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Is There Good Money in Blogging?

Oh heck yeah. Especially if you:

  • learn how to blog from pros
  • generously help people
  • practice writing
  • trust in yourself
  • trust in the process

I struck up a conversation 10 minutes ago while buying coffee – cawfee, here in Northern New Jersey – at the store. I overhead my cashier noting he would be a security guard during summer months. I told him I was a security guard over a decade ago but now I blog professionally. His eyes lit up. I told him me and my wife circle the globe through our blogs. Noting Fiji, Bali, Costa Rica, and New Zealand as places we visited, he and his fellow cashier neighbor became intrigued. He said he’d learn more and his neighbor seemed ready to quit on the spot, to begin blogging.

He asked me how the money was in blogging. Good money? I gave him the thumbs up because he was a busy bee working. But if we had a few moments to chat, I would tell him exactly what I am telling you. Blogging rocks. Blogging also gives you what you give blogging. Few bloggers make good money through blogging because few bloggers put in a generous, trusting, detached effort; aka….few bloggers follow those 5 bullet point tips above. Begin with point 1. How many new or struggling bloggers buy a blogging course or eBook before buying their domain and hosting? Few. Fewer actually take-read the content, take notes, study and put notes into action with consistent practice, disqualifying all these folks from making good money.

Fewer bloggers generously help folks, fewer practice writing, fewer trust in self and fewer trust the blogging process. This leaves a small percentage of bloggers who make a full time blogging income. Most bloggers skip all the steps! LOL! BUT you can do it. Anybody can make good money blogging. The scariest part is following each step persistently and patiently for thousands of hours and NOT panicking if money does not arrive. Trust me; it won’t. No blogger has the skills and exposure as a newbie to bank coin. Be patient, persistent, calm and relaxed, and you will see the journey through, not panicking, feeling abundant and following all steps to land sweet blogging profits, down the road. Well down the road of course, but the profits will come.

Develop your emotional intelligence to overcome testing moments of impending panic and doom. I get it. You and I learn to get paid money quickly for work we put in via jobs. We cling to an employee mindset. Blogging is a different animal. Work, relax, trust, and the skills and exposure increase your experience after thousands of hours blogging – along with opening multiple income streams – leads to increased blogging profits. See this journey through for tens of thousands of hours from a generous, trusting energy, and the really awesome, sweet blogging profits, flow to you. It all depends on you. Everything blogging profits-wise, good or bad, depends on the attention, energy, effort, and commitment you put into blogging. Put in a generous effort and you will experience generous rewards.


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