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Should You Post Daily or Weekly?

Finding the proper blog post frequency feels confusing for bloggers. What works best? Some bloggers claim volume publishing content yields favorable results. But weekly bloggers who publish more in-depth posts say quality wins. What gives?

Find what feels fun, freeing and a bit uncomfortable for you. Everybody seems to be different as far as blog post frequency. I enjoy posting daily but only after practicing writing for years and building my blogging skills. Publishing daily feels good, fun, freeing and a little uncomfortable too. I found the proper frequency for me. New bloggers need to think long and hard about blogging more than once weekly because newbies have yet to develop the skills to be more prolific. Be patient. Trust in the blogging process. Nobody skips the process and succeeds because we need develop skills over hundreds to thousands of hours of work to publish posts daily. But even then, publishing daily posts is not necessarily the answer because forcing yourself to post daily leads to struggle and failure. Burn out ensues since you ignore the basic rule of finding blog post frequency; have fun blogging and be a little uncomfortable too, to dial in on your ideal blog post frequency.

Publishing weekly posts feels good if you do not resonate with posting more often, feeling like a weekly post vibes with you.  Go a bit more in-depth than 600 words. Beef up your posts some to give readers something to chew on weekly. No need to publish a 2000 word post but do go a bit more long form since readers won’t see another piece of your content until next week.

Publishing daily posts is advisable only after you gain years of blogging experience. Otherwise, you set yourself up to fail. No new bloggers have ample energy, skills and overall drive to publish helpful posts on a daily basis. Relax. Build up your skills and experience. Eventually, consider publishing daily but only if it feels fun, freeing and a bit uncomfortable to do so. Writing and publishing daily posts boosts your traffic and overall online presence but again, this approach is only for advanced bloggers. Never even consider publishing daily as a newbie blogger; you are not ready yet. Relax, slow down, calm down and publish less frequently as a new blogger. Weekly posts work fine although publishing twice weekly may be advisable for particularly skilled newbie bloggers with ample knowledge of their blogging niche.

Publishing daily usually requires less blog post promotion because each post helps promote former and future posts. Posting weekly goads you to promote the posts more frequently to help spread the word. Do what feels good to you. Everything comes down to your overall energy because how you feel dictates if you stick with a strategy or quit on the tactic. I once published one, 7000 word post weekly until doing so felt heavy and draining. Quickly, I ramped up my blog post frequency because doing so felt fun and a bit scary. Naturally, greater success followed.

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1 thought on “Should You Post Daily or Weekly?”

  1. Hello Ryan & Mudassir,

    Blogging every day really taught you fresh information regarding several niche.

    And It will make you a creative person, will definitely change your thought process and enhance your writing skills. Thanks for sharing.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

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