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How To Increase Domain Authority (Step-by-Step Guide)

Domain Authority is the metrix developed by Moz that denotes the authority of a website or a blog on a scale of 0 to 100. The higher it is, the better opportunities for you to rank well on search results.

In this article, you are going to learn how to improve Domain Authority of your blog or website.

How To Increase Domain Authority (Step-by-Step)

Moz is nowhere related to Google. However, the D.A system develop by the Moz is greatly helpful to improve your website health and perform online well. Moz team has been trying to analyze and understand the Google ranking factors that can possibly impact SEO rankings, and give a score to each domain.

That means Google never consider your website’s D.A to rank you high. However, your website rankings depend on the authority of your website (not Moz’s one though).

How D.A is calculated?

You can check D.A of your website here –

Moz consider dozens of factors while calculating D.A for a website. It is all automated through a machine learning system, there is no manual calculation done by a human to evaluate a site’s domain authority.

Here are some factors that Moz consider to calculate a site’s D.A:

  • Volume and relevancy of incoming backlinks
  • Social media mentions
  • Optimized structure and SEO performance
  • Content quality of your website

Often people get confused between Page Authority (P.A) and Domain Authority (D.A). Here is the difference:

Overall ranking strength of a domain (including sub domains) is known as Domain Authority and whereas Page Authority refers to the strength of a particular website’s page.

How To Increase Domain Authority in 4 Easy Steps (Step-by Step Practices for Beginners)

Even though experts tell you some particular factors like the ones I mentioned above. But I strongly believe that improving D.A of any website is nothing but the overall ‘game of SEO.’ It means you need to start from the scratch, understand the fundamentals of SEO and implement the right way.

There’s no special secret. However, here is what you can do to up your D.A:

Step 1: Optimize Technical SEO of your website

This is the first and basic thing you must cover up before you think of optimizing any other.

I do not want to go too deep about on-page SEO as it could take long time to read and understand. If you have no idea what it is or never bothered about it, don’t worry I will guide you with below easy practices.

  • Make your website mobile-friendly with a great themes like Astra.
  • Write effective and SEO optimized title, meta descriptions and slugs for each of your pages/posts.
  • Make a good use of H1, H2 and H3 tags to your headings in the content.
  • Optimize your images properly. You can learn more about it from Ahrefs.
  • Match the user intent with a good mix of long tail and short tail keywords in the content.
  • Do not make the users wait long time with a slow loading and poor UX website. Opt for a better hosting service like HostPapa and let it take care of the speed optimization.
  • Add Internal links carefully into your content.
  • Optimize the robots.txt settings of your website to help Google understand the site structure and content better.
  • Make sure to add breadcrumbs, menu and categories to help your readers and crawlers navigate easily.
  • Get rid of thin content on your website without wasting a minute. I wrote a detailed guide on, take time to read and implement.
  • Submit a sitemap to Google search console.
  • Use a SEO plugin like RankMath to optimize a page/post. Learn all about it to make the most of it.
  • Try to appear with Google rich text results by adding FAQs somewhere in your overall content.
  • Last but not least, listen to what Google says about making a site Google friendly.

2. Optimize off-page SEO

In simple, off-page SEO helps Google understand how popular and authority your website is via signals like brand and social media mentions, and incoming backlinks.

Most importantly, incoming backlinks are way important to grow your website online. You need to constantly keep an eye on improving your link profile. I recommend you use SEMrush tool for that purpose.

How to improve link profile of your website?

  • Build links from authority and relevant sites to your website.
  • Get rid of spammy and low quality links by Google disavowing them.

How to build backlinks to your website?

Well it is a long subject. Soon I will be covering the topic on my blog and mention here. For now, here is what you can do:

  • Guest posting
  • Blogger outreach
  • Write on platforms like Quora, LinkedIn, and Medium with a link to your best and relevant content.
  • Blog commenting

No-follow links via content syndication platforms or comments will carry no link juice to your SEO profile. However, use the strategy to build relationships and knowledge which ultimately help you in building backlinks.

3. Social media signals

You are building links…

But what if you could enhance that with brand mentions strategy?

You may already have social share buttons on your website or blog to offer a way for readers to share your content. If you don’t have the social share tool yet, try social snap. Eventually, this will help you to reach big audience base digitally. And that’s the easiest way to up your domain authority (D.A).

Build friendships on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Help others by distributing their content, engaging and mentioning them in your posts. This way, you could also earn backlinks eventually from the friends you have already made.

