Nothing personal. Don’t write to me without reading the submission guidelines mentioned on this page.

My mission is one of the fastest growing blogs dedicated for in the space of blogging. As the owner of this blog, I’ve been working with the pros to bring up the compelling content that help, inspire and ease the beginners’ blogging journey.

What do I cover on this blog?

  • I cover Blogging…most of the times
  • Sometimes SEO…if it helps the WordPress bloggers

Guest Author Guidelines To Submit a guest post

  1. You don’t have to copy-paste those formal Internet pitches. Please, take it easy and submit a short pitch
  2. I would love to know your expertise and work before I get you on the track. So please share two links to your previous work
  3. You must provide 3 topics in your pitch, out of which I shall pick one
  4. Please do not pitch me the generic ideas that can be found on the Internet already. For example, a generic blog post on the What is SEO and how it help bloggers will not be considered. But a in-detailed article on how you use guest posting formally to drive more traffic and build links would be a fine fit to consider
  5. You can link to external sources that are credible and reputed and the links shall be no-follow. However, you will get a do-follow link juice from the author bio section
  6. Ideally, your content must match the user intent
  7. By submitting the content to me, you are affirming that the content is original to you and has not been published online or in print and I reserve the rights on your submitted and published content

If this all sounds good, then I look forward to see you at my inbox. If you’re my friend and I know you well, then the process gets much simpler. So join me on Twitter.

Publishing process of guest content

Not so hard!

Shoot me an email at If your pitch sounds promising, I will respond to you as soon as I can.

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