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There Is No “I” in Blog

We all heard the quote: “There is no “I” in team.”

Blogging is similar. Nobody became successful blogging solo. Every cent you make, person you drive to your blog and all business seems to flow through humanity. Running a blog is a team effort. Everybody comes together to make a blog a masterpiece because cross-promotion, co-creating and connecting all lend to successful blogging campaigns. Observe Mudassir handing me the keys to his blog. We work together to co-create success for each other and for you, the reader. Think it through. He creates a blog with helpful content. He invites me to guest post on the blog. Together, we reach a bigger, targeted audience, helping you with content.

Perhaps you buy one of my eBooks. How did the sale unfold? Mudassir and I co-created to allow the sale to happen. Everything seems to be teamwork in the blog niche because everything grows from the efforts of many people. Imagine if you buy my blog budgeting eBook here; you help me with money and I help you with an eBook and Mudassir helps me by allowing me to guest post here while I help him with a guest post. 3 people helped each other to allow the sale to manifest. Teamwork makes it happen. People working together by co-creating, offering financial support and getting together for mutually beneficial partnerships form a rock solid foundation for all successful blogging campaigns. Every time, people who build large, loyal blogger buddy networks get ahead of other bloggers because your friends do what you can not do.

Teamwork = Passive Success

Yesterday, I felt sick. I stayed in bed all day. After waking this morning I noted business flowing in to my email inbox, plus a nice volume of folks tweeted my latest blog posts. My team – aka blogger buddy network – helps me to experience some passive success. I laid in bed all day long but my blogging business still grew.

Imagine if my blog success relied solely on my effort alone? Yesterday would be a wash in my book. I tossed and turned in bed. I did nothing online save recording and uploading a short video. My business dies if I do not work but thank goodness I know blogging is a team sport, based on co-creating, collaborating and expressing generosity. Keep meeting new bloggers by helping new bloggers. Take time to know bloggers. See fellow bloggers as human beings. Be warm. Be helpful. Use video to greet readers. Be generous.

Blogging becomes easier – albeit uncomfortable sometimes – if you befriend bloggers through your active, persistent, patient generosity. Blogging becomes harder and harder if you try to blog solo because no one does this by themselves successfully. Think about how you can use teamwork to help bloggers. Focus heavily on the concept of being generous and how being helpful and non-expectant accelerates your blogging success. Every connected blogger built friends through their active generosity.

Befriend inspiring bloggers. Listen to their advice. Bloggers succeed for a good reason; they know what works and keep doing what works to experience sweet success over the long haul. Befriend these pros by helping them out and asking for nothing. Being generous opens more blogging doors than you could ever dream of.

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1 thought on “There Is No “I” in Blog”

  1. Hello Ryan & Mudassir,

    In my opinion, blogging is all about earning relationship with people across world.

    Because this strong bond will help you to grow. True teamwork is very crucial when you are doing business or blogging, it makes work burden low and helps you to be in perfect direction.
    I’ve noticed from past few years you are really doing great in this field and one day you will be most successful.

    Eventually, thanks for sharing your incredible experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

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