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How New Bloggers Get Readers Despite Established Pro Bloggers Being Out There

One important note; you do not get readers. You earn readers. Big difference guys.

New bloggers do not get readers *despite* successful, established, pro bloggers, being out there. New bloggers earn readers BECAUSE of pro, established, successful bloggers being out there. Pros teach you how to prosper, how to drive traffic and how to do it the right way. No need to fear pro bloggers. Learn from them. Work with them. Mudassir took me up on my guest posting invite to bloggers in my network months ago. After writing and publishing oodles of guests for you awesome readers, we have both helped each other succeed. Win-win scenario.

Did Mudassir try to go against me, or, to compete against me? Nope. He did not fear me, nor, believe he had to steal readers away from me, to become successful. He decided to work with me and learn from me, too, as he becomes more and more successful. Smart guy. Why? I had to do the same exact thing over a decade ago when I was new to blogging. I learned from and worked with top pro bloggers versus fearing these folks would be the enemies or villains who would hog all of my burgeoning blog traffic. But unfortunately, many new bloggers carry this desperate, or greedy, fear, believing they cannot grow their own audience because everybody will just go read the popular pro blogger’s blog.

Totally, 100%, not true. Everybody has different tastes. Some folks love my style. Some folks love Mudassir’s style. We live in abundance. Nobody needs to fear competition because the competition does not exist in abundance. We can all work together and for one another to accelerate our success. Wise new bloggers immediately begin working with, and for, top pro bloggers, to learn from these pros, to capitalize on their experience and to cross-promote one another, accelerating both parties’ success. It is quite easy, really, if you willingly face your fear of competition and if you also face, feel and release any low self-esteem, low self-worth, and confidence fears.

Write in YOUR Voice

This is the blogging key. Write in your voice. Never attempt to imitate a pro blogger because only the pro writes in his or her voice. We each have a unique writing voice deep within but practicing our writing daily – offline in a Word document – and publishing content routinely helps us unearth that one of a kind voice. This is the exact element, the tool, the weapon in your blogging arsenal, that inspires people to follow your new blog. Your voice makes you stand out from every single blogger on earth. Be you. Blog you. But take this extra step to really draw in readers, as a newbie blogger.

Build Your Network

Generously create content and connect with respected bloggers by commenting genuinely on their blogs and by promoting these pros on social media. Ask them for nothing. If you are super smart and abundant-minded, invite these pros to guest post on your blog. Mudassir made a super wise move inviting me to guest post here because we have both simply helped each other succeed over the months we have been dear blogging buddies.

Once you begin networking, the sky is genuinely the limit for new bloggers because your blogging buddies will slowly and steadily begin to read your blog, and over time, will also support you and promote you as your writing skills blossom.


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