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Pro Blogging Tip: Hug Change Because It Awaits

My wife and I are sitting in an extended stay with one of our cats. We already placed two in a loving home. One remains. But only for a few days, as we place her in a loving home soon, too. After that, we plan to travel parts of the USA before circling the globe again. We embrace change. We became full time digital nomads a few days ago. But we hugged change long ago. How can you not hug change if you circled the globe for 9 years?

Being a pro blogger demands you grow with change because change is the only constant. In 2014, Google levied the guest posting penalty. No more getting paid by guest posting for links. Every cheap link farm blog died overnight. Pros flowed with the change. Pros found new ways to help folks and prosper.

Amateurs complained, moaned and gave up. Pros know; change is the only normal occurrence in the blogging world because life is continually in flux. Either grow through change to prosper or resist change to struggle. Most bloggers never go pro because most fight change. No one fights change and succeeds because being rigid ensures you remain perfectly equipped to handle a blogging world long gone.

For example, imagine trying to run a multi-category, link farm style blog, per popular blogs, pre-2014. Link farm blogs became 100% worthless the moment Matt Cutts outlawed paid guest posting for links. I know; I actually freelanced for a few link farm blogs in the past. I admit it. I paid for placement and wrote and published articles for clients. I made some sweet coin. But the jig was up the moment Google made those blogs worthless. Every sane person embraced the change and moved on.

Imagine being insane enough to try to make a link farm blog work now? Forget about it. No way in a million years do you succeed because pretty much everyone specializes these days. Multi-category blogs spanning 10 to 15 – or more – topics went the way of the dinosaur in 2014.

I grow through change because pros have no other choice. I suggest you do the same to become a professional blogger. Hug change. Embrace flux. Even if it feels uncomfortable to flow with change, there is no other way to succeed online. Evolving demands you embrace change freely because you need to be a new blogger to profit through change. Versus devoting a hefty chunk of my time writing for link farm clients I hugged change and wrote 100 plus eBooks to self-publish on Amazon. The grass did not grow green under my feet. Flow through change. Grow through change.

Never fall into a change-less, rigid rut by retreating to your comfort zone. This is a huge mistake. Be open to change. Even if changing scares you, there is no other way to succeed. Everything you want as far as traffic, profits and living your dreams sits well outside of your comfort zone. Be prepared to reach in order to get what you want. Sometimes, extending feels unpleasant.

Welcome to the journey of becoming a successful blogger. Everything gets easier only after you make freeing, uncomfortable decisions on the regular. No worries. Making these decisions feels fun, too. Pro blogging is no torture session. Nor is pro blogging a veritable house of horrors, scaring you at every turn.

Hug change. Embrace flux. Position yourself to be a professional blogger by being flexible.


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2 thoughts on “Pro Blogging Tip: Hug Change Because It Awaits”

  1. Hey Ryan,

    A much needed, motivational and very useful post.

    I really loved and enjoyed reading your post as personally, it inspires me a lot. Many thanks for sharing this with us.

    Yes Ryan, I too agree and really appreciate your words “Hug change-Embrace flux. Be open to change even if changing scares you.” as change is the rule of the nature so it’s just better to hug as well as welcome it. I too believe and agree that to become a professional blogger you have to be flexible.

    You have to accept the changes as well as challenges even if these changing scares you as there are not any other option to get succeed.

    Thanks & Regards,

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