How to Know if You Are a Confident Blogger

Whenever someone buys one of my eBooks – and tells me about their purchase – I like to observe how I feel.

These days, I feel good. I feel happy to help people. I feel grateful too. But I felt quite different years ago. Sometimes I felt highly uncomfortable because I feared someone would not enjoy my eBook. I feared customers would publish negative reviews. I also worried that these folks would never buy another eBook after being disappointed with their purchase.

But other times, I felt calm, confident and grateful. How confusing, eh? Years ago, I saw that sometimes, I was a confident blogger but other times I doubted myself. Overall, I was not super confident a while back. Why? I clung to fears. I lacked great clarity. Blogging-wise I felt fairly confident but eBook-wise I did not feel incredibly confident.

Observing how you genuinely feel after readers:

  • comment on your blog
  • offer feedback via email
  • buy your eBooks
  • buy your courses
  • hire you to coach them
  • hire you to freelance for them

clearly reflects your level of blogging confidence. Other human beings mirror back how you feel about yourself and your blog. Someone who buys my eBooks these days elicits confident, clear feelings in my being. I know this because I genuinely feel these emotions on receiving reader feedback. Feedback can vary from mostly positive to sometimes negative. Most readers publish positive reviews. A select few readers publish negative reviews. Every single review helps me feel clearer, more confident and at peace with my eBook offerings.

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How in the heck does a 1 star, negative review help me feel more confident? I understand how negative reviewers are confused admirers. Any critic loves what you do but lacks clarity to express their admiration in genuine fashion. Criticism is how this lack of clarity manifests. Any person who honestly dislikes what you do simply moves on, either not buying the eBook or buying the eBook, reading a bit then closing up the eBook for good.

Readers, customers and clients tell you all you need to know about your confidence levels. Pay close attention to how you honestly feel after fielding reader feedback. Do you feel awkward, nervous or anxious after someone buys your course? These people trigger your fears manifest as doubt. My mind used to race ahead on hearing that someone bought one of my eBooks to negative ideas like:

  • they won’t like it
  • they will post a negative, 1 star review on Amazon
  • they will criticize my writing style
  • they will be disappointed because I wrote a short eBook
  • they will complain about not getting value for their money

Facing, feeling and releasing these fears gave me confidence, clarity and allowed me to experience greater blogging success because I built my skills and helped more folks from these energies.

How can you build blogging confidence? I explain in this video:

How to Gain Blogging Confidence

I imagine myself in 2010, when I began blogging. Wow. I had little confidence. Naturally, the few readers who stumbled across my old blog reflected my doubts back to me. But thank goodness for those readers and doubts because feeling and clearing these doubts gave me increased confidence, which positioned me to succeed and live my dreams. Check out the featured image from this post; me enjoying stunning mountain views during my New Zealand trip was one neat experience I’ve enjoyed by boosting my blogging confidence.

Be thankful for feeling uncomfortable emotions triggered by readers, customers and clients. Each shows you where you are at in terms of confidence – or lack thereof – so you can boost your faith in self and accelerate your blogging success.


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How to Become an Influential Blogger in 6 Months or Less

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