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Pro Blogging Insight: Work on Your Energy

Everything is energy.

Why at 9 PM on a gorgeous Friday evening do I write this guest post? I could be doing all types of other stuff. Why blog?

I emit an abundant, trusting, generous vibe. Working on my energy helped me blog how I blog and live how I live. Everything is energy.

I feel that vibe because I work on my energy daily through exercise, deep yin yoga and I have taken an interest in Kriya yoga too.

Pro bloggers either have the proper energy naturally or need work on their energy to vibe abundance and generosity.

Most pros need to work at it because we have been programmed by people used to working jobs, getting paychecks and living life just like most people.

Often, said folks vibe from fear versus abundance because they never genuinely work on their energy.

Top bloggers vibe abundance, trusting in themselves and in the blogging process, so they blog generously, develop skills, increase their exposure and experience stunning success over the long haul.

I write this guest post with no fixed outcomes agenda. I see it as planting a seed that helps readers and grows into something special, like all the content I create.

Why do I vibe abundance and generously help people?

I spend time daily doing deep yin yoga, doing Kriya yoga, exercising and also devote most work-blog time to simply helping people without looking for anything in return.

But my full-on, full time, daily commitment to working on my energy over years of my life preceded this generous spirit.

Practical Blogging Tips in the Wrong Hands Do Not Work

Why do many bloggers fail despite having access to all the successful, proven, practical tips in the world?

Why do some bloggers genuinely follow sound, practical blogging tips but fail for years?

Energy, folks. Most bloggers – and humans – vibe poverty, scarcity, and fear. Bloggers wish to do just enough to scrape by, barely making a buck, because they blog stingy.

Others work their tail off but all they see is loss, lack, and poverty, so they keep getting loss, lack, and poverty.


How can you see abundance and be generous if you vibe predominantly from fear, loss, poverty, and limits?

Working on your energy is the direct way to unearth, feel and release your heavy fear energy.

Spending time daily meditating, doing deep yin yoga, exercising or following whatever routine works for you is the simplest way to work on your energy.

If you fear blogging twice daily for wasting your time and energy, the easiest way to unearth, own, feel and release this fear is to work on your energy aka work on your mindset.

After diligent energy work you feel the unpleasant fear of loss, clear the fear and then you become generous.

I love publishing 4-5 posts daily to my blog because I released a large portion of my fear of loss, wasting time or other poverty conscious frames of mind related to my blog.

Most bloggers feel crippled by anxiety – I wrote an eBook for conquering anxiety – and refuse to act on sound blogging advice, holding back, being stingy and failing terribly.

But meditating daily expands your awareness so you feel and release this deep anxiety. Let it go. Be abundant. Be generous.

Take your blog to the next level.

Work on your mindset. Face, feel and purge deep fears to be abundant, generous and prospering.

Blogging genuinely gets easier when you manage your energy and strengthen your mental muscle because you purge fears and fear is the only thing holding you back.

Blogging is between the ears. I stress this point routinely. Manage your energy. Manage the world between your ears. As within, so without. Freedom, happiness and worldly success follows in proportion to mastering your inner world.

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2 thoughts on “Pro Blogging Insight: Work on Your Energy”

  1. Hello Ryan,

    Loved this post! Thanks Ryan for sharing this with us. Completely awesome.

    Yeah truly agree with you everything is energy. I too believe spending time in daily meditation, doing yoga and exercise regularly and following and keeping focus on your goal is the best and simplest way to work on energy.

    Thanks Ryan for sharing such an inspirational post. After going through this valuable post I must say this is going to be very helpful for almost all of us.

    Thanks and do keep sharing more similar and informative post.


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