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How to Make Blogging Time Count

I have about 5 fewer hours to work today.

Make that 7 fewer hours.

Watching some basketball games for a bit with my dad, so I need to make blogging time count even more than usual. Hard work has little to do with making time count. Generous, intelligent actions work best. Make an impact with what you do. Be effective. Be intelligent. Be generous.

I know many of you live busy lives. Whether you work a full-time job and blog part-time or maybe you are a busy stay at home mom, life gets busy. How do you find time to blog? Make time to blog, by making blogging time count. Use your minutes effectively no matter how busy you are, to leverage your presence.

Everybody can make excuses but if you want to succeed, make your blogging time count.

Invest in a Resource

Invest in a resource like my eBook:

How to NOT Waste Time Online

to make the blogging time count. I lay out practical steps for making time count online so you stop wasting this precious commodity, we all love having.  Chapter 1 of my eBook implores you to do personal development because if your mind is right, you use time effectively. I finished yin yoga for a 70-minute session and already did Kriya meditation and Kriya yoga sessions this morning. Thinking clearly helped me use time effectively today, but if you need help to manage your blogging time, buy the eBook and follow the tips.

Stop Making Excuses

I can empathize with your busy blogging day. Life can be tough sometimes if you balance roles as a dad or mom, full-time employee and part-time blogger. But no blogger uses time effectively by clinging to excuses because excuses literally sponge up and soak up your time, victimizing you. Imagine making an excuse that you cannot blog today because you feel tired after working 8 hours at your full-time job. So, you do not blog, you do not make your time count and you just lost a precious opportunity to grow your blog.

Nobody cares about your excuses. If you do not blog this week because you make some excuses, all people who would visit your blog, just visit my blog, because I blog all day long. Readers are not interested in your excuses, but they are interested in the help you offer them through your blog. Offer help, not excuses, to use your blogging time wisely.


I write blog posts, guest posts and I comment genuinely on blogs. Each activity helps me make the most of my blogging time because I reach a maximum number of folks with minimum action through these techniques. Publish posts to your blog to reach an audience. Publish guest posts to other blogs to tap into new, large, targeted audiences. Comment genuinely on blogs to connect with large, targeted readerships. Leverage yourself to the hilt. Blog intelligently.

Use time effectively by understanding how time is a choice, a decision, a thought on your part. How you use time is 100% your decision. Be less concerned with activities taking up your time and focus instead on making time work for you. Did your kid finally go to bed at 10 PM? Stay up until 11 PM to write and publish a post. Of course, you feel exhausted; welcome to the successful blogger club! We are always leaving our comfort zone to help more folks and to experience greater success.

2 thoughts on “How to Make Blogging Time Count”

  1. HI Ryan, why am I not surpised to see you here too ? That’s something I am working on – leverage my time. Time from managing social media for clients and teaching classes and blogging. Time to think, create, learn and then share and teach. It’s an on-going process that I’m trying to do more in less time with. Thanks for the tips and encouragement here!

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