bikes and their mechanism led him to start his first blog in the year 2008

The point is, you can turn your deep passion into blogging, Deepak is a perfect example of it. I want you to learn how Deepak has entered into the world of entrepreneurship and been changing people’s lives for better.

Here is the link – About Deepak Kanakaraju

You take any topic from Digital marketing, Deepak is master in it. Within all these years, Deepak has gained all the experience he wants through working for major corporates like Practo, Razorpay, etc. He also started his own agency called PixelTrack, the agency that can help you with performance-based marketing.

Do you believe that Deepak has made 2,65, 727 USD just by selling his premium courses on various topics from digital marketing?

Yeah! Learning to blog and shaping it into a business is that next big skill. Go visit Deepak and bag some inspiration today.

7. Kulwant Nagi – Blogging Cage

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Img credit –

Kulwant Nagi is one of the popular names in the field of blogging, thus affiliate marketing who has started his career with his blog called Blogging Cage in 2012. His blog has been consistently focused on sharing proven blogging tips and strategies that help you build a profitable blog. Nagi has appeared on top media publications like YourStory, Huff Post, Neil Patel, Pro Blogger, and so on for his blogging passion.

Since his college, Nagi was fond of surfing the Internet like most teenage kids. A few unexpected happenings turn Nagi to become an entrepreneur on his own and today, Kulwant is renowned as a top affiliate marketer and blogging coach in India. Patience and consistent learning have been the key secret of Kulwant’s success today.

If you’re a regular follower of Kulwant, you would understand that he has been traveling the world attending seminars, events, and conferences to teach his affiliate secrets to people like you and me.

As per my knowledge that I found on the Internet, Kulwant has even touched a $15,000 monthly income mark recently. I’m sure by now you would have understood the power of affiliate marketing. Why not follow Nagi now?

8. Shahid Javed – RVCJ

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Img source – TheIndiaPreneur

Most of us know and even follow the RVCJ memes and jokes on Facebook. But do you also know, RVCJ is the Facebook page first and later then incorporated as a (blog) media company?

RVCJ is one of the on-demand websites in India and also according to Alexa, ranks at just 2,300 in India. RVCJ publishes the content mostly on humor, entertainment, Lifestyle, sports, and politics.

Do you know the meaning of RVCJ and how this blog was started?

It was 2010 and an M.B.A postgraduate has followed the trend of creating a jokes Facebook page with the name of Rajnikanth Vs CID Jokes (RVCJ). Back then, Rajni sir’s movie Robot was rocking on screens’ and CID jokes on the Internet. So Shahid combined both the trends into one and started the RVCJ page and later then converted into a blog.

Since the page was growing, his buddies Ankit and Harpreet joined along with Shahid and boosted the RVCJ’s Internet presence. Now RVCJ has 14M+ fan base just on Facebook.

Today, RVCJ is popularly known as a viral content creator, even though the content is not new. That’s because of their hard work in creating the existing content in a more unique and interesting way, and presenting it to their audience in a compelling way.

Their main income source is Google ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships.

Shahid could be your inspiration if your passion lies in movies, web series, and comedy genres. You can simply turn that passion into blogging and earn millions a month.

Again, hard work with patience is the real deal. Don’t just fall for the income numbers πŸ™‚

9. Jitendra Vaswani – BloggersIdeas

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Image source –

The founder of, Jitendra is another popular name in blogging and affiliate marketing industry. He has been interviewed by solid internet marketers like Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin, etc. Jitendra has started his Podcast “Inside A Hustler’s Brain” in which he has been inspiring people by bringing the stories of passive income earners.

Not only that, but Jitendra has also trained 3k+ digital marketing professionals and has been conducting workshops across the world. His only mission is to help people like you and me make money online by just learning and implementing digital marketing in a solid way. Jitendra has been featured on Huff Post, YourStory, B2C, Entrepreneur,, WittyFeed, Lifehacker and so on.

Do you know Vaswani has once committed a plan to suicide due to high family pressure to complete engineering? However, he did complete his graduation and settled in a small SEO job for more than 2 years. In the year 2013, he started his first blog and the rest is history, as you might know already.

Today he is the proud owner of BloggersIdeas, SchemaNinja, Digiexe digital marketing agency and so on.

Jitendra is by far one of the most energetic bloggers in India who has great passion and love for his work, so is his success.

10. Ankit Singla – MasterBlogging

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Image credit – Technovans

I’m sure that at some point in time you might have come across the blog called Master Blogging (Blogging tips blog). Ankit has started Master Blogging in the year 2010 and all these years of his patience and hard work made him a pro affiliate marketer and trainer.

Ankit has been featured on major publications like YourStory, NDTV, etc for his talents. He found his passion for blogging after he invested money in an MLM scam and got cheated. Today, you know where he stands.

Through his blog and coaching, Ankit help aspiring and struggling bloggers to make good profits from their blogs. Apart from that, Ankit has a Facebook group “Master Blogging Community” with 7000+ active members who significantly uplift each other’s profits through consistent sessions and contributions.

