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How To Find a Profitable Blog Niche in 3 Easy Steps

In this article, I will offer you wisdom on how to find a profitable blogging niche.

3 tips to find Profitable Blogging Niche

1. pick the niche that you love

Starting a blog seems to be exciting – Purchasing the domain, hosting, setting up, designing it, content creation, publishing, promoting…

Next what?

Most bloggers lose motivation and give up because they don’t see the traffic and income in their initial months.

The fact most newbies don’t get is that it takes time to drive results. Until that, your niche is what keeps you motivated. When you pick the niche that you love, you won’t lose interest in producing content consistently.

2. Pick the niche that could drive you traffic

Passion is fine but what if the niche that you love has null or less potential?

You shouldn’t pick such a niche if you really want to make money out of your blog. You need to make sure that there’s enough audience base with whom you could talk, add value to and earn eventually.

For example: let’s say that you are good at the stock market topic, and you wish to start a blog about it. Now, you will need to do the research that how the topic has been performing in terms of traffic.

Signup for a free SEMrush account. Type “Stock market” in the input bar and click on “search”. Here’s what you would see:

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It means that the topic you have chosen is highly potential. As you can see, the word “stock market” has a monthly search of 2.8 million monthly. Not only that, you have 71,000 keyword variations and 4300+ related keyword searches around your topic.

Do you know what that means?

You could drive 2.8 million monthly visitors to your blog and just imagine your earning opportunity.

It also means that stock market niche could be profitable and at the same time, highly competitive. But don’t let that competition-fear held you back. After all, successful things and growth happen when you have more competition around.

Pro tip: “Stock market” is a generic topic and hard to rank your blog on Google for that word, It might take years due to high competition. So for the initial period, you could cut down your niche to something like “Stock market tips”, “Share market tips for beginners”, “Intraday tips”, etc. You can also call these words as low competitive or long-tail keywords, which have low competition, searches and high chances to rank. Once you build some niche authority to your blog by ranking for these keywords, you could target the next-level competitive keywords. This way, you are clear what to write consistently thus your audience about what to expect from you.

3. Pick the niche that is profitable

What good is the 2.8M monthly traffic if it is not generating the revenue?

So, here’s the thing – You need to think beyond the traffic and ask yourself the below questions:

Does the niche have

  • products that you can sell?
  • affiliate programs?
  • high PPC keywords to earn through traditional ads?
  • businesses that are willing to promote sponsored content?
  • an audience that buys eBooks, courses if you would offer?

50+ Best Blog Niche Examples

  • Personal finance planning – Savings, investments, and related tips.
  • Health – Healthy lifestyle, weight loss, mental health, exercises, diets, and happiness.
  • Parenting – Pregnancy tips, food, baby care, supporting a child, etc.
  • Photography – Nature, fine art, photoshoots, wild, inspiring, thought-provoking, etc.
  • Food and recipes – Cooking tips, individual recipe cooking methods, countryside dishes, etc.
  • Travel – City guides, budget travel tips, save money to travel, diversify cultures, etc.
  • Fitness – Yoga, home exercises, Hiking, running, self-defense, cycling, and so on.
  • Web development – Building websites on WordPress, blogger, Wix, etc, and designing.
  • Lifestyle – Beauty, fashion, celebrities, and everyday life, religion, and happenings.
  • Hobbies – Gardening, cooking, home decorating, drawing, etc.
  • Entertainment – Movie reviews, web series reviews, upcoming events in the industry, celebrity news, etc.
  • Gaming – PUBG tips and tricks, Game reviews, gamers biography, and gaming events.
  • Relationship – Wedding, love vs arranged marriages, trust in relationships, after divorce, etc.
  • Education – Career tips, study materials, coaching and mentoring, new skills, earning while studying, etc.
  • Pets – Dogs and cats lifestyle, tips to take care of animals, traveling with pets, pet expos and events, etc.
  • Side Income ideas – Make money online, freelance writing, blogging, selling online, teaching, and so on.
  • Programming – Building apps, websites, coding, courses, how-to tutorials with programs, etc.
  • Digital marketing – SEO tips, Paid ads, Content marketing, Social media marketing, and so on.
  • Real Estate – Latest real estate property updates, trends, news, and opinions.

Finalizing Your Profitable blog niche

Now filter the top niche idea that fulfills the above 3 conditions.


Go for it without second thoughts.

Now that you’ve learned everything to choose the profitable blog niche, it is your turn to do the magic by starting a blog.

Have any questions to ask? Feel free to talk to me in the comments section. I would love to hear from you!

Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means I may earn a commission if you buy through my links. And it doesn’t impact your purchase in anyway. Read full disclosure.

Profitable blog niche

8 thoughts on “How To Find a Profitable Blog Niche in 3 Easy Steps”

  1. Chayan Chakrabarti

    Hey Mudassir,
    This is a massive guide about niche selection. Yes I have tried a few steps to find my niche when I started, keep up the excellent work bro.

  2. Hey!

    Amazing content brother. Very useful for the newbie bloggers who are confused about choosing a niche. You have covered almost everything in this post. Really I enjoyed reading this article.

    Sayem Ibn Kashem

  3. hey bro,
    you have done a great job. It really helps me a lot of .your content is great and effective.

    well done bro

  4. Akinduyo Eniola

    Hi Mudassir,
    I see choosing a niche as the most overwhelming stage for newbies.

    The battle of writing about everything they are passionate about against settling for a niche is fierce.

    And I love how you fully explained the nitty gritty of choosing a niche.
    The part of choosing a niche based on affiliate products is a premium advice.

    Thanks for sharing man.

    1. Much appreciated stopping here, Akinduyo and yes, choosing a niche that have various affiliate products is a solid advantage for new bloggers. Have a great Sunday there ๐Ÿ™‚

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