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How Do You Use Social Media to Syndicate Your Blog if You Have a Small Following?

You don’t.

Nobody will read your blog on social media if you just post your links via automated updates because nobody will care about you and your links. Why? Why would anybody care about a blogger who just talks about themselves all day long and never listens to their readers and never tunes into their needs and never engages their readers on social media? This is laziness. On a deeper level, it is just fear. Bloggers fear engaging social media users who would become their readers, clients and customers and in so doing find that social media itself cannot do anything for your blog.

Whether you have a huge following or small following, people eventually and usually quickly tune out your syndicated, automated feed because nobody cares about a blogger who won’t even take the time to manually share their updates and engage people who like or comment on their updates. I have seen world-renowned bloggers with 600,000 Twitter followers who get a 1-2 Likes and 1-2 retweets per post. This low level of engagement indicates what I suspected; the bloggers automate their Twitter feeds virtually 100% of the time. Why would a reader care about a blogger who doesn’t care enough to listen to them, to engage them and to do a few manual updates here and there?

This is why trying to syndicate your blog through social media is a mistake. Eventually, every single one of these automated blog feeds makes 0 impacts. No traffic, and even worse, no engagement.

Social media only works for bloggers who behave socially on sites like Twitter and Facebook. Social media only increases your blog traffic and profits if you share your updates manually, if you share other blogger’s updates manually, if you thank people who like your stuff if you respond to comments on your social media updates, and if you persistently spend time on other blogger’s profiles. This is called being social. Social bloggers make friends who eventually promote them, endorse them, buy their stuff and hire them.

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Syndicating on social media never works because syndicating is not being social and not being social on sites like Facebook and Twitter always leads to failure.

Here is the only way to succeed on social media with your blog: either make a significant financial investment in paid marketing methods or generously engage people through Facebook and Twitter for hours a day to build bonds. A significant financial investment or generosity investment eventually leads to increased traffic and a significant financial investment or generosity investment eventually leads to increased profits on social media sites because you have to give freely before you get freely.

Stop trying to take shortcuts guys. Be social on social media sites. Share other blogger’s updates on Facebook. Retweet other bloggers on Twitter. Comment genuinely on updates that interest you. Thank social media buddies who like your post and share your post with comments. Thank people who like your posts and retweet your posts. Be as social as possible to tap into a large, loyal friend network and to increase your traffic and profits on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

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3 thoughts on “How Do You Use Social Media to Syndicate Your Blog if You Have a Small Following?”

  1. Hello Ryan & Mudassir,

    Completely agreed with your points, you have said 100 % correct we need to share our content on social platform manually – it helps in boosting blog traffic.

    To be successful, you’ll need to use a variety of methods to promote your blog posts including SEO, advertising and social media.

    Eventually, thanks for sharing your innovative experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

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