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Humble Yourself and Help People Freely to Get Paid

One freeing blogging lesson breaks the chains of struggle.

Humble yourself, help people freely and get paid.

Some bloggers have low self-esteem but many do not blog from humble, generous energy. Bloggers often see certain opportunities being beneath them. Or bloggers believe they are above certain opportunities.

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I had commented on Linda’s blog freely for months. I also promoted Linda freely for months through Twitter.

Is this humbling work? Yes, in some ways. I generously helped her freely for months of my life. Plus, I looked for and expected nothing in return. I am not above promoting any blog, commenting on any blog or guest posting for any blogger. Due to time constraints, I need to set certain limits, but I help a high volume of bloggers freely and generously daily.

Guess what? Linda bought my eBook. I made a sale back in 2015. But I made many similar sales through all income streams over years based on the same humble, generous, persistent service. I helped people for free doing simple, non-sexy, basic things. I made many blogging friends after starting the blog. My blogging friends bought my stuff, hired me and promoted me to their readers, who did the same. I made blogging profits. Simple process, but the process never unfolds for someone who is not humble.

Be Humble and Help People for Free

I guarantee you this; a large collection of struggling bloggers reading this resists following my advice because they believe:

  • blog commenting is beneath you
  • other bloggers should promote you and your valued content before you promote them and their content
  • you should just wait for Forbes, Fox News, and Entrepreneur to pitch you and email you

Blogging does not work for arrogant, prideful bloggers because pride blinds you to opportunities you need to act on to become successful. Pride leads to zero blogging profits. Arrogance leads to 3 daily blog visitors. But being humble increases your skills expands your exposure and leads to massive traffic and profits over the long term.

I humbly helped Linda. She helped me. Simple, right? I helped her and expected nothing. We bonded. She enjoys my writing, bought my eBook and published a glowing, 5-star review, said review boosting my blogging profits through referral marketing.

I have appeared on world-famous sites like Forbes and Entrepreneur. I even created a course for getting featured on famous blogs. Guess what? Forbes asks you if you want to be interviewed by them if you humbly and generously and freely helped thousands of bloggers through blog commenting, by promoting bloggers on your blog and via social media, and by publishing helpful free content on your blog.

Stunning success finds humble, generous people over the long haul.

Get off your blogging high horse. Admit that you made $10 through your blog, not the millions your ego THINKS you should be making. You are not famous. Guess how you become well known and successful? Generously help bloggers and readers for free, for 6 to 14 hours daily. Write guest posts. Publish posts to your blog. Be generous. Be genuine.

Money follows. The key is to be super humble and to NOT turn down opportunities to humbly help people for free unless the blogger or person is 100% out of alignment with your values. You know what I mean; your conscience and intuition guide you.

Be generous, be genuine and get serious about helping people freely.

Profits follow if you put your ego to the side, roll up your sleeves and generously serve people.

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