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New Blogger Tip: Crawl Before You Walk

10 years ago I was a new blogger. I had no idea what I was doing. Blogging seemed like speaking Greek to me. Totally out of my skill set. I had been a security guard and office worker prior. I had zero skills applicable to blogging, save people skills I developed on the job.

Everything changed the moment I began blogging. Learning how to crawl before I could walk – let alone jog, run and sprint – was the first step to building a foundation for a successful blogging business.

For example, I had to learn how to write and publish a blog post the right way. Blogging the right way meant learning how to write a post to solve reader problems. But I had to listen to reader problems and spot their issues before even bothering to write a post. How in the heck would I do that? How in the heck would I do any of this stuff? Blogging intimidated me.

So much to do, so little time. But I quickly learned how little time would soon become a long time because overnight success never happens for bloggers. No blogger gets rich quickly. No blogger hits the ground sprinting like an Olympic champion. First, bloggers crawl. Then, after mastering crawling, bloggers slowly and steadily walk. Expect some stumbles to occur.

Then bloggers learn how to jog. Expect to trip a few times. Perhaps you fall flat on your face. Then you learn how to run, then sprint toward success. The process of learning how to crawl and becoming a master sprinter requires 5,000 or more hours of your blogging effort. Nothing less. Those 5,000 blogging work hours span years of your life. Nothing less. If you never blogged, how can you become an expert in months? First, you need to:

  • Save
  • Save
  • buy your domain and hosting
  • set up your WordPress.org blog; or have someone set it up for you
  • invest money in blogging courses, eBooks and/or coaching to learn how to blog the right way
  • pick one blogging niche
  • develop the skill of spotting reader pain points to identify their blogging problems
  • learn how to write a blog post solving reader problems
  • learn how to format the blog post

Anybody can follow these steps but note; this is just the crawling face, you blogging baby, you 🙂 I have not even broached topics like:

  • networking
  • monetizing
  • blog design
  • blog branding

These topics are learned during the walking, jogging, running and sprinting phases. Becoming skilled in all of these disciplines requires thousands of blogging work hours. But the payoff is fabulous.

Check out the featured image for this post. My wife snapped this picture in New Zealand. I have circled the globe for 9 years as a pro blogger because I crawled, walked, jogged, ran then sprinted as a blogger. Mastering blogging – sprinting stage – requires working generously, blogging the right way, for thousands of hours over years.

Blogging for a long time requires you to deal with uncomfortable situations. I filmed a video in Thailand a while back sharing tips to master this skill. Watch it here:

5 Tips for Dealing with Uncomfortable Situations

The reason why blogging takes thousands of hours to master is because becoming highly skilled requires thousands of hours of blogging practice. Imagine being a new blogger. I influence you to broadcast live. Observe how quickly sheer terror overcomes your mind; you never practiced live broadcasting. No skills or no experience in that area means you severely lack confidence in that discipline. Practicing doing live broadcasts for hundreds of hours is the ONLY WAY to become:

  • skilled
  • clear
  • confident

with this discipline. Add hundreds of hours for practicing:

  • writing
  • monetizing
  • networking

among other skills and you see why going pro requires thousands of blogging hours. But first, crawl before you walk.


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