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It IS Your Blog After All

Bloggers who accept guest posts; always remember who owns the blog. You.

Mudassir generously invited me to guest post daily on *his* blog. I always remember that. He owns this real estate. He pays the domain and hosting bills. He lays out flexible guest posting rules and I do my best to stay within the rules. I also enjoy offering free, passive traffic to Mudassir because my guest posts drive free, passive traffic to his blog. I benefit too, boosting my traffic. Win-win scenario.

I share this blogging message because some bloggers forget how the host blogger who owns the blog sets the blogging rules. Bloggers tend to lack posture. Be flexible. Be open to guest post ideas. Open your blog to guest posting if the idea vibes with you. But never accept guest posts not aligned with your quality standards. Nor should you accept guest posts outside of your blogging niche. Bloggers feel bad turning down guest posts. Some feel terrible telling guest bloggers how their submissions lack quality. But how does your blog – and reputation – look if you publish a low quality guest post? Does publishing low quality guest posts help your readers? Does publishing low quality guest post help you, your blog and your brand, along with your online business?

Remember that you own your blog. Set the rules. I am polite, cordial and flexible with guest posters on Blogging From Paradise but simply reject any low quality or non-aligned offering sans guilt. I own the blog. After building Blogging From Paradise – from scratch – I’ve no issues telling bloggers to re-submit or to not submit specific posts to my blog. Stop feeling guilty for rejecting guest posts. Avoid publishing low quality guest posts out of fear of criticism. Do you fear not publishing a guest post because you fear being criticized by guest bloggers? Why? Who owns the blog? You own the blog. Set the rules. Be in charge. Observe your generosity in opening your blog to guest posting. Never feel bad about being generous but be clear on specific guest posting guidelines.

Guest bloggers lacking tact, focus or direction may try to pressure, convince or manipulate you into placing low quality or non-aligned guest posts. Ignore their pitches. Be firm. Maintain posture. Appreciative guest bloggers spot your generosity. Grateful guest bloggers kindly offer their best work. If the work comes up short, this high vibing crowd never takes rejection personally. I align with these sweet souls mostly. But after learning one or two hard lessons in placing guest posts from bloggers who seemed to be poor matches, I got clear, established posture and only accept guest posts from aligned bloggers. Someone never responded to a single comment or social media tag after I published his guest post. I stripped his link. He emailed me, complaining about being on vacation, not being able to respond. I owed him no response – it being his responsibility to know the rules on my blog, being the invited guest – but told him he needs to know my rules by observing how I and all guest bloggers engage readers. I established posture that day. Of course, I quickly realized the fact that I owned my blog and all future guest bloggers needed to respect my rules.

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1 thought on “It IS Your Blog After All”

  1. Hey Ryan & Mudassir,

    Completely agree with your points, Great blog posts don’t just happen. A guest post can give your business exposure to a wider audience.

    But it can only do that if you approach the right websites. In my opinion – need to approach your article with the goal of building trust with readers and pointing them toward your business.

    Thanks for sharing.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

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