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How Is Your Blogging Vibe?

Stable, calm and poised?

Or wild, excited and manic?

Be honest with yourself. How you vibe predominantly dictates how you blog. In essence, how you choose to feel most of the time reflects back to you like your blogging results. Feel good, stable, calm, poised, abundant and trusting, and you will gradually experience greater success. But we know this; most bloggers do not experience greater success so most bloggers vibe mainly from an energy of fear, wildness, excited-ness, scarcity, and poverty. You gotta be 100% honest with yourself and you also need to be more in control of your mind to begin owning your vibe. Some claim laziness. That’s a heavy, fear-based vibe. Some make excuses. That’s a heavy, fear-based vibe. Unless you spend hours daily calmly, patiently, generously and persistently helping people – laying the foundation for increasing blogging success – you vibe low, from wild energy of fear, pain, scarcity, lack, and limitation.

But if you do calmly, patiently, generously and persistently help people and you feel at peace, and relaxed, you vibe super high at stable, powerful energy. Maintaining that dominant vibe every day for months creates slow and steady blogging success growth because what you see blogging-wise is borne of your dominant vibe. Do you know who vibes higher, more stable and more relaxed daily? Mudassir. I mean, look at his success; he receives steady, passive traffic every single day because he gave me guest posting rights and told me to run with it. He also shows me love and generosity by buying my eBooks persistently. After I publish my first few posts and my guest post on Blogging Tips – for my blogging buddy Zac Johnson – I stop by Netty Feed to write my guest post for the day.

Think of how stable, calm, abundant and relaxed Mudassir must be vibing at for me to write a guest post for him daily for many months. Think of all the increased success he is seeing, then, think even more deeply; his stable, generous, abundant, loving vibe has influenced a veteran blogger to write a guest post for him daily, for months on end. That positions him to drive oodles of passive traffic and he also positions himself to boost his passive blogging profits, too. What did it? What led to the passive traffic? Mudassir chose to vibe high, and act from a high-vibing, abundant, energy. He gave me the keys to his blog and allowed me to run with it. That’s love. I match that love, with my guest posts here, and we both see increasing blogging success because we both choose to vibe high, and the higher we vibe, the more success we experience.

Meanwhile, so many bloggers vibe low, from an energy of fear, scarcity, poverty, and lack, an unstable, repelling vibe, that they are blind to the fact that I would write guest posts for virtually any blogger who works at blogging, who generously invites me to guest post, who buys my eBooks and/or courses and who shower me with love. Vibe high, vibe stable, vibe abundance, act generously, and I cannot promise I write a guest post daily for you – Mudassir earned that right by showering me with generosity, immediately, after we cyber met – but I will write and publish guest posts on the regular for you. All happens according to your vibe.


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