How to make money Blogging (Beginners Guide)
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How To Make Money Blogging (The Practical Guide For Beginners)

Can you really make money by blogging in 2020? Even if that’s true, Is blogging profitable in the long run?

So many questions but no honest and clear answer on the Internet.

I’m going to keep this article damn easy and give you practical knowledge all about hustling with blogging.

The answer to your big question is, “yes” but with some terms.

Let’ talk in detail.

Internet has made the word money sounds like so simple. I’m sure most bloggers today who are or aren’t earning have started blogging once by searching those terms like “how to make money by blogging”, “Do I really hustle with blogging”, etc. It is not a crime to earn online, as a matter of fact, people make-a-living with their blogging skills now. And they make their income reports public by which the beginners who have no knowledge about blogging get inspired and decide to blog, ignores the fundamentals of blogging, struggle for sometime and quits.

And that’s how the blogs are increasing drastically, according to statista.

Mindset plays a key role in achieving blogging success. What you feed in the beginning is what you ripe at the end. So building the right intentions about blogging and the related work process is really important before you start a blog.

How To Make Money With A Blog (For Beginners)

3 Skills To Master Before You Monetize Your Blog

#1. Patience is the major skill you need to master in blogging

You may not see the positive results even after putting all your talent on the table. It may happen for a reason like growing competition, etc. You cannot let the frustration take over your so-far efforts. You need to put hundreds or even thousands of hours to build the foundation of your blog with quality content, social connections, and SEO strategies. You need to serve and entertain your audience with your writing talent consistently.

#2. Build a loyal tribe

…by earning their trust. Without their trust, your blog is null. How do you win their trust?

There are a few principles from the day-one to look professional and earn the readers’s trust:

  • Make sure to pull a neat and simple design for your blog
  • Don’t go hard on the font, keep it readable and easy on eyes
  • We no longer live in the era of Internet-on-Computers. Make sure your blog responds well on mobile too
  • Offer easy options for users to navigate through your blog. I’m talking about the elements like menu, header, footer, breadcrumbs, and so on
  • Do not be so excited to place ads, banners on your blog space. Make sure the advertisements you run on your blog do not annoys the reader experience

#3. Win it with content.

Yes, you heard right. If you have flair writing skills and knowledge about your niche, I’m sure you would make a great living with blogging. Below are some tips related to content that I’ve bagged along the time and experience:

–> Make readers feel like you got them. Put yourself in the shoe of readers, understand what they’d like to hear and offer your content accordingly. You gotta understand them and their problems and prepare solutions which make them trust you.

For example, What if I put below content before a struggling blogger?

You feel frustrated.

You’ve started blog inspired by those shiny 6-figure income numbers, thought you could follow their advice and make those figures for yourself too. No? You’ve been publishing great content, spending a lots of time promoting it, building connections and backlinks and waiting for the sweet traffic.

But no good happens.

Now you wonder if blogging works really. You wonder is blogging dead.

Do you feel I could touch the reader’s heart with it?

Your content advice must be the same way. You need to read your audience mind, draft the advice and then no one’s gonna stop you from earning their trust and ranking higher on search engines as well.

–> Match their intent of visiting you (user intent)

Let’s say, you’ve published an article How I generated 1000 visits in a month to my new blog.

But you have talked a lot about how much it cost to start a blog and how to start a blog in the article. Means you’re not focusing on the promise that you’ve promised in the title.

When you make a mind for a title and then to publish content, then it is not a title anymore. It is the promise that you need to fulfill with the compelling content.

You cannot say things to your audience that you’ve not experienced or have no knowledge about. If you want to grow as a credible blogger and writer, then you need to research, analyze and present the information that your readers could trust upon.

–> Be human. If you’re reading this, then I assume you’re human. But that’s not what I want to talk about. When readers get inspiration through words, they don’t just think and appreciate those words but they appreciate the author and create trust. Because humans connect with humans.

