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Make More Money Working Together Versus Against

Blogging became easier the moment I worked with and for fellow bloggers. I ceased going against. I stopped believing in competition. We live in abundance. No shortage exists. Competition exists only in the human mind. No real competition exists because in an unlimited universe, nobody goes against you or takes a chunk of your fair share. How can anyone take your chunk of the infinite? Literally, money goes on forever and ever and business goes on forever because you and I live in abundance.

More profits flow from working together because working together promotes love, harmony, abundance, riches and lasting wealth. Fewer profits flow from working against each other because doing so promotes fear, separation, division, scarcity and poverty. Bloggers give a chunk of their attention and energy to beating their competition because fear dominates their mind. Lose the fear of competition. Competition dies. But facing, feeling and releasing this palpable fear and commonly-held idea requires mental gymnastics. Entrepreneurs sometimes teach scarcity-based, fear-driven, cutt-throat tactics to become millionaires or even billionaires. But fear is always fear and millionaires – and billionaires – often reach the top by generously working with people in their business niche.

Imagine spending 4 hours today trying to outfox your competition. Imagine spending 4 hours today collaborating with 15 other entrepreneurs. What approach sounds more intelligent and profitable? Spending most time and energy co-creating with other entrepreneurs seems the best use of your time and energy because leveraging reaches astounding levels by building your friend network. Devoting 4 hours to trying to outsmart your competition wastes your energy because worry is fear, fear is illusion, and trusting in illusion is a lie, a waste of time. Why focus on someone in your niche unless you worry about them?

Work with like-minded entrepreneurs. Leverage your collective presence. Be generous. Co-promote bloggers in your niche. Join blogging tribes.  Be helpful. Promote bloggers on your blog and through social media. Co-create products. Launch courses together. Put in time. Relax. Be patient, persistent and generous to get major league connected in your niche. Guest post on blogs. Open your blog to guest posting. Increasing blogging profits find entrepreneurs who work with versus against due to leveraging potential.


Imagine if I write 3-5 guest posts daily on various blogs. I expose my eBooks, blog and brand to 3-5 audiences other than my readership at Blogging From Paradise. Talk about big time leveraging, right? I landed guest posting gigs by working with bloggers to co-promote our success. I either commented on a blog frequently or retweeted a blogger or Facebook Shared a few posts before bloggers invite me to guest post on their blogs. Would I help bloggers freely if I feared competition? Of course not. Do you see how foolish it is to fear fellow bloggers? Imagine closing yourself off from hundreds of thousands of readers over the years each time you fear helping bloggers to work with these pros. Meanwhile, connected, big time bloggers helped scores of bloggers generously for months before building huge, loyal, profits-expanding friend networks.

The audience size you reach will amaze you if you work with fellow bloggers. Blog on the creative plane. Leave the competitive plane. Earn more coin. Have more fun. Enjoy the ride.

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