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How to Last During the Long Blogging Journey

As much as I love blogging, this journey gets tough sometimes. Blogging successfully requires you to take a long, seemingly winding, trip. I experienced success and see even greater success coming together on the horizon but being human, sometimes I feel tired or flat out exhausted. I have blogged daily for the past 5 years of my life. I take no days off. Again; I love blogging but know how tough it gets because it is a long journey spanning many years of your life.

Know Why and Make It Freeing

Know why you blog. Make the reason fun and freeing. Blogging mainly for fun and freedom pulls you through fears, struggles and challenges along the way. Even though it feels like a long time and is quite a journey, knowing why you blog pulls you through the sometimes uncomfortable moments and challenges you need to face to become successful. What drives you? What makes you feel alive? Why? Do you blog for your freedom and for spending more time with your kids? Do you blog to feel the freedom of circling the globe? Hold that reason in your heart. Knowing why and making the reason freeing simply goads you to overcome fear, exhaustion and frustrations popping up along the way. Freedom beats fear if freedom dominates fear in your mind. But hey; that’s up to you.

Surround Yourself with Uplifting Blogging Buddies


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These successful, uplifting blogging buddies teach you, guide you, inspire you, support you and buy your stuff if you generously help these pros and ask for nothing in return. Be kind. Prove you are deeply interested in befriending these folks versus being interested in what they can do for you. Help, and cut the strings. Make friends. See this long blogging journey through. Blogging is about completely impossible as a solo gig. Becoming successful is 100% impossible if you try going solo but befriending pros makes the journey easier and easier. Imagine having a bad blogging day; solo, you’re toast, but blogging buddies uplift you, support you and help you during tough times. Guaranteed, you will win if you build a huge, loyal blogging support network around you. So….do it!

Invest in Resources

Imagine if you try to make money online for 4 years and haven’t earned a cent. Obviously, you need to pinpoint your mistakes. Buying my eBook teaches you how to make money online the right way, following your conscience, so you don’t sell out and slam into problems associated with not listening to your moral compass. Investing money in resources gives you confidence, clarity and energy during this long blogging journey spanning years. View courses, eBooks and coaching as grounding agents reminding you to follow simple, proven fundamentals like creating content and making friends every day for years to stay on the blogging straight and narrow. Invest money in your blogging education. Pay your online tuition. See the journey through by paying your online dues, literally and figuratively.

Do you love blogging? Keep going, guys. Blogging feels tough but all feelings seem temporary, flowing in and out like the tide. Do you plan to be alive for the next 5-10 years? If so, you may as well do something fun and freeing by doing it the right way.


1 thought on “How to Last During the Long Blogging Journey”

  1. Hi Ryan,
    Just a few of those with whom we were some 5 years back and still kicking. The journey is tough and it only takes success to keep going this long 😉

    thanks for the shout out buddy. Let’s keep supporting each other

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