  • Write content like you’re referring to your reader
  • Be casual and go easy on words
  • Build the connection with reader by connecting the dots of personal day-to-day life moments with your content

Check this paragraph by Ryan Biddulph from one of his guest post on my blog:

5 minutes ago, I scanned my email.

Turns out, not using Yahoo for 5 years, I still receive emails I subbed for 10 years ago. One such email was a paid survey site. Yep; I did those 10 years ago. I did paid surveys 10 years ago because I clung to a poverty consciousness. Plus, I had little money, too.

Never kid yourself. People with massive worldly wealth still can be stricken by a poverty consciousness, just like you and I. Manifesting money does not necessarily mean you overcame the fear of losing money, and, acting on those fears routinely

See how Ryan has managed to connect with the audience in the first glimpse by sharing his personal life moment. You can create a great impression in the first few moments if you manage to story-tell like that.

That’s all I want to talk about the blogging fundamentals you need to know before you jump into the monetization part.

Anyone can earn money out of blogging, you just have to do it the RIGHT way.

Follow the above fundamentals you just read and you shall be off to a great start.

Now, let’s talk the business.

5 Sure-Shot Ways To Make Money Out Of Blogging

1. Affiliate marketing

In short, refer and earn.

I refer the products to my readers that I’m confident about, using my affiliate links. If they make a purchase, I earn a commission out of it.

80% of the bloggers and their income source is affiliate marketing. Interesting, right?

Yes, it is and easy too. That’s why most bloggers prefer affiliate marketing over other monetization methods.

Sounds convincing but how do you get started?

Search for affiliate programs from your niche and sign up for them. For example, if your niche is “weight loss”, then search for “affiliate programs weight loss” on Google. You have to signup for the programs that best fits your blog content and promote their products.

You will get unique affiliate link and banners to refer their products and earn a commission. Whenever you make a sale you get a commission. Clicks and sales reports can be accessed with your affiliate account dashboard.

This all may sound exciting to get started but believe me, don’t be so hurry and excited. It is not so easy as it sounds.

As a beginner, please analyze your niche, understand which product fits right into your blog space, signup for it and start promoting. Don’t just signup for all the random affiliate programs that you see at once, it is not the right method. Go one by one as it improves your focus and energy to give your best to one program. As the sale increases, you could signup for other relevant products too.

2. Run Ads

For beginners, it would be easier to learn about ad networks like Google Adsense and MediaNet.

Make sure your blog match with their guidelines before you signup. Once you get approval, you need to place their ad code using plugin like Adinjection to show ads on your blog.

If your blog has the content about investing, trading, etc the related ads would appear.

You can also set the ad placement or let the ad network take care of with auto ad placement feature.

How much you can earn out of Adnetworks like Adsense?

Very less compared to affiliate marketing. But yes, you can earn handsome revenue if your niche has high PPC and you manage to generate decent organic traffic to your blog.

There are so many technical aspects like this you need to learn if you want to make a good money out of traditional advertising medium.

3. Write eBooks and sell

If you’re good at your niche, you can craft ebooks on various topics from your niche and sell.

You can sell ’em on your blog, Amazon, Selz, Payhip, Google Play, Gumroad, etc.

Usually, an eBook contains an average of 3,000 to 10,000+ words and ranges from $1 to even $100 in blogging topic. However, quality of your content overplays the word quantity.

How to get started with eBooks?

  • Decide the topic and chapters
  • Craft the content in a Word document
  • Signup for publishing platforms that I mentioned above, upload your document into their publishing and design the cover image and description to make the eBook live for sale

When you sell on platforms like Amazon, a part of your sale revenue will go to Amazon as commission and it should be fine for you.

You can even sell eBooks on your blog using payment gateway platforms like Instamojo.

4. Sell your knowledge

By the time you are driving decent traffic to your blog and building audience base, then you would be developed with some blogging skills and you can sell ’em on your blog.

