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New or Old the Blogging Basics Remain the Same

I love peeping questions on Quora. New bloggers regularly ask how a new blogger can promote a new blog. But a new blogger promoting a new blog is the same exact strategy for a veteran, seasoned blogger to promote an established, seasoned blog. Same deal! Sweet, eh? I do the same, specific stuff I teach new bloggers to do, to promote their new blogs. Isn’t that freeing? I actually teach you to do the same, basic stuff you will be doing 4 years down the road to expand your blogging success. Works, right?

New or old, the blogging basics remain the same. All traffic and money flows to you IF you generously create helpful content and if you generously connect with top bloggers by helping them out and if you trust deeply in self, and, in the blogging process. New or old, you need to follow the same, basic fundamentals I followed for the past 10 years to become an established, pro blogger. Never believe a new blogger promotes their blog differently than someone who blogged for 10 years, as a seasoned pro. No difference exists; honor the blogging basic of promoting OTHER bloggers to promote yourself freely, indirectly. Maybe the concept of promoting other people seems odd to you as a newbie blogger. Perhaps the idea sounds scary to you; how in the heck can you promote other bloggers freely if you need traffic and profits, eh? Fear taught you to think solely about yourself and your needs, before thinking about others. Well, my Young Blogging Padawans, I assure you that facing, feeling and releasing this deep fear helps you purge the energy so you return to following the blogging basics we all need follow to succeed.

Create content. Generously build connections. Sounds simple enough, eh? Whether you blogged for 4 minutes or 4 years, all the traffic and money you desire eventually flows to you based on you creating helpful content and building genuine friendships with top bloggers in your niche. Right now, any new blogger can write and publish a blog post. Aha! A basic of basics, a pillar, preceding blogging success. Right now, any new blogger can comment genuinely on a blog, and can promote a fellow blogger on their blog and through social media. Aha! Another sweet, basic, simple fundamental of blogging success. Promote other bloggers. Build your friend network. Observe how your blogging buddies accelerate your blogging success. Simple, basic and works like a charm if you blogged for 4 minutes or 14 years.

The only difference between new and seasoned pro bloggers? Emotions. Feelings. I love helping fellow bloggers by promoting these folks. Been doing this for a decade. But new bloggers usually fear to promote other bloggers because newbies tend to cling to poverty conscious, self-centered, fear-driven mindsets that need to go before you position yourself to succeed. Newbies seem largely filled with fear, deluding them, and veterans seem largely filled with love, helping them see the truth and aiding in accelerating their blogging success.

New or old, guys; the blogging basics stay the same. Doesn’t that sound awesome?


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