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10 Must Have Plugins For New WordPress Bloggers In 2020 (Free & Paid)

You have created a blog and thinking what are the best and important WordPress plugins to install. Am I right?

If yes, you came to the right place!

Do you believe there are 56,000+ plugins at

That’s huge list and you don’t have to install all those or too many on your blog.

Let me help you understand the essential plugins that you need for your new WordPress blog. Before that you might want to know the basics, yes?

Check out “What is a WordPress Plugin and How to Install a Plugin in your blog“.

10 Essential WordPress plugins for new bloggers

1. Yoast SEO

As the name resembles, it is a SEO plugin that could help you rank higher on search engines.

It covers on-site SEO of your overall blog: that includes for each page and blog post.

The plugin has both free and pro version. I need not to say, Pro has more features and benefits than free one.

Optimizing keywords, phrases, titles and meta description, sitemap generation, breadcrumb management, content insights, etc are some of the key features of the plugin.

You can download the free version here or directly search and install it from your WordPress dashboard’s plugin section.

Watch the below video to learn how to install and setup the Yoast SEO:

Yoast is the most easiest SEO plugin for bloggers to get started. However, as you blog further, you can explore Yoast SEO alternative plugins like All-In-SEO, RankMath, etc.

2. Social Snap

Social engagement is important for a blog as Google consider it as a ranking factor.

That means you must enable the option on your blog for readers to share your content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Mix and so on.

It can easily happen with a plugin like Social Snap.

By far, Social Snap is one of the best social sharing plugins for WordPress bloggers. You can add stunning social share buttons on your blog well-optimized for mobile and desktop users both.

It has both free and pro versions. Check out my complete social snap review to understand the benefits of the pro version.

3. WordFence

Online is horrible, sometimes. You can’t sit and keep an eye on your blog’s security 24/7 to lock out the bad guys. In fact, it is impossible.

So WordFence comes into the picture – The plugin that could provide best security, protecting your blog from hackers and malware threats.

I’m sure that even a free version of WordFence plugin would do the decent job in protecting your blog from brute force attacks. If you can’t afford any risk of getting hacked, I would suggest the premium version that starts from $99/year with 1 license.

Download the free WordFence.

4. Monster Insights

Do you not think that measuring your blog performance is important?

It is…

You need to keep an eye on how many visitors you are getting in a day, no. of page views, source of the user traffic, top performing blog posts and non-performing blog posts, what is your user location, and so on.

You need to setup Google Analytics account for your blog. How do you think you do that?

By installing Monster Insights plugin and connecting it with your Google Analytics account. Below is the step-by-step tutorial:

5. Mailer Lite

It would not be easy to grow your blog without building an email list.

I get it, you might be thinking email services are costly. Right?

Guess what! MailerLite is one effective and awesome list building plugin that comes at free of cost.

It has automation feature too that sends an email to your subscriber whenever you publish a new blog post. Mobile friendly newsletters, campaigns, rich text editor, photo editing, landing pages, signup forms, exit pop-ups, etc all fall into a free plan.

You can send 12,000 Emails upto 1,000 subscribers per month at free plan. That’s pretty reasonable plan, as a beginner I’m sure that fits great for you.

Once you reach the limit or increase your email subscribers, you can simply upgrade for low cost plans that start from just $10 a month.

Try MailerLite FREE

6. Velvet Blue Update URLs

Let’s assume you have changed the URL of your existing blog post. Now the new URL would only work but not the old one. Even the links you have built to it, are gone.

It means that old URLs will not show up and you will lose SEO rankings if you don’t fix 404 errors.

The plugin “Velvet Blue Update URLs” fixes that problem. It updates all URLs on your blog to reflect to the new ones automatically.

Download Velvet Blue FREE plugin

7. Easy Table of Contents

If you have written a 3,000 word blog post and if any user don’t want to scroll and read the complete blog post, this plugin comes handy.

Here’s how it looks (as you can see the same at the beginning of this article):

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‘Easy Table of Contents’ plugin make it easy for the readers to jump to a particular section that they wish to read. It has features like to set the table position, colors, and what after heading it should appear in your blog post, etc. It also partly help you in the SEO aspect when you done right. For now, just install it and start exploring!

The best part is that it is totally free to use.

Download Easy Table Of Contents

8. Elementor

According to me, Elementor is the #1. WordPress builder that lets you design great home pages, blog posts and landing pages easily.

Using it’s visual editor, you can drag and drop the features that you want to customize your blog pages beautifully.

Here comes the great part – It is free to get started.

Download Elementor FREE

PRO Tip: Once you installed the above Elementor plugin, you can install Elementor add on’s to enhance the functionality and visuals of your pages or posts. Search “Elementor” in your plugins section and see dozens of addons to give a try!

9. UpdraftPlus

The top undeniable fact in the blogosphere is, none of the bloggers would risk their blog by not having the regular backups of their blogs. Anything could go wrong about your blog: New update, server crash, plugins issue, etc.


UpdraftPlus simply take the backup of your blog to the cloud and restore whenever you want to.

Even with the free version, you can take the frequent backups of all your blog’s plugins, files and databases.

Get UpdraftPlus FREE

Note: If your hosting provider offer backup option, you don’t have to install this plugin.

10. Jetpack

Jetpack is popular multi-featured plugin that was created by and works simply on blogs too.

Here is what you will be able to do with Jetpack plugin:

  • Contact form and email subscription form
  • Automatic monitoring your blog for any downtime
  • Display ‘Related posts’ at the end of the post
  • Sitemap creation (However you can use this option from Yoast to avoid confusion)
  • Auto publish you new blog posts to your social media accounts (Facebook & Twitter)
  • Lazy loading images (to optimize page speed)
  • Infinite scroll
  • Mobile optimized theme and so much more…

Most of all the above, it protects your blog from online vulnerabilities.

Install Jetpack

Conclusion: Most Popular and Important WordPress plugins

And they were not only the best and essential WordPress plugins for new blogs but are also the top recommendations from pro bloggers. Each plugin has its specialty which add extra functionality to your new WordPress blog.

As you keep the blogging pace, more great plugins that come your way to add extra value to your blog.

Here are a few handpicked guides that you might want to read further:

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2 thoughts on “10 Must Have Plugins For New WordPress Bloggers In 2020 (Free & Paid)”

  1. A great list of recommended plugins.
    Social snap is a good content sharing plugin, it never misses count.
    I will start using the elementor plugin now, I never too it serious before.
    Thanks for sharing this with us!

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