Skills like content writing, eBook writing, search engine optimization (SEO), designing graphics, blog setup service and so on are in high demand on the Internet. Check out how I am offering my skills as a paid service using a Hire me page.

You could call yourself a freelancer, signup at freelancing sites, get projects, complete them and get paid.

You can also offer consultation services for small businesses and beginners by charging them on hourly basis.

And your blog is the best way to build audience base and sell your talents to them.

5. Sponsored content

A brand pays you for featuring their product or service on your blog.

It could be in the form of a product review, Interview or an article.

How much do they pay you for one article?

It depends on so many metrics such as:

Domain Authority (D.A) – The higher it is, the more money you can demand the client. D.A ranges on a scale of 0 to 100.

Traffic – The no. of visitors your blog drives in a month. The higher, the more pay.

Reputation – If you and your blog are well-known in the market for the quality content and engagement, then you could charge high.

There’s no limit with the earnings out of sponsored content, you can touch sky high. All you have to build is better authority and audience base in the long run. You know some top bloggers even charge $1000 to $5000 per sponsored article.


Did you like what I talked above?

Are you ready to start your blog and monetize it?

Check out my step-by-step tutorial to starting a blog.

On the ending note, I wanna say that it will take months or even years to see some income out of blogging, but the efforts don’t go in vain. Just don’t make the same mistake of monetizing your blog early without building connections with readers.

Affiliate Disclosure: This blog page contains affiliate links. Means, we will earn a little commission if you click and make the purchase through them. And it doesn’t impact your purchase in anyway. Read full disclosure.

28 thoughts on “How To Make Money Blogging (The Practical Guide For Beginners)”

  1. Hello Mudassir,

    Fantastic post and you have revealed only truth.

    Completely agree with you points now-a-days, bloggers are running behind money and this chase with money make them frustrated after few month or a year and as a result they quit blogging.

    Earning through blogging is only possible when you daily going to learn something creative and innovative things and hence you explore those information with masses in very simple manner.
    People should really careful about writing skills, what I have learned till now skills always need add ons on daily basis with consistency but it required long hour to work on it.

    Affiliate marketing is always on boom when it comes to generate revenue but it also required healthy relationship to make it possible.

    Eventually, thanks for revealing a light on this topic and you’ve explored nice points with the help of much informative post.

    With bet wishes,

    Amar Kumar

    1. Sure, you’ve made the points nicely, Amar. I had been through the desperation in the early days and it didn’t work. I had to understand that building trust through honest content is the right way to make affiliate sales. Thank you for adding up.

  2. Hi Mudassir,
    Wow, that’s quite a list you have here to make money online. It took me years to figure it out myself. Longer than 3! This year I’m focusing more on generating income from training, consulting and affiliate marketing vs. managing social media. I’m working on launching an online course on Twitter and a new eBook on the subject.
    I’m also going to be learning more about Facebook ads, going deeper into them.
    That’s the think about working online, we are always learning! I met with a client yesterday and through teaching learned something new. It happens all the time.
    You’ve really upped your blogging this year Mudassir, here is to a profitable and happy 2020!
    (Thanks for the mention!)

    1. Sure. It’s always feel good to hear from you. I wish you well for the stuff that you’re going to try this year. Keep thriving and thanks for the appreciation, Lisa.

  3. Hi Mudassir,
    thanks a lot for the mention bro. I think the two easiest ways to start earning from your blog are freelance writing and affiliate marketing.
    Freelance writing because it’s fast and easy; affiliate marketing because it is highly sustainable and scalable

  4. There are some great ideas here Mudassir.

    I started my blog last year and am not yet at the stage of thinking about monetization. I have a few links to affiliate products but I’m basically just trying to build traffic right now… which takes time!

    Can I ask what works best for you in terms of making money through your site? I know you’ll be doing a mixture of things, but I’m interested is what you’ve found to be the best income stream.