Unless like most bloggers, Ankit doesn’t offer you dreams of becoming a billionaire. But yes, he says, if you follow him, you shall start making decent money to quit your full-time job and enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere.

11. Satish Kumar Ithamsetty – BloggingDen

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Satish Kumar is one of the early bloggers who entered the blogging industry in the year 2009. His blog is BloggingDen, under it, he covers the content on topics like blogging strategies, SEO tips, tools and tutorials, and monetization.

Satish received Social Media Influencer award on the event South Social Media Fest 2019. Even though Satish is a professor in Biology, his passion for blogging made him settle as a full-time blogger. Today, Satish Kumar stands as a role model for all those working professionals who have a passion for learning something new on the web and scaling that knowledge to monetization.

Hundreds of students already started their blogs with the help of Satish and constantly getting smart tips to increase their blog profits. His blog has already boasted 200+ articles only on blogging and monetization.

Satish has almost 18k fans on Facebook through his BloggingDenVIP group and page where he regularly interacts with his followers. If you’re the person who wants to settle down with a full-time blogging career, following Satish Kumar right from this moment would be your great deal.

12. Swadhin Agrawal – DigitalGYD

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Pic credit –

DigitalGYD was founded by Swadhin Agrawal in the year 2013. Swadhin can help you with actionable marketing tips and strategies that accelerate your blogging growth.

Do you know Swadhin was a Science (B-pharmacy) stream graduate and ended up being a business entrepreneur? His flair passion for writing led him to believe in freelance writing income and that was the time he steps towards his faith to start a blog to showcase his skills.

Being a science graduate, Swadhin believed and followed his passion for writing. Today he is the owner of multiple blogs like WPChime and the director of Pvt. Ltd firm called Value Intent Media, which is yet to incubate. Like most Indian middle-class family jolts, Swadhin has to put his extra efforts in terms of time, learning and implementing his theoretical knowledge. Rest you know now where he stands!

If you have such passion for writing, designing or other things but doing something else due to family pressures, Swadhin could be a great deal for you. Follow him.

13. Santanu Debnath – BloggingJoy

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Santanu Debnath is the founder of blog where he shares his knowledge about blogging, WordPress, SEO, email marketing & related topics.

Do you know Santanu’s Facebook group The Bloggers Team is one of the top-performing blogging groups on Facebook with a whopping 10,000 + active members? If you’re not aware yet, I want you to join the group to connect and share and learn various opinions on blogging and SEO.

Santanu completed his graduation in the year 2006 and started his career in I.T industry. Because of his passion for exploring the Internet for money-making, Santanu had kept learning about various strategies and started his blogging seriously with and blogs.

With all the knowledge and experience he gained through his early blogs, Santanu started his brand blog in the year 2017. He has been making decent money through affiliate marketing and standing as a role model for thousands of aspiring and newbie bloggers. Not surprising, Santanu has even made $7200 during Black Friday Sale 2019 along with the help of his wife, Manidipa.

Recently, Santanu has also stepped into YouTube.  Through his channel Technically Hindi, he teaches about blogging methods and techniques in Hindi.

If you want some inspiration about knowing new bloggers making decent money, Santanu is one of the finest people to reach.

14. Navin Rao – QuestionCage

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Pic source – Christopherjanb

‘Navin Rao, one of the emerging bloggers in India. Navin started his professional career in I.T industry in the year 2015, after which he developed a passion for blogging. Industry experts like Amit Agarwal from and Harsh Agarwal are two of the names that inspired Navin to start his brand new blog called QuestionCage in the year 2016.

Navin shares his knowledge on blogging, making money online, email marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing, WordPress, Social media, and related topics.

As his blog name suggests, at Question Cage, you can find answers to your questions from the above-mentioned topics. Along with Question Cage, Navin has another brand blog on his name, i.e., where he shares his knowledge about WordPress.

Navin Rao stands as a perfect role model for all those people who want to run a successful blog by managing their 9 hours regular job. He is one of those bloggers who love reading and exploring things related to technology and digital marketing, which is one of the reasons for his blogging success.

He is the man of immense knowledge and patience, follow him guys, for instant inspiration.

Facebook group of Navin Rao

15. Sumit Sao – BloggingLift

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Sumit Sao is another proud blogger in India. On his blog, Sumit talks about WordPress, blogging, money-making ideas, tools deals, reviews, etc.

It was the year 2015 when Sumit started his first blog on his own with the help of HTML coding. And in the year, Sumit tried his luck to make money through the Blogspot blogs. Later then, Sumit started his brand blog on the WordPress platform and quit his previous blogs.

That’s how the Sumit’s failure of three blogs taught him the value of success and developed him as a pro.

Sumit inspired through pro bloggers like Anil Agarwal, Ankit Singla and developed his blog by building an audience base and giving the extra value through his content. If you want to start a blog from scratch, build an audience with the right SEO strategy and earn money through affiliate marketing, Sumit is one fine person to get in touch.

