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Welcome to Blogging Explained! Created and managed by Mudassir Ahmed.

My mission is to offer high-quality and well researched blogging-themed content that is easy to consume and valuable to our community. Contributors play a big role in achieving my mission, and I’d love to have you here today.

The topics accepted here are ‘Content, blog marketing, and SEO and WordPress, basically anything that add value to the creators.

To maintain the standards that have been built over the time with the help of some brightest minds, I ask you to adhere to the following guidelines:

Content guidelines

  1. All submissions must be at least 1000 words and may contain media and outgoing links that improve the reading experience for the community.
  2. Breaking up your content into paragraphs with headlines is a fine way to catch readers attention and make them stick to you till the end.
  3. I don’t like to read bloat content neither my readers, so cut loose the filler.
  4. If applicable, cite sources and reports that convince your point to make the article stronger and more authentic.
  5. Article must be professionally written (presentation and grammar).
  6. You are welcome to add stock images and quote of others, just be sure to credit the owner and not violate copyrights.
  7. Copying others’ work and modifying the words and phrases, etc actions are strictly not allowed.
  8. Content must not be promotional in nature.

Linking guidelines

  1. Strictly no link-building. If I realize that you are contributing solely to build links for your clients or you, you will not be encouraged for further discussion.
  2. Links to affiliate product, service/product/pricing pages are not allowed.
  3. You may link to relevant content, research or resources that genuinely offer value to the reader and fits to the context.
  4. No keyword-rich linking.
  5. You may have two follow links in your content and one in bio.

I reserve the right to edit/update your content and modify the link attribution for accuracy at any point in time.

Send an email to bloggingexplained@gmail.com with the name of the contributor and his/her credentials. Pitch me your idea(s) along with your previous work (if any). I receive many submissions everyday but you will definitely hear back if I’m interested in your pitch.

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