    1. Thanks, Paul. Yes, I’ve started making money through multiple streams; affiliates, freelance writing, and publishing sponsored content. Out of these, the affiliate marketing stream has been working great for me. Writing helpful content for the top rich keywords and trying to rank them on Google makes my job easier to make decent profits through it.

      I wish you a big success. Happy blogging!

  5. Your blog is full of valuable content. I agree with your statement we should not chase the money to make money, instead, we must concentrate on providing values.

  6. Hi Mudassir,

    Nice writing about the ways to monetize a blog.

    You are right, it is not easy to make income from blogging unless the blogger treats his blog seriously.

    We need to create unique valuable content to attract visitors to a blog. It is not an easy job unless you like the topic you are covering on the blog. Once we have enough content, we need to promote the blog and get attention from fellow bloggers and earn links to get a decent rank in Search Engine results.

    Once we have enough traffic, we can use Ads and affiliate marketing to earn revenue.

    1. Hello Siju,

      Welcome! I stand with you on the point you made about doing everything with patience until the money flows. Thanks for coming by and keep visiting.

  7. Hello Mudassir,
    The beauty of this article lies in revealing the truth. Most of the articles belonging to the same always mention only the sweetest part of earning money. As most of the newbies are gullible. They start their blog and expecting the high sum to be reflected. But this will never happen. They will stick like a deer in the headlight and leave blogging and start advising people not to go for blogging. Heartiest thanks for mentioning the practicality in earning money through blogging.

    1. Exactly, Aria. Making money through blogging is not so easy…nothing ever really is! Well, not in the early days at least. Thanks for the appreciation ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Folajomi ballo

    Hi mudasir,
    You seriously left no stone unturned.
    I love it how you clarify it “if you treat your blog as a side hustle, you will only earn side income’

    You have the wheel rolling for newbies trying to see how they can make money blogging.

    Blogging is a long term success, search engines rewards longevity. Nice one mudasir.


    1. Hi Folajomi,

      Thanks for the kind words, buddy ๐Ÿ™‚ We both have a long blogging journey ahead together.

  9. Hi Mudassir,
    Thanks for pointing all the ways of making money. I didn’t know that we can make money too by podcasting. So thanks for sharing.

  10. Hi Mudassir,
    Rightly said, fixing earning as the primary goal might lead to distraction in the work and that results in losing the focus on effective factors. Being consistent and smart work is very much crucial to attain better results in blogging because easy-going won’t work out on this.
    This post covers the topic from all angles. Loved to read this post!!
    Thanks…Keep inspiring:-)

    1. Hey Sai Mithun,

      Welcome to Nettyfeed. I appreciate taking the time to read and dropping this beautiful comment ๐Ÿ™‚

      Please do visit again.

  11. Makati Shankar

    Super post. The language is so easy and simple to understand. I am a new blogger and because of money constraints I have started my blog on blogspot.
    Very soon I am planning to start ny own blog by buying domain and hosting.
    Your post is going to be a great help. Thanks and regards.

  12. Hi Mudassir

    It feels good whenever I come to know that my fellow blogger is earning good amount of money from blogging.

    Being a blogger, I know how much effort we put in write a single post even.

    And writing and sharing content that adds some value to your target audience consistently is really commendable.

    As you said, affiliate marketing and freelancing are working like a charm for me also.

    At the beginning of my blogging journey, I never thought I would be able to earn that much money, even at that time I was not even bothered about the money and all. All I wanted to utilize my time properly.

    Thanks for sharing your journey.
    Amit Garg

    1. Blogging is rewarding, for sure. However, it is going to take some time to reap better results. I’m sure you are going to rock, keep up the great work, Amit. I appreciate your continuous support and love ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Hey Mudassir Awesome article buddy ๐Ÿ˜Š learned some new ways to make money through blogging.

    And affiliate marketing is really the best way to make money from blogging.

  14. Mudassir,

    This is an awesome compilation of the best ways to earn money online!

    There is a wealth of information out there for any beginner.

    And the cherry on top of the cake is the ‘FAQ section’! Great job!

    All the best!

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