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SiteGround Review 2020: Is It WORTH all the HYPE?

Are you in search of honest SiteGround review? Congrats! You will learn all about it in this article. Keep reading…

SiteGround Hosting review (2020)

My first year of blogging was with Godaddy.

The next two consecutive years with Xongl cloud. Obviously, I had my reasons to change my previous hosting providers. The major concerns had been about data security and support levels. I’ve really didn’t look for a cheap hosting, If I were, I wouldn’t be with Xongl for that long, as their cloud server pricing is on a bit higher side compared to Siteground’s shared hosting.

Now you might be thinking why I’m comparing cloud with shared hosting?

Because SiteGround’s shared hosting is much better than my previous host providers in terms of many factors.

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The major factor is speed.

Usually, the page loading speed of a page depends on various factors, a few major are:

  • Ad codes
  • Affiliate banner codes
  • Giphys’, videos, Infographics, Images, etc
  • Page builders’ sections

All these increase the Javascript load on your page, the more it is, the lower your page speed. So if you want to compare the loading speed between two host providers, the right way to do is to keep the page clean with just content, header, and footer.

So here are my page speed test results (GTMetrix):

  • Without SiteGround – 5 to 7.6 seconds on average of 10 hits
  • With SiteGround – 1.3 to 3.2 seconds on average of 15 hits
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SiteGround uses the best and advanced technology and inbuilt handcrafted solutions like Linux Containers, Secure Account Isolation technology, Anti Bot AI, etc to keep your site secure, fast and reliable.

Here’s a surprising result that I found after I moved to SiteGround:

I was getting at least 150+ spam comments when I was with Xongl. But when I shifted to SiteGround, I hardly got 2 to 3 spam comments in a day.

That means better security and the least chance for online malware and threats.

If you’re a frequent reader to my blog you would know that I highly recommend SiteGround through my blog space. You know what, I’m a bit biased towards it. If you start using it, probably, you would too.

Why I moved to SiteGround WordPress hosting

I’ve been active on most blogging communities on Facebook and Twitter. So whenever a poll happens or a question is raised about the best hosting, I see the majority of people vote for SiteGround. And that made me curious to learn more about it.

But that alone didn’t lead me to SiteGround. The main reason was…

The Xongl team didn’t take my permission to migrate my data to their new data center. That was partly okay for me, but the worse is, the updates and new publishing I had made in the last 24 hours was disappeared. Xongl didn’t even inform me that 24 hours data is going to be lost, if they would, I would have taken the manual backup at least.

So that incident made me associate with SiteGround without any second thoughts.

After a couple of chats with the SiteGround’s sales team, I purchased the Startup plan ($47.40), initially. And I tried to migrate from Xongl to SiteGround through SGMigrator FREE plugin that comes with their any plan. But there was some issue in the migration (maybe from my end).

Then I learned that “GrowBig plan” would be the budgeted and cover my need of migration. It costed me extra $24 and the final figure was $71.40 including free professional migration service. Otherwise, their migration service solely would have costed my $30.

SiteGround Hosting Bill
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For complete professional migration, it took 24 hours which was a fine period.

Know about SiteGround

According to Wikipedia, SiteGround was started its operations by a bunch of friends in the year 2004, Bulgaria. Today, it has 500+ happy employees with strong passion and determination serving with their knowledge, 5 data centers (Chicago, U.K, Amsterdam, Singapore & Council bluffs), and 4 offices. With the most recent reports, I can say the company has already hosted 18 Lakh domains all over the world.

Here are some non-technical reasons to pickup SiteGround hosting for your online business:


  • value you.
  • are well knowledgeable, smart and friendly to resolve issues in no time.
  • deliver more than your expectations.
  • are curious, driven by the passion to learn and implement advanced technology to help us out.

Now, let’s get into some technical parts.

5 reasons I say why SiteGround is the best hosting

#1. Speed

When visitors have a slow and terrific experience on mobile or desktop, they are much likely to leave your website and never return back, as per reports, more than 3 seconds.

Long back, Google warned that speed is now considered as a ranking signal for mobile searches and Ads. Even after that, do you wish to place your site on some shady, cheap cost hosting and degrade your online presence, just to save some bucks?

As you can see, my blog get loads on average of 2 to 3 seconds even with Elementor-add ons, social share icons, and banner codes.

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SiteGround always keeps their machines, software updated to avoid any kind of slowdowns. It offers super-speed data centers, SSD storage that makes sure your site gets accessed and loads instantly and importantly, running all the time.

The inbuilt ‘SG Optimiser’ WordPress plugin makes your site load 4x times faster. It handles the caching, system settings, and all the necessary configurations for a blazing-fast website.

SiteGround is also renowned to have the best Cloudflare – Cloudflare CDN increases your website speed by caching your website content and distributing it over multiple data centers around the world.

