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Did you know I self-published over 100 eBooks on Amazon?

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How I Published 100 Amazon Products in 10 Months (So You Can Do it Too)

I began writing eBooks 7 years ago in Muhamma, India. A friend of mine bugged me to write an eBook for months. Fears clouded my mind. I doubted myself. Who would buy eBooks from me? Who would read my eBooks? But my friend met me by his village, goaded me to write one and I followed his inspiration.

Of course, lacking confidence, I self-published this eBook on a platform other than Amazon. Sold a few. Literally. But running a different blog at the time, I viewed selling a few eBooks as a complete success. Nudging into fear gave me courage. Feeling courageous, I eventually trashed my old blog, created Blogging From Paradise and never looked back. I also began writing and self-publishing eBooks on Amazon. 126 eBooks later, I finally began promoting these suckers effectively.

Why write eBooks? Why be prolific? Open passive income streams through Amazon for Kindle, for audio books and for paperbacks. Passive income frees you. Making money around the clock rocks. I profit while circling the globe.

But digging deeper, eBooks help build your authority. People all over the globe who access Amazon get to see you know your stuff in your blogging niche. Plus, these folks can buy your eBook – or eBooks – around the globe. Imagine that global audience. Think of the potential. Start writing eBooks today.

Amazon makes it incredibly easy to write and self-publish eBooks. Write the eBook in Word. Convert using Amazon’s style guide. Design a cover. Or hire someone to design the cover. Sell the eBook. Simple. Easy, too. No need to write a 50,000 word eBook either. 6,000 words works fine, guys. Amazon short read.

Writing short, sweet eBooks seems similar to writing a pillar-style blog post. Minus formatting the eBook a bit differently, the experience rings similar. Take your time, write a gem, build your credibility and earn passive income.

Writing eBooks and self-publishing these suckers on Amazon is an absolute no brainer these days. But you better start writing now because bloggers try to talk themselves out of writing eBooks for various reasons. Some fear criticism. Others fear looking like a fraud, believing no one will buy their eBook. Bloggers fear they have not enough knowledge to write and self-publish an eBook. Others fear formatting the eBook. Some feel intimated by the entire process of brainstorming, writing, and self-publishing the eBook.

Nudge into your fears. Write the eBook. Put in the time to write your first eBook. Gain confidence. Write eBook #2. Then write eBook #3. Keep writing eBooks. Lean into the process. Take advantage of this medium.

Buy my eBook promoted above for inspiration. You can write one eBook. Then, write another. Gain success momentum. Writing eBooks gets easier and easier if you keep writing because your confidence and clarity carries you through the process.

I prefer self-publishing eBooks over offering ads. Earn more through each eBook click. Build your authority, too. Render service too by helping people with your short, sweet, valuable Kindle reads.

Access a global market through a trusted platform. Partner with one of the wealthiest men on earth in Jeff Bezos.

Go for it!

The way I see it, blog to own your online real estate but partner with Amazon to help people and to capitalize on the Amazon product, brand and selling genius. No business makes selling more seamless than Amazon. Write and self-publish helpful eBooks. Build your reach by creating and connecting. Partner with the most successful digital storefront in human history.

No brainer.

Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means I may earn a commission if you buy through my links. And it doesn’t impact your purchase in anyway. Read full disclosure.

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