Welcome to Blogging Explained! Created and managed by Mudassir Ahmed.

My mission is to offer high-quality and well researched blogging-themed content that is easy to consume and help my readers. Contributors play a big role in achieving my mission, and I’d love to have you here today.

The topics accepted here are ‘Content, Blog marketing, and SEO and WordPress, basically anything that helps bloggers’.

Now that you have pick up what topics to write about, here are a few editorial guidelines I set and want you to take a note while submitting the piece.

  1. There’s no solid criteria for word length, but a good standard is 600 to 800+ words, and breaking up your article into paragraphs with headlines is a fine way to make readers understand better.
  2. I don’t like to read bloat content neither my readers, so cut loose the filler.
  3. If applicable, cite sources and reports that convince your point to make the article stronger and more authentic.
  4. Article must be professionally written (presentation and grammar).
  5. You are welcome to add media or quote of others, just make sure to credit the owner and not violate copyrights.
  6. You may have 1-2 links to your relevant content and an author bio.

As a blog owner, I reserve the right to edit and update your content for accuracy at any point in time.

Shoot me an email at bloggingexplained@gmail.com. If your pitch sounds promising, I will respond to you.

Any pitch without addressing my name will be respectfully moved to bin.

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