When someone opens your website, the content is delivered to your visitor from the geographically closest server. That not only makes your site load much faster in every part of the world but protects it as well, by analyzing your traffic and blocking suspicious visitors.

Takeaway: All you need to do is activate CDN under your SiteGround tools section and activate the SG optimizer plugin under the WP plugins section to see your blog loading in a good amount of time.

#2. Uptime

For me, the number is an average of 100% until now.

siteground uptime
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If you wish to not get into technical, simply to put, there was not even a single minute my site went down since I associated with SiteGround.

I agree that every hosting service has some downtime percentage due to upgrade, maintenance or other technical issues. However, SiteGround has an average uptime of 99.99% and even 100% as per a few bloggers’ observations who are using it, including myself.

#3. Crafted solutions

It is not like only one group of people can use SiteGround. As a matter of fact, it can serve every website or blog on the Internet no matter its requirement. Starting from a basic blog or 1-page website to heavy and dynamic content based websites, and high traffic sites, it got you covered. Let me give you an idea:

  • Shared web hosting & Managed WP hosting (Starts from $3.95/mo)
  • WooCommerce (Starts from $3.95/mo)
  • Scalable cloud ( Starts from $80/mo)
  • Dedicated server ( VPS Starts from $269/mo)
  • Want customized solutions? You got it with Enterprise hosting!

Their offerings are crafted by considering everyone’s need. As your business grows, you can upgrade to any plan you want. Plus, I must highlight that, SiteGround is officially recommended by along with Bluehost and Dreamhost.

#4. Features of SiteGround hosting

  • Site Builder that lets you build a website or blog by drag and drop section features
  • CMS install
  • cPanel
  • Unlimited sub parked domains
  • SSL certificate to show your website on the Internet as https
  • Email accounts (domain related), FTP accounts
  • Cloudflare CDN ( to load up your site very fast)
  • Site transfer
  • Super cacher
  • 24/7 support via chat, call, and email. Plus, the knowledge centers and tutorials
  • Special assistance for WordPress users
  • Unmetered traffic and MySQL databases
  • Daily backups
  • 30 days money back policy
  • SSD disk space
  • Power and Hardware redundancy
  • Anti hack system monitoring
  • Active updates
  • White label and client management
  • WP starter, optimizer
  • 1 click staging to create a copy of your website for testing purpose
SiteGround Shared host pricing
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Some special features you can access only along with the upgraded plans like Growbig, GoGeek, Cloud, etc. I recommend you to explore the plans, features and their comparison on your own to understand what fits best according to the need and budget.

#5. Hassle-free support

Siteground support
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Before my purchase, I had a couple of chats with SiteGround’s sales team to get some answers. The response time and support were just amazing which boosted my buying intentions for sure. Since you’re not a customer with them yet, you can click on “Chat with an expert” option to get pre-sales answers and decide for yourself.

After purchase, here is how you can avail SiteGround’s support:

  1. Login to your SiteGround account
  2. Click on ‘?’ on the right top and visit the help center
  3. Now you shall see 3 ways to reach them – Knowledgebase articles, Video tutorials, Ticket and Chat. Eventually, you can also call them on their toll-free number which you can find on their website.

Well, if you’re opting for chat, the response time would depend on their availability. Depending on the queue time, SiteGround suggests you either to chat or to create a ticket. The response time could take less like 5 minutes or even 24 hours depending on your query.

You will see high appraisals for the SiteGround’s customer service team on top review platforms like Trustpilot because they are incredible.

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The support dept. have been friendly and helpful with me so far. Apart from hosting related support, SiteGround will not say a serious No to you when it comes to blog installation, email setup, or any other specifics.

Let’s be honest, Why do you think most top bloggers recommend SiteGround even though there are much cheaper options than SiteGround? Do you think the price can only be the factor to decide a hosting?

Not anymore.

#5. Budget plans

Do you think Wallstreet’s big shots or top brands like Apple waste their time by checking the SiteGround review on the Internet?

I’m 100% sure, they would directly connect with SiteGround’s higher-level management to discuss their requirements. If someone did a search for a SiteGround review and hop on to this post, it means they are concerned about their hard-earned money, aren’t they?

Each penny matters, right?

SiteGround knows it, after all, they have started as a startup once. So it won’t give you the dream of cheap plans or freebies to trap you as a customer. Since they believe and even if we believe that quality products would never be available at cheap rates, they gently say “No” to any price negotiation requests.

How do you even believe that a hosting provider that offers $1/mo with unlimited space gives you good performance and support?

No, it won’t and can’t. If you are thinking ten times to invest $4 a month for an important need, then probably you don’t have to start at all with the business.

Cheap is cheap and you will get what you pay for. Instead of spending a dollar and facing issues over the next year of time, it is better to invest decent money and stay focused on improving your new business.

Concluding the SiteGround review, it is the finest and rich choice that you ever get at such a decent price. Just go for it without any hesitation.

