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7 Most Common Blogging Fears And How To Crush Them

I’m sure you have some big blogging goals, don’t you? But thinking about them knocks you out, is it so?

That being said, fear is your open enemy, be it in blogging or any other field. In another way, blogging fears are good –  they are actually wisdom. It means you are worrying about what possibly could go wrong. I’m not telling you shouldn’t fear. But you should certainly turn up over your blogging fears. 

When I was in college..

I was good at my studies and used to get good grades all the time. But when it comes to seminars or talking in front of a bunch of people or having English group discussions, I step back. My mind would then fill with fears like what others think of my English, would they laugh at me? tease me? etc. The fear of facing people: I struggled it for so long, I guess still I am, a little.

I knew that I would speak better English than most of the others there. Still, that fear was holding me back.

Fear is fear, anywhere, anytime. It holds you back and doesn’t offer you the room to grow, Blogging is no different. Since I started blogging, I have had so many fears which stopped me doing things that I always wanted to. But over time, I’ve learned to overcome those. 

7 usual blogging fears and how to get over them

1. Fear of not seeing numbers

In my early days of blogging, I used to spend a lot of time checking my blog stats and worrying: Like traffic, alexa rank, domain authority, and so on.

That’s a good thing to track your performance on the Internet, even I still do that, but not like earlier where I would check in the stats for every 1 hour or less. That practice killed my productivity, made me worse and took me nowhere.

Eventually, I conquered it. I learned that, the fear that no one reads my blog or like, share it even after publishing quality content would stop me from writing at all.

Take away: If you’re not able to improve your stats, worry is not going to fix things. Instead, get a site audit and find if there are any technical mistakes you’re doing or connect with fellow bloggers on Twitter or Facebook and get a help.

2. Fear of not being “Mr.Perfect”

You know one of the biggest disease that most people have – “Wishing to be called a perfectionist by everyone”.

If you are one, please stop thinking like the way. It’s a damn childish thought and drain away your happiness from life. You would never find a person who is “Mr. Perfect 101”.

You don’t have to be perfect in English language to start a blog, write a blog post or create a YouTube video or come live on Facebook. Because these are not super hard things to do but your fear is.

Everyone is busy in their lives – running for money, relationships, happiness, power, travel, and passions. So no one is going to waste their time on criticize you. It is impossible to reach a stage where you master everything in the subject and stand crowned for a long time.

Take away: Most non-native English bloggers these days have mastered the language with consistent reading and writing skills. You can too! Additionally, there are tons of videos and free courses on YouTube that you can access and learn whatever you want – ‘will power’is much brighter than your delusional fears.

3. Fear of underestimating yourself

Why is it that we know what we should do but just don’t do it?

Can I do this? Can my boss rise my salary if I ask? Can I travel alone? Would I be able to start from the scratch after the big loss? Do I overcome it?

You could argue for the reasons behind these: Laziness, procrastination, etc. But the fact is that you doubt and don’t believe in yourself. We often underestimate our powers to take up new challenges or pursuing better opportunities to grow in life.

Even after learning that the new thing could make our life better, we fear to do it. We fear to risk and discomforts that could happen while the process.

This fear haunted me for so long time. For example, I had a no developer or a friend to help me get started with blogging. All I had to do by myself and before the every task, I would freak out about the outcomes and never start.

Takeaway: If you’re also in similar situations in blogging that’s the time to build self motivation and not to judge the results instead think of giving your best shot. The truth is that you never know what you are made of unless you start doing things seriously. You have to take the chance and make it happen.

In the worst case, what could happen when you accept a new challenge? Either a win or loss! If it is a loss, it means you have lost null, but you have gained experience which could help you much better than the first time.

4. Fear of reaching out to new bloggers

I remember fearing when I had to reach to bloggers for asking a favor. Like a guest posting opportunity or perhaps a tweet. It was the fear of getting rejected that hold me for a long time. I used to think I might have know that guy through Twitter or via comments, but what if that guy say “No?”

However, I started talking to people around me, developed relationships, and overcame the fear eventually. Social media has made it so easy to network with people and become a valuable member of the community you want to join.

Well I see many new bloggers would still live in the blogging fears of networking and they play alone wolf game and never succeed over the time.

Take away: Life is too short to worry about outcome of the things that we didn’t do yet. You just have to be generous and helpful to the people around before you ask anything. What worse could happen? Either they would reject the request or accept it. Whatever, your life is not going to stop after that, is it?

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If that outreach turns to negative and harsh, then it was not worth at all in the first place.

5. Fear of self shoutout

Add the value to the people around you with your content, tips and offerings.

You have to promote yourself fearlessly whenever and wherever you can. If you don’t care and fear to promote yourself why do you expect people to promote you?

There’s nothing wrong in sharing your articles on Twitter, Facebook or somewhere unless you don’t spam. You just need to be careful in following the opposite party’s guidelines while promoting your content.

Pro tip: Don’t keep promoting yourself on social media platforms. Instead, stand out by tweeting various form of content, engaging with your followers and help others by taking their word out. Building a great brand is not only about promoting today, it is how well you can add value to the people around you.

6. Fear of Imagining things before you even get started (Fear of starting a blog)

” I am a 9 hours job professional and I don’t get time.”

” I have kids to manage how could I give time to blogging?”

” I don’t know English, how do I write and survive the competition?”

People say this when they think of blogging. It is just so hard to blog, isn’t it?

It is not a good idea to think about everything at once. Take it one step at a time – Find what you are good at and think if that niche could be profitable or not, and start a blog.

Take away: If we sit thinking, we will be overwhelmed and stressed with the probabilities for each thought. So go step by step. Make a checklist and allot time for each of your concern and record the data. It simply means cutting down your concerns to sub parts and making the job a lot easier.

7. Fearing the competition

People often ask me for niche ideas that are less crowded and profitable.

Damn! that’s so innocence to ask… How come people don’t get that competition is good to grow?

If your niche has no or less demand, who would you write the content for, promote and importantly, how do you monetize your blog?

Takeaway: Even the competition is growing fierce-fully everyday, you have your room to grow and set yourself apart from others. Create authentic and top-notch content, match the user intent, optimize your blog appearance, do the SEO right way, make friends and promote.

With a little creativity, you can do wonders even in the crowded niches.

Conclusion – How to overcome blogging fears

You will never grow if you turn back to the problems you face. Blogging fears are usual and you’re not the one who is facing it for the first time. Most successful bloggers have already faced and conquered these blogging fears, so is their success today. It is in your hands how you deal with the fears!

Talk to me in the comments sections if you need help in getting started with anything.

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Blogging fears

2 thoughts on “7 Most Common Blogging Fears And How To Crush Them”

  1. Ryan K Biddulph

    Mudassir I know what you mean about that language fear. Been there many times as I circle the globe. Your English is great, but fear plays demonic little games in our mind LOL. Excellent advice here.

    1. True, Ryan. Hard to overcome the fear state of mind, but once done, it will set us free. I am learning a lot from you. Thanks.

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