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‘The SEO playbook’ Ultimate SEO Ebook by Anil Agarwal

Google has indeed positioned itself as the supreme search engine to discover information with its constant efforts for improvisation and adding value. As a result, small businesses and bloggers are adopting an SEO strategy, especially after this covid-19 pandemic, to get seen before potential buyers on Google.

However, with such demand, getting 1st page positions for your money-making keywords is becoming challenging.

Compelling content alone cannot help you rank but there are various areas you need to focus on and improve to get your blog posts discovered by targeted readers that are all set to convert. You are required to understand how search engines and SEO operates.

This is where Anil Agarwal’s (Bloggers Passion) “The SEO Playbook” comes into the picture.

In the SEO Playbook, Anil has presented extensive concepts that help you understand and execute a winning SEO strategy to get better SERPs, drive traffic and increase conversions.

The SEO Playbook by Anil Agarwal

What’s Inside the SEO Playbook?

  • A detailed overview of how search engines like Google works
  • Ranking factors that influence organic search results
  • Biggest SEO myths to overlook
  • How to make your blog more appealing and SEO-friendly
  • Keyword and content creation strategies to win both audience and SEOs
  • Whitehat link building techniques
  • Proven SEO tools and resources to learn various aspects


Not only that…As a bonus, you’re also getting these:

  • 7-Point SEO checklist for new websites
  • How to deal with new Google algorithm updates
  • 5 Pro tactics to help you rank better (Author’s personal experiences and insights)

Should you buy this?

Anil has simplified the SEO process in a precise way with his years of hands-on experience that allows readers to consume and understand the concepts in the simplest way possible. For me, this eBook has sparked a new interest in approaching SEO in different ways that have already worked for Anil and many other SEO experts.

It would be your best and finest source to get deeper insights about the SEO process and the way Anil has talked “What strategies were working earlier and what working now” is truly impressive. If you invest in this eBook, I’m sure you will have everything you need to grow your online presence

Overall, it is an Incredibly well-structured and high-valued eBook that has a fundamental breakdown of winning SEO strategies!!

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