SiteGround Review – FAQs

(Q) I want to start a blog. Does SiteGround help me with that?

You don’t have to be a techie or web developer to install the WordPress blog with SiteGround.

After payment, log in to your account and click the WordPress icon (1 click installation) to set up the blog within 10 minutes. You could also get the tutorial through your help section or even ask the SG team to connect with you remotely to help.Check out my article on How To Start A Blog In (Step by Step Guide).

(Q) Can I buy the domain from Godaddy or big rock and hosting from SiteGround?

Yes, you can do that. I have a 10% domain discount code from with the coupon name DOMAIN10. Enjoy!

(Q) Currently, I am using another hosting. Will SiteGround help me migrate from it?

Yes, absolutely free of cost, if you go with GrowBig and higher plans. If you opt to StartUp plan, no problem, you can install SG migrator and do the migration for FREE without any technical knowledge.

(Q) I am new to blogging. Will 10 GB space be good enough for me?

Good enough, unless you are regularly updating your site with more eCommerce products, PDFs, videos and other media elements.

In case if the 10 GB gets over you can request SiteGround to add some space for a tiny reasonable amount.

(Q) Which plan of SiteGround should I buy?

Write down your requirements and see what fits.

  • If you are a new blogger or business owner who wants to maintain a basic website by listing services – Go with StartUp.
  • If eCommerce or an established brand – You can either go with GrowBig or GoGeek as per monthly visits and extra performance.
  • Even got more requirements? Don’t worry, they have enterprise, premium VPS hosting subscription plans.

Didn’t I tell you at the start? SiteGround serves everyone!

(Q) Why SiteGround doesn’t offer good discounts?

Quality – It always win over the Freebies and Discounts.

(Q) What is the SiteGround black friday deal in 2020?

You will come to know. In 2019, it was starting from $1.99. Please keep any eye on this page or SiteGround’s official page. Who know, you might get better offer in 2020!

(Q) I want to start blogging. Should I buy managed WordPress hosting or general web hosting?

I want you to go with managed WP hosting if you’re planning to start a website or blog on WordPress CMS. It gives you more control and flexibility while hosting the resources.

(Q) What is SiteGround’s dedicated hosting?

The whole server with a big amount of bandwidth, RAM is dedicated to your website. No one else is sharing it with you. However, the cost of dedicated servers are quite high compared to shared ones.

(Q) Is there a FREE trial available?

No. However, if you are not happy with their service, you will have the option to cancel the service within 30 days of time to get your money back.

(Q) How do I contact SiteGround if any assistance is required?

Their highly trained professionals are available 24/7 to help you out through call, chat, and email.

(Q) Is data backup service free?

Yes, daily, SiteGround take automatic data backup. If you want to do it manually, you can do it through the with your login details. It would not take more than 5 minutes depending on your site size.

(Q) Why are renewal rates so high compared to first-time purchase rates?

Renewal rates will be high with any hosting service provider, not just SiteGround. So better you go with three year plan in one shot.

(Q) On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you rate SiteGround?

I would give 9.8.

Conclusion – SiteGround review

It is definitely the most popular host in the world with advanced features, server stability using Linux containers even at spikes and so many other cool features. I would have to say that SiteGround Wins, Always.

SiteGround has an answer for every question and it’s truly transparent. The only question is “Are you ready to take the 1st step in building your online business?”How do you like this SiteGround review? I would love to know your thoughts.

siteground review

4 thoughts on “SiteGround Review 2020: Is It WORTH all the HYPE?”

  1. Hi Mudassir,super review of SiteGround’s hosting. And this Black Friday deal truly is a DEAL.
    I’m thinking about switching my host form Bluehost to either SiteGround or WPX hosting. I’m interested in speed, so do you know which one of the two is faster hosting?
    Thank you for your reply.

    1. Hey Nikola,

      Honestly, I have no idea about WPX. However, I’ve heard a lot great about WPX but its rates are a bit on the higher side compared to both. So what you should choose? It depends on your web traffic and site type (heavy eCommerce or basic blog/website). As far as I know, WPX is mainly popular for its speed and support. SiteGround is also well known for speed and budget range and comes handy if the need is for a medium-sized blog or website. I’d recommend you to take a word from Anil Agarwal since he is using WPX for his main blog.

      Good luck with that bro!

  2. Hi Mudassir

    First of all, I must say a great review.

    When people get to know about real-life experiences they feel more connected and you have presented this review in the same way by telling your story to the audience.

    I have been using Bluehost from the beginning and maybe I will move to Siteground in the near future.

    Just wanted to confirm the migration process, is it safe to switch with StartUp plan?

    Amit Garg

    1. Thank you, Amit. If you want to move to SiteGround, consider it doing on the Black Friday sale period to avail the best deal.

      And yes, the migration is completely safe and secure through the FREE SG migration plugin that comes with the Startup plan.

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