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My Story of Blogging Release and Growth

5 years ago I was faced with a pressing, life-changing choice.

Either I delete 1000 posts and keep my old blog. Or I delete my entire blog and move in a new direction.

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Why Deleting 3400 Blog Posts Was My Greatest Blogging Success

My hosting company did not prefer 1000 of my blog posts. I had to delete every single one or my blog would remain offline. I had no choice. I never could get my blog back online if I tried to cling to these posts. Fear invaded my mind. Pain arose in my being. I hurt. 5 years of work, down the cyber toilet. Even if I deleted 1000 posts and let go of these suckers but held on to my old blog, 1000 posts made up a huge chunk of 5 years of blogging work. I feared to waste my time. I feared to embark on a new beginning. But I trusted my gut. Always trust your gut. Your intuition knows the right answer every single time. I emailed my host; I would trash the entire blog and do a simple redirect to a new blog. What blog? I hatched the name Blogging From Paradise. I would teach bloggers how to become full-time travel bloggers as I had. I lived in life. Now, I could share life.

But how did my growth accelerate by making such a scary decision? Why did Blogging From Paradise take off quickly? I put the concept of release, surrender and rapid growth into action. Think of my old blog is like a heavy, leaden, energetic anchor. Imagine my old blog being like a 200-pound weighted vest I wore as I moved around during my day. Trying to even get up from the couch would feel almost impossible if you wore a 200-pound weighted vest. Walking more than an inch or two at a time would be impossible. But the split second I released the old, worn-out blog I had outgrown, I removed the 200-pound weighted vest and could sprint quickly and easily around, because I let go the heavyweight.

Releasing my old blog released a heavy, confining, anchoring, energetic weight. I immediately received a ton of inspirational ideas for a new blog name and niche. Blogging From Paradise came to mind. I bought my domain. An Aussie travel blogger emailed me 12 hours after I purchased the domain to inform me he also wanted to buy the domain but I had gobbled it up a few hours prior. See how that works? See how you need to trust your gut, to accelerate forward? See how blogging growth works if you let go when you fear to let go?

All the blog post ideas and connections I made during my early BFP days accelerated quickly because I let go of the old, worn-out thing – my old blog – I feared to let go. My old blog was boring, full, a chore to work. I had lost passion for the blog months and even, a year, prior. But I held on to the stupid thing and struggled because I was afraid to let go and grow. Lesson learned. The moment I let it go, I could sprint forward because I released boring and heavy and dull to make room for new, refreshing, passionate, fun and exciting.

Let go. Grow.

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9 thoughts on “My Story of Blogging Release and Growth”

  1. Erika Mohssen-Beyk

    And you proved trusting the gut is the right thing to do. Sacrificing the old for the better. Too many people are anxious because they do not trust in the invisible force which guides us.
    May your truthful story help others to trust the intuiton.
    To your further success
    Thank you
    Erika ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Chayan Chakrabarti

    Hey Ryan,
    I am fascinated to know the facts about blogging from paradise. I have a small fraction of posts on my blog, and I feel them. As I worked a day in and out to achieve those posts. One thousand articles are a significant number. I can understand how it feels when you have to delete them. However, after reading this post till the end, I came to know that you did not choose to give up, and you focused more on the things in hand. That makes you a very very special person. Scarce characteristics, I must say. I must say that I am greatful that I have the opportunity to interact with a person like you.

  3. Hi Ryan, This is with out a doubt a thought provoking blog post. It is so true that people fear letting go. It is impossible to grow and move forward in life if you hold on to the past. Your story of how you have build Blogging From Paradise from scratch is true inspiration. Reading this blog is the best thing that happened to me today. Ryan you have made my day. Thanks for sharing your journey. ๐Ÿ™‚

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