Also, it is easy to reach Sumit through his Facebook community – BloggingLift VIP Group that has a whopping audience base of 19,000 active members.

16. Saurabh Tiwari – Techibhai

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Saurabh Tiwari is one of the top tech bloggers in India who has devoted full-time on sharing knowledge about tech gadgets, product reviews, tech tips and tricks, SEO and blogging niches.

He has been in the blogging industry since 2014, gained decent knowledge on blogging before he starts his brand blog Techibhai in the year 2016 with a vision of being a hub for tech-related information. Top bloggers like Rohan Chaubey, Harsh Agrawal, Harleena Singh inspired Saurabh to get started with blogging.

Besides Techibhai, Saurabh also owns a blog called and an SEO agency called along with Navin Rao. Saurabh has also been featured with Medium, YourStory, 3nions, TrickyEnough, and so on.

Techibhai has also been rewarded as one fo the Top 40 Smartphone blogs by Feedspot.

After years of learning, Saurabh quits his full-time job to dedicate his complete energy towards his passion. Saurabh is a great deal if you want to learn the right SEO strategies and building a successful blog with patience.

17. Vishwajeet Kumar – BloggingGate

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Vishwajeet is definitely one of my early blogging buddies. His blog is called which is renowned for WordPress, blogging, SEO tips, affiliate marketing, and technology. Since his college days, Vishwajeet has developed a passion for blogging and to make money online. He started his blogger career in the year 2016 and currently one of the inspiring full-time bloggers in India. He has vast knowledge in creating blogs on WordPress platform and developing.

Vishwajeet teaches you how to make a decent living through sponsored content and affiliate marketing channels. If you want to build a solid career in blogging, Vishwajeet could be your finest choice to get started.

18. Umer Qureshi – GuideBlogging

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Pic – Umer Qureshi at SEMrush Bangalore event.

Umer Qureshi – The most heard name in the blogging community these days.

Sure, why not?

Umer is a 15-year-young blogger, affiliate marketer and yes, entrepreneur. He loves to explore things related to technology and education and this passion introduced him to blogging. After failing with a couple of free blogs, Umer has to convince his parents about managing studies and blogging to start his blog called GuideBlogging.

If you visit, you will find top-notch content related to blogging and SEO.

With his age, most of the teens would spend time with gaming or social media. But Umer is the kid, who has believed in his passion, started and built his money-making blogging with his courage. Umer is also the creator and founder of one of the biggest blogging groups – Guideblogging which has 11,000+ active members.

The remarkable thing about Umer is, he knows his stuff about outsourcing, creating content, managing industry relationships, and constantly improving himself.

Umer recently had got featured with SEMrush, Craig Campbell and so on. I’m sure he would scale to big heights in his upcoming days.

So, next time you come up with age as an excuse, go follow Umer Qureshi for some inspiration.

Read – Interview With Umer Qureshi – The Young Blogger & Affiliate Marketer

Over to you

How do you like the above list of top Indian bloggers for some blogging motivation?

Do you know someone who has been inspiring lives? I would love to know about them and include in this list, please drop your comment.

Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means I may earn a commission if you buy through my links. And it doesn’t impact your purchase in anyway. Read full disclosure.

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    Hello Mudassir,

    Thanks a lot for featuring me on this awesome list of Top Indian Bloggers in India. It really feels me happy and at the same time its an honor for me. Most of the bloggers in this list are my best friend and I have learned a lot from them. Thanks again for your support.

    Vishwajeet Kumar

  3. Hi Muddasir

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    Wow what a phenomenal list of bloggers here, Mudassir. So many friends, and all rocking bloggers. Some I know personally. Others, I follow from afar. I even met Kulwant last year in NYC. What a blast! He spotted me at Affiliate Summit East. What a fun time.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to drop this beautiful comment, Ryan. I’m looking forward to adding a few more to the list.

  5. You have sorted them in alphabetical order, you should have listed them in order of Alexa ranking of their blogs. Still nice listing.

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    Thanks for sharing this list.

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    And thank you Mudassir making all in a single article and this is very inspiring that blogging is not dead.

    By Shiju M

    1. Yes, Inspiration is must-have fuel to run the blogging engine successfully! Thanks for joining me in here. Shiju πŸ™‚

  13. A very detailed article on the best bloggers of India whose blogs we should read and take inspiration from them and start blogging at the same time. Keep posting.

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  15. Best and helpful Post, Hi Sir,I am your regular website viewer and just as your other articles attracts us ,your articles help us a lot.Thanks for publishing this article.

  16. Hai bro
    Wow what a phenomenal list of bloggers here, Mudassir. So many friends, and all rocking bloggers. Some I know personally. Others, I follow from afar. I even met Kulwant last year in NYC. What a blast! He spotted me at Affiliate Summit East. What a fun time.

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