Use hashtags and mentions to reach larger audience base. The more it reach, the greater its engagement rate, and the chances to get backlinks and improve your D.A. Social media is a great way to get a lot of SEO benefits, assuming you have created worth sharing content.

Let me tell you some ways to get more social media mentions and backlinks

1. Create Infographics

No big work, no need to beg people for backlinks or mentions…

If you want to get those extra social mentions, create fresh and relevant Infographics with a great design.

Do you know that Christian Carere, the founder of Digital Ducats was able to earn hundreds of backlinks, 63% rise in traffic and more customers with the help of an Infographic that he has created?

Here is the article in which he published the Infographic about Web design trends:

12 Web Design Trends In 2020 By Toronto Experts

Here is the case study about it.

Even the article ranks as snippet for the keyword ‘Infographics backlinks case study.’

This is a piece of example how an Infographic could get you more backlinks, exposure and help you increase your site’s D.A.

2. Influencer marketing

According to reports, Influencer marketing is very profitable to nurture your off-page SEO efforts, with influencers having the possibility to generate 10+ times ROI than the traditional advertising.

The big brands like AirBnb will collaborate with celebrities, provide their services for free and ask them to talk about the brand or mention online. For example, take this:

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If you are a business that develop apps, you can collaborate with Influencers from your niche to get the work done. You give them a free trial or premium tool for a period, and in return they would take the word out to their audience in the form of social media post or a review article. Either the way, it helps.

You can do a paid collaboration with renowned niche influencers based on the budget you have got.

In the least case (free), mention an Influencer in your content. And then email or Tweet to let them know that you’ve featured them. Tag them in your social media post.

Since we love being recognized, you will have the opportunity to get the love in return in the form of a backlink or a social media mention. If you are a blogger, here are 17 blogging influencers to connect and follow on Twitter to start building relationships right the moment.

If you are a beginner and not getting any results, keep doing the hard work by starting mentioning the mid sized Influencers first instead of top influencers. Because top bloggers and experts might take time to recognize you and give you the fruitful results. So start from low level.

If you want to grow in the long run, now is the time to start building relationships with influencers, you will find great results. In this way, both the parties will enter into a mutual beneficial system.

Read this amazing eBook from Ryan Biddulph to get fantastic insights to become a great network marketer – 13 Steps to Become an Unstoppable Networking Machine.

4. High-Quality Content

Nothing works in the first place for your website/blog if you don’t create a top-notch content consistently. This is the fundamental and core strategy to rank online. By writing the great content, you make it easier:

  • To get guest post opportunities
  • For others to share your content on social media and comment on your content
  • For influencers to talk good about you

Now the big question, how to create a great content?

  • Define your audience base.
  • Find out what kind of content they’re looking for: Use forums, Quora, BuzzSumo, SEMrush, Google trends, etc platforms.
  • Create content by structuring it well with attractive headlines, power words, images, bullet points, FAQs, etc.
  • Make the content easy to consume with readable font style and size, and background.

FAQs on How To Increase Domain Authority

#1. Why my website D.A is not changing?

There are many factors that would influence your site D.A. Some reasons could be that you are not getting links from authority sites, getting links from irrelevant niche or spammy sites, etc. So better take a peak into your website and have a professional SEO audit. Keep patience and working hard.

#2. Does Google consider D.A to rank my blog?

No. However, authority is crucial to rank well on search engines. It is essential you create SEO roadmap to see some big numbers.

#3. Is domain authority important?

That’s a big question! No one knows it exactly. Just focus on having error free website, delivering high quality content with the right SEO strategies and offer the best value to your readers. Automatically, D.A falls in place.


Today, I read an article from Paul Franklin, founder of SideGains dot com. In that, Paul has talked about his 30 day blogging challenge to keep himself positive and motivated. I really enjoyed reading it and got some internal boost to do something like that for myself. Self challenges are excited to do and improves our productivity to do well with our jobs.

Alright, that was for some quick inspiration before you go. Let’s conclude the D.A topic now.

Having an authority website is great! In fact, that is all we want. But there is no special secret to increase D.A overnight.

Do your job more than you’ve planned. Build the authority with your maturity in writing, building relationships and working with the proven SEO strategies. Keep thriving for the betterment in offering the value to your readers. D.A follows you.

Still, if you think you want an expert to take a look at your blog, analyze what better could be done to rank online, your best shot could be Nikola Roza. As he says, his middle name is reliability ๐Ÿ˜‰, indeed it is.

I appreciate reading till here. If you have any thoughts, please share to me in the comments.

Affiliate Disclosure: This blog page contains affiliate links. Means, we will earn a little commission if you click and make the purchase through them. And it doesn’t impact your purchase in anyway. Read full disclosure.

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17 thoughts on “How To Increase Domain Authority (Step-by-Step Guide)”

  1. Hi Mudassir,

    Yeah thats right, blog authority does not have any direct connection with rankings at all. Moz has their own algorithm measuring a blog authority, which are never been disclosed at all. Earlier they use to update a blog authority on a monthly basis. but, now its being updated quite regularly.

    Certainly companies looks for a high DA sites to publish their sponsored content as they measure how good a blog is. Better DA, better blog. But, that’s not always the case.

    i believe a blog back link profile has to do a lot with the Domain Authority. There should be more activity in that department. Referring domains helps increasing the authority of the website. Though, a blogger shouldn’t focus only on increasing it. Instead spend more time and money on its branding. Things are changing.

    and thanks for the mention, have a great day!


  2. Thanks so much for the eBook shoutout Mudassir! I learned if you create and connect on blogs from your niche – befriending awesome bloggers like yourself – your DA and metrics take care of themselves. Focus on the process. Be clear. Outcomes aka metrics aka stats grow, over time.

  3. Vishwajeet Kumar

    Hello Mudassir,
    Domain Authority is a third party metrics managed by MOZ. However, You cannot relate these metrics with your actual rankings. Whilst these metrics are helpful to get an idea about a website that how it performs well in search engines. If you have high DA then your site might rank well in search engines. DA solely depends on your link profile and how frequently you update your blog. You have shared some amazing tips here. Thanks for the mention.

    Vishwajeet Kumar

    1. Well said, Vishwajeet! D.A has nothing to do with SEO rankings. However, authority strengthens a website to do better.

  4. Hi Mudassir,
    A great and detailed post. One thing I must tell you regarding this. I’ve seen many Google employees interview. No one said ‘Domain authority’ is one of ranking metrics.
    But,we bloggers know very well, what actually works and what’s not.
    By the way, awesome post buddy.

  5. Chayan Chakrabarti

    Hey Mudassir,
    Thanks for mentioning me with these pro bloggers. I agree with Ryan, just folow the content creation process and the matrics will automatically improved. Atleast the same is working for me. Keep Inspiring

  6. Paul @ SideGains

    Hey Mudassir. It’s very kind of you to mention my 30 day blogging challenge and I’m delighted you find it inspiring. Motivation is key to blogging success I feel… and it’s always great to challenge yourself!

    1. Hey Paul, Yes, such challenges are really exciting for bloggers. I wish you the best and look forward to seeing the end results ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hey Mudassir – thanks for taking the time putting together such a helpful introduction to this topic.

    It’s one that I (and I expect many others) still find a bit cryptic!

    A big part of the difficulty with the topic is how best to approach sorting this out on my website, but you’ve kindly provided an easy to follow (and understand!) guide.

    I’ll work my way through it this week.

    Good work my friend. Thanks!

  8. Hey Mudassar
    Great article buddy, really cool tips for a newbie blogger who wants to increase his domain authority.
    I think DA is entirely dependent of external signals or the number of quality backlinks pointing to a site, it’s a third party metric by Moz, since it’s a third part metric and it’s not officially by Google, I think we shouldn’t give it that much value but it surely shows how much powerful a domain is.
    I have one experimental blog which doesn’t have a single backlink, not even a social profile, we just focus on creating content there and guess what our domain authority is 0, because moz couldn’t fetch any backlink data, but the cool thing is content still ranks without backlinks maybe because completion is less.

    But yes backlinks and DA matter when it comes to ranking content high.

    Thanks for sharing such great article buddy ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Tarun Kashyap

    1. You’re welcom, Tarun.

      I actually have been researching about D.A vs SEO rankings. As you mentioned, I’ve been finding pretty interesting things about these factors combinations. To cut it out, authority backlinks and content are pretty much important to rank a new site for a high competitive keyword. However, the same new site can be ranked well without backlinks for a long tail or low volume keyword. After all, rankings also depend on competition.

      Producing great content on a well structured site and building backlinks is all it – The game of SEO to rule the search engines. Great thoughts, Tarun.

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