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How Quickly Do You Bail on Your Blog?

This is hardly a 23 hour series of flights from NYC to Bali. But I am on the road again. Travel calls. We are full time digital nomads now. No home base.

I feel excited, free, liberated and a little uncomfortable too. The last 2 months became incredibly busy. The past week ramped it up 10 more notches. We had to get everything out of the house; including the kitties. We have 2 in a loving home, our friends adopting Molly and Isa. Our third – Delilah – sits in the extended stay room with us now as we bring her to her next-last home.

Life is crazy hectic. But I do not bail on blogging. Not because I am some machine, robot or cyborg. To the contrary; I am a very human, human being. But I do get the job done even though I woke at 4 AM today, sat in ample traffic and just carried heavy groceries back to the place after a walk.

I also spent hours today moving the last stuff out of the house. We have moved on. I feel happy yet a little sad to move on because freedom feels mixed with some loss. I miss my 2 kitties. I also feel for the 3rd as she is comfortable in a good-sized house, not a hotel room, where we live currently for a few days.

At any rate, I do not bail on blogging. Ever. I invite you to do the same to become a professional blogger.

Pros flat out get the job done. Pros put in work no matter what happens in pro’s lives.

Never be quick to make excuses. Never let yourself off of the blogging hook. Excuses feel easy to make if you pick a weak or poor driver. Imagine treating blogging like a passing interest; nothing drives you to blog when things get uncomfortable. Picture blogging just to make enough money to cover basic survival needs. How fast will you roll over and bail the moment things get a little challenging? Fast, really fast.

No one succeeds online driving themselves with images of paying bills. Who in the heck dreams about paying bills? Who dreams about trying to survive? Who dreams just about trying to get by? People anchored down in survival mode dream just to survive.

Raising the bar so incredibly low pulls you down the energetic ladder. Lowering the bar makes it easier and easier to be handcuffed by even the slightest obstacle. Do you feel a little bit tired? Expect to bail on blogging for the lamest reasons, due to your mild fatigue.

Meanwhile, bloggers who choose fun, freeing drivers – visualizing their dream life regularly – do fun, freeing and sometimes highly uncomfortable things to live their dreams through blogging.

Do you feel exhausted, as a big dreamer? Here’s what you do; take a short nap, recharge, then get in 8-10 hours of blogging work today. Dreamers do what it takes to live their dreams, especially when discomfort arises. Why? Visualizing your dreams motivates you to follow your fun versus following your fear.

Seeing your dreams in vivid detail inspires you to choose your fun over your fear. Your love for blogging feels stronger than your fear of being exhausted. Naturally, you do what it takes to blog and distance yourself from the blogging herd.

Do not bail on blogging. Choose a fun, freeing driver to get the job done. Dream big dreams to see over, above and through blogging obstacles.

Versus bailing at the drop of a hat when things feel challenging you see solutions and seize opportunities for blogging growth.


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