I get the way many guest post pitches and it makes me happy, because contributors-together with BloggingExplained.com makes this blog more viable.

Here’s how to pitch and write a guest post for this blog:

First, who are our readers?

Most often, they are aspiring and entry level bloggers, but we also have readership base of experienced content creators, SEOs, and small businesses who are interested in topics related to blogging.

What should you write?

Content creation, Blog marketing, and SEO and WordPress knowledge for bloggers.

Make it amusing and informational!

My mission is to offer high-quality content to my readers that is easy to consume and helps. Here are some rules I’d like you to follow :

  1. I believe in “Word count matters only if the content is great”, so you can publish article that contain 400-2000 word range, depending on the topic complexity.
  2. I don’t like to read bloat content neither my readers, so cut loose the filler but yet cover the subject in detail.
  3. If applicable, cite sources and reports that convince your point.
  4. Make the content highly readable by adding headings, bullets, quotes, and images where necessary.
  5. As a blog owner, I reserve the right to edit and update your content for accuracy at any point in time.

Here are a few examples of guest post from this blog:

How to submit a guest post?

Not so hard!

Shoot me an email at bloggingexplained@gmail.com with your bio, 2-3 line preview of the post you wish to publish, and previous work. If your pitch sounds promising, I will